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Firefighter/EMS rpg

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Here's the deal:

You're based out of a station in Manhattan. The New York City Fire Department also runs an ambulance service so you can either play a firefighter, EMT, or paramedic. Keep the ages varied. You've got everyone from probies to the veterans at a station. Just keep in mind that the younger your characters are, the more inexperienced they'll be, and the more mistakes they'll make.

Shifts are 12 hours, either 9 a.m.-9 p.m. or 9 p.m.-9 a.m. Those with less experience are more likely to be on the night shift or get bounced around. Either way you'll need to show up around 8:00 to be debriefed on the events of the previous shift, find out about follow-ups, etc...

Go here for FF requirements: FF requirements

Here for EMS requirements: EMS requirements

Character Outline: if you don't follow this, your character will be ignored.


Age: at least 18 for EMS, 21 for FF

Gender: VARY THIS! If you play a female as a first character, you'll play a male as a second character. Also, it's likely there'd be more guys than girls

Shift: a.m., p.m., or swing

Years Experience/Years at this Station: keep in mind they may be a transfer from another station in the city, or have worked in a small city/town before coming here.

Job: firefighter/EMT/paramedic

Appearance: DESCRIPTION, no "see picture"

Picture: not required, please keep in mind that firefighters/paramedics/EMTs are ordinary people. They also have a stressful job. If I see 249240 pictures of hot actors/actresses I will become ticked off and ask that everyone cease posting pictures

Other: Anything I'm missing.

As mentioned prior, this is a tough job. You see things, day in and day out, that get to you. There's a lot of stress, some breakdowns, sleep deprivation, mistakes made that could cost a number of lives. Thus things are not going to be happy go lucky all the time, though of course there're good times.

ETA: Rules (they generally help, though I think you all should know them)

-no pp, gm, mary sues

-NO SWEARING, or trying to get around censors. If you must, put "Bob swore"

-Write in complete sentences, with proper punctuation

-Keep romance G-rated

NOTE ON RELATIONSHIPS: There will be NO ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS among people at the same station. The last thing firefighters/EMS need when working is the distractions this creates. You may have civilian-firefighter/EMS relationships.

I'm a stickler for realism, especially with something as serious as this. I'd suggest poking around the FDNY site a bit.

Just post stats for now, we'll start once a few people have joined.

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I have never RPG'd in my life, but this sounds neat as I am a FF in real life.

I just don't have enough time to stay up to date with this.

Just putting in my word, and letting you know I like your idea, lol.

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((I shall join!))

Name: Brandon Winchester

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Shift: 9 P.M. - 9 A.M.

Years Experience/Years at this Station: Brandon started his firefighter career at age 23 in his hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina. He worked there for 2 years before getting married. Brandon and his wife, Haley, moved to New York and he has been there ever since.

Job: Firefighter

Appearance: Brandon is more husky than your average drop dead gorgeous movie star. But that doesn't mean he isn't in good shape either, all of his bulk is muscle. His hair is dark brown and always kept short. His eyes are brown, and he's usually very tan from lots of time spent outside. Most ladies would consider him handsome, but he's not someone you would drool over. He also has a scar on his right shoulder, from an accident during his first year firefighting.

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