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I honestly can't believe no one knows this information everyone seems to be up on their breeding and quick to jump on this issue. Since no one knows what would anyone recommend breeding my mare to.

She is:


14hh-Long back and fine boned, about 1050lbs

Thoroughbred on the top-Cali bred

On Bottom MR. Easy Charger who is by Easy Jet

Kitaman and Go man Go

Pretty high strung, nervous and on the muschle but solid 1-D horse.

So any recommendations to breed to this mare I was thinking about

"Bully's on Fire" at the Bedonna Stallion Station he can be see there on the website

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Top Futurity Sires 0f 2006

1) Dash Ta Fame

Sir Patrick Blurr

(Misty Burr, by Murrtheblurr)

2) Designer Red

VF A Sporty Design

(Skidmores Tiny Hope, by Gonetruckin)

3) Frenchmans Guy

Silky French Pie

(Nobodys Darling, by Next To The Limit)

4) Vital Sign

Sign Of Passion

(Passion Statement, by Reckless Dash)

5) Dash For Perks

Winning Perks

(Winning Opportunity, by Special Effort)

6) Fire Water Flit


(Rock N Roll Rona, by Ronas Ryon

7) Easy Routine

Flying Finances

(Sweet Bonnie Bunny, by Hold On Hes Coming)

8) Manors Nick Bar

Romances Nik Bar

(Special Romance, by Special Shake

9) Bully Bullion

Bodacious Bullion

(Alive N Sassy, by Shawne Bug)

10) Proudest Effort

Effort Takin

(Takin On Dakota, by Takin On The Cash)

11) Cash Not Credit


(Nancy Ann Smith, by R Smith)

12) Dr Nick Bar

Me A Red Nick Too

(On The Money Penny, by On The Money Red)

13) RTR Del Rio Doc

My Heartbeatsinrio

(Shesa Heartbeat, by Mr Trucka Jet)

14) Nik Dell

Natural Nikki

(Passum Like A Rocket, by Rockets Magic)

15) Toros Jet Man

Jetmans Perks

(Special Ethel, by Dash For Perks)

16) Kiddin N Streakin

Kid Baby

(Docs Baby Sue, by Docs Chardonnay)

17) Toast To Dash

Watch Toast Go

(Shes Proud Girl, by Hesa Gay Dreamer)

18) Perks Master

Perks Advantage

(First Advantage, by Silent Advantage)

19) Strawflyin Buds


(Featherdance, by Hempen TB)

20) Treasured Too (APHA)

Ima Tonto Too

(Gayanns Quicker AQHA, by Alot Quicker)

I edited this list to include the name of the top money earner. The horses in () are the dam and the dams sire.

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