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AFA Certification Questions

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I'm doing some additional research for my own curiosity on all equine "health care providers." This includes vets, farriers/trimmers, chiropractors, massage therapists, barn managers, etc. You name it, I want to expand my knowledge on it.

I have gone to the AFA website and tried to look at what the requirements are to become a certified farrier. Unfortunately, the college Internet has some issues and will block out some sites. I was wondering someone could help me with my questions:

What is required to become a certified farrier (classes, testing--written and practical)? How involved is it? What are the specific steps/stages to getting certified (a--written test, b--practical exam, etc.)? What sort of continued education requirements are there (if any)? How long does a certification last? What are the pros and cons to being certified? What does an AFA membership entail (testing, benefits, etc)?

I really hope this makes sense. Any help, or additional information would be great and really appreciated!

Thanks! [smiley Wavey]

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there was a indepth article about the requirements in last months issue of "the horse" magazine... er, I think it was last month.. I had back surgery and was in la-la land for a while.. but, I think it was in last months or this months... anyway, recent...

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levels of certification:

AFA intern classification....basic entry level component of the AFA's certification program. (it provides a way of evaluating the knowledge and skills of farrier students,recent graduates of farrie-training programs,or people who have begun working as a farrier without formal training..........the intern classification process requires successful completion of both written and practical testing.It is not a pre-requisite for certification.

format:multiple choice,true/false and matching questions

passing:80% or higher

must know ANATOMY..all bones fromknee or hock down,know and be able to identify on a diagram the tendons,major legaments,and cartilage that attach these bones.know what ligaments are and how they are lubricated.

must know PHYIOLOGY..know the difinition of tendon and ligament.know the basic characteristics of the hoof,including how it grows and functions,and how blood is pumped through the hoof.

then know pathology,conformation and movement,demonstrate a basic understanding of the phiosophy of trimming hooves and the fitting,nailing,and clinching of horseshoes. and the wear pattern on horseshoes.identify from diagrams variuos types of horseshoes and thier features.


practical examination..format:honds on,performance examination.canidates shoe two feet,either a front or hind pair,with machine-made shoes appropriate for the horse.must provid eown horse handler.

TIME LIMIT:one and half hour.

Scoring:is examined and scored in three parts.

Hoof preparation-scored during time limit

shoe prepartion and fit-scored during time limit

nailing,clinching and finishing-scored after time limit.

all scoring is conducted by on-site AFA approved examiner.

PASSING 70% or higher.

alot to know just for a classification and not a certification.... [Eek!]

then you have AFA certied farrier,certified tradesman farrier,certified journeyman farrier,special endorsemants........all more in dept [Crazy]

as long a sa certified farrier is still trying and not got to old to forget.....they are the top in farrier work [Not Worthy]

the website will help you out more.

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Thanks for replying.

jumpin--I'll have to see if I can get a hold of that issue.

phillip--Thanks for all the info! I really appreciate it. I know the website would be really helpful, but the college Internet won't allow me to open the site (I'm not sure why, but they block some of the silliest things).

I really appreciate it!

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