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The Cookbook project is officially open. READ THIS FIRST PLEASE.

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Yes. We?re all super excited and ready to go but we all have to remember this is going to be a huge project ~ done right ~ so there have to be rules to follow.

We have decided to go with a 3-ring binder format with tabbed dividers. Our own members (who have already been chosen) will be responsible for the custom-designed cover. The book will include a bookstand and pages of helpful hints. The book has been priced at $20 and will be available from the store. There will be a shipping charge which has not been decided yet but will be kept at the absolute minimum.

A percentage, yet to be decided, will be donated to two worthy causes. Hidden Acres Christian Center in Dayton, IA. Hidden Acres is the camp our General Manager, Ryan Dohrn, attended as a young boy and it was here he first discovered his love of horses. And to a Trust Fund for Alleyway which is being set up by her family.

Please read the following carefully BEFORE you send in your recipes.

1. We have a limit of 200 recipes. We cannot go over that amount so don?t be disappointed if some of your recipes don?t make the first edition. In order for everybody to be represented and since we have no way of knowing how many responses we will get please understand that we may not be able to use all the recipes submitted by an individual member. BUT we will use at least one of everybody's (until we reach the limit) We want to give everybody a chance to be a contributor. DEADLINE FOR RECIPE SUBMISSIONS IS MONDAY, MARCH 31.

2. Members may only submit 3 recipes each. Pick and choose which section(s) you want to contribute to. At some point we may say we need more recipes for (such and such section) and open the submission process again briefly. But for the time being please limit your submissions to 3.

3. All members should use their board name as the contributor. If you want to include a location please keep it to state and province/country

4. Recipes notes are acceptable and should be placed AFTER the recipe directions. Ex: We served this at the Hospice Ride in Florida and it was a big hit.

5. After much talking among ourselves we have decided on the following sections. This decision is NOT up for debate. Each of these sections have their own account on HC.

A: Appetizers and Beverages

B: Soups, Salads and Sauces

C: Vegetables and Side Dishes

D. Main Dishes

E. Breads and Rolls

F: Sweet Things

G: Healthy Eats

F: Pet Foods and Treats

(Keep in mind that a casserole dish could be classified as either a side dish or a main dish. Your ingredients will determine which category you submit it as.)

6. Once you choose your recipes you should type them clearly and submit it via PM to the section that fits. NO RECIPES WILL BE ACCEPTED AS POSTED TO THE SECTION THREAD. Checking and DOUBLE checking your ingredients and instructions (including temperature and how many it serves) before submitting will go a long way to making the process from your PM to the finished product a lot easier for everyone.

7. Once your recipes have been submitted via PM to the appropriate section, go to the master list thread and tell us what you submitted. This should just be the recipe name and which section you submitted it to. THE MASTER LIST is very important. Please do not neglect this step.

8. The section threads ARE NOT the place to ask questions. A separate thread started by either myself or one of the mods will accept and answer questions.

9. To keep things clear there are 4 main threads for this project.

1. The main Introduction thread (Which you are now reading)

2. The individual Food Group Sections

3. The Master List Thread

4. The Question and Answer Thread.

10. In order to cover the cost of our cookbook we are going to sell advertising? primarily to our standard advertisers but, we realize that there may be some members who have businesses who might want to take advantage of this opportunity so we are going to open this up for board members also. We understand this may upset some members (because after all we will be selling advertising) but doing this will allow us to contribute more to the worthy causes listed above. Prices are as follows. All ads are Black and White copy only. Logos are accepted. DEADLINE FOR AD SUBMISSIONS IS MONDAY, MARCH 31. Please contact me directly if you are interested in any of the following opportunities.

A: Full Page $200

B: Half Page $100

C: Quarter Page $50

D: Patron Spaces $15

Patron Spaces are 14 to the page and include one line of text.

Ex: Best Wish on the Cookbook Project. Char

Or just a name: Sundowner Lady

Or: The Driftin Family

We are really excited about this and hope you are too. Working together we can produce a beautiful, quality cookbook that we will cherish and reach for frequently as we feed our family and pets in the coming years.

Now come on! Get those recipes in!

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I can't wait! I have a recipe already picked out and ready to go. Its a family "secret" recipe. [Wink]

[ 02-25-2008, 02:46 PM: Message edited by: illinois racer ]

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...first of all:


And to a Trust Fund for Alleyway which is being set up by her family.

[Me Cry]

[Not Worthy] should make this first topic "sticky" keeps dropping down and I actually had to use my brain to go to the right first place and read everything.....

[ 02-25-2008, 04:25 PM: Message edited by: Cactus Rose ]

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....and for such a worthy cause....I'd like to buy a quarter page advert.

Did it say somewhere how we were supposed to eventually pay you?

Hope you take CC - I prefer not to use PayPal.


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