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HC Cook Book "Patron Ads", Fun & Affordable! Take a Look!

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Patron ads are 4.5x5".....

.....and only $15.00! You'd be amazed at what you can put in that space! Here are some ideas!

*** You can advertise your business.....


Looking for that 'something special' for the show ring? Check out my horsie products at:


Need a designer show outfit? We have them, custom made to your specs:

*** You can advertise your club.....


Like the mountains? Get out and have fun with us!


Antique cars your thing? Show us what ya got at:

*** Your favorite quotes.....


"Dottedbuttsdrivemenuts!!Love those apps!" ~ rattusrat


"My favorite dreams have all been dreamt from the back of a horse." ~ J. Doe

*** Giving this book as a gift? How about.....


"Happy birthday Mom, we love you!" ~ Janie, Johnnie, Joe, Bob, and Pete


"Happy anniversary Janie! Here's to 43 more just like it!" All my love ~ John

*** Special memories/Dedications/Rememberances.....


R.I.P. Rover. Best dang huntin' dog that ever treed a squirrel!


In loving memory of Mom (or name), 1/1/01-1/1/91. We love you! ~ (family names)

*** Just fun stuff.....


Janie and Donna, best friends forever and ever!


Looking for a friend? Check out my MySpace at:

All ads are black and white.

Logo's may be used and a sharp, 300 dpi photograph is recommended if you want to use a photo.

There is no extra charge for building your ad and I will email you a proof.

Copy can be emailed to Char at:

Ads can only be paid for by checks or money orders made out to Please designate "Cookbook Project" on your payment. (Since we know most of you by your screen name, please include it.)

Checks/Money Orders made out to should be mailed to:

Charmain Vaughn

725 Broad Street

Augusta, GA 30901

Get yours today while there's still room! [Yay]

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