Are You Searching For Old Race (win) Photos Of Your Tb, Arab, Qh?

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Thanks you so much! I have just 2 more!

Dashing Count, TB gelding. birthdate 1991

Fashionably Gold, TB gelding.birthdate 1989

Thanks again!

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Firstly, a small note about Genester:

I cannot see anything obvious in his record which hints at a point when he may have been injured during his racing career.

Although there was a long period of no racing between July of 2003 and Jan. of 2004, and he didn't win in 5 subsequent races.

As for Dashing Count, he only raced twice and finished far back in both. His pedigree suggests he should have lots of stamina, and run in long races, yet he raced only in two sprints in the spring of 1994.

Funny enough, the next one, Fashionably Gold, did some of his most exceptional running in very long races. He won 10 times total, as follows:

Sept. 24, 1992 at Turfway Park, KY

October 18, 1992 at River Downs, OH

April 17, 1994 at River Downs

April 25, 1994 at River Downs

May 18, 1994 at River Downs

June 12, 1994 at River Downs in a two-mile race

July 4, 1994 at Churchill Downs, KY in a one-and-three-quarter-mile race

August 3, 1994 at River Downs

Sept. 5, 1994 at River Downs in a rare Two-and-one-quarter-mile race

Sept 14, 1994 at Thistledown, OH in a two-and-one-sixteenth-mile race

his paternal grandfather, Lucky Debonair, won the 1965 Kentucky Derby.

Scottys Derby Star never did race, but he was working out at Finger Lakes, NY in the spring and summer of 2006.

As for Sand Wolf, he won once from 13 starts:

August 9, 2003 at Retama Park, TX

Contact the track photographers at the corresponding tracks to purchase photos.

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hi, im looking for race info on :

2000 bay thoroughbred gelding, Boomtown Red,

i tried looking for info but didnt get anywhere. thanks alot

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hello again,

Truly a Picture did indeed win just once

That was at the tiny fair meeting at Eureka Downs, Kansas on July 4, 2001 in the 1st race.

You would have to be better than I am to figure out how to obtain that one.

(of course the obvious start would be to see if Eureka Downs still HAS racing, and if so, contact the track photographer there) Warning: it is surely a tiny, tiny place, and thus the track photographer might be difficult to hunt down.

Maggie Glass won one race:

October 17, 1990 in the 3rd race at Louisiana Downs

Boomtown Red won twice as follows:

Sept. 4, 2004 at Woodbine, Ontario, Canada

Dec. 9, 2005 at Thistledown, Ohio

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Keera's Bandit, birthdate 1991,thoroughbred gelding

Evil Louise, thoroughbred mare


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Hi, can you lookup a tb for me?


Miss Mags

2004 Bay or Dark Bay TB Filly

Her wins? Where I can obtain a track photo? Thanks!

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11 year old black TB stallion, Hail to Wild Again. Anything?

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Sorry that I am very late on these, but don't ever give up, because I do check back around here now and again.

Amber On the Run

raced 16 times, won once:

August 8th, 2003 at Calder Race Course, Florida

Loud Forum

raced 30 times, won eight of them!

March 20, 2004 at Sam Houston Race Track, Texas

August 23, 2004 at Remington Park, Oklahoma

*Sept. 11, 2004 at Remington Park

October 22, 2004 at Remington Park

April 24, 2005 at Blue Ribbon Downs, Oklahoma

*Sept. 2, 2005 at Remington Park

*October 17, 2005 at Remington Park

November 21, 2005 at Remington Park

*If possible, opt for other photos than these, where the winning margin might render your horse partially obscured by another. (he may be on the inside, and may be on the outside, nearest the camera, but I can't tell, so opt for others)

Keera's Bandit

raced 74 times, won five:

June 7, 1994 at Fairmount Park, IL

June 21, 1994 at Fairmount Park

June 13, 1995 at Fairmount Park

August 22, 1995 at Fairmount Park

July 1, 1996 at Fairmount Park

(he lost his last 38 races in a row)

Evil Louise

raced 27 times, won once

November 29, 1988 at Finger Lakes, NY

(this one is by Good'n Evil, out of Spring to Market, who is by Dance to Market ... 1984 foal)

Miss Mags

raced 10 times, won once

June 1, 2008 at Monmouth Park, NJ

Hail to Wild Again

raced 43 times, won six races, earned $146,762

October 20, 2000 at Sam Houston Race Track, TX

March 4, 2001 at Turfway Park, Kentucky

Sept. 8, 2001 at Hoosier Park, Indiana

May 18, 2003 at Churchill Downs, KY

May 30, 2003 at Churchill Downs

July 13, 2003 at Ellis Park, KY

(I suspect you should get the May 30, 2003 photo from Churchill Downs if possible)

I could not find a race record for a Quarter Horse named Jarhead

Contact the tracks listed and connect with the track photographer to buy the photos. Give the dates and the horse name and that should be enough.

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Wolkie The Editor

1998 Dark Bay TB


He won 7 times from 33 races, earned $109,029

March 2, 2001 at Gulfstream Park, FL

Dec. 29, 2001 at Philadelphia Park, PA

May 5, 2002 at Phila' Park

June 9, 2002 at Phila' Park

June 25, 2002 at Phila' Park

July 22, 2002 at Phila' Park

May 5, 2003 at Phila' Park

Hope you can get one or more of these!

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Anybody else need help locating the dates on which your OTTB won a race, so that you might order old photos from your horse's prior race career???

I still check in here now and again, so keep'em coming!

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Just keeping this thread alive.

If you have new inspiration to seek old win photos of your former race horse, then this might be the thread for you.

I don't show up too often, but you could maybe e-mail @

(come to think of it, I don't look there often either - but I'm going right now)

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Hi, i was wondering if you could get information on endurance races. Or if you know how i can?

Just bought a mare and she was in some serious endurance. Want to know if theres pictures or placing i can find.

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hi what about uncle nealy bug thoroughbred gelding born 2000

can you get a pic of him?

Edited by annaB

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I'm bummed because I sent off $$$ and all the info to LosAl June 1st, talked to the photographer once and confirmed he had the money and info and was going to get to it within a week (that was a month after I sent it) and still nothing!

I've called and left messages but no call back and no photo.

[Me Cry]

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So, I was given a picture today of a winning racehorse.

Apparantly my Great, Great Uncle was the owner/trainer, and I cant find out anything online from a simple search.

All the info i have:

Horse's name: Portageandmain (Chestnut with blaze & sock on (his) hind left.)

Owner/Trainer: B.K. (Ben) Dillon

Jockey (in photo i have): C. Dunbar

It also says: St. Falls (?), Montana, 1:03 3/4, 8/7/1956

Any more info you can find me would be wonderful! I have no idea if hes TB or QH.

Edited by CowgirlUp5707

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uncle nealy bug

3 wins from 29 lifetime starts:

April 29, 2005 at Evangeline Downs, Louisiana

August 9, 2006 at Evangeline Downs

March 1, 2007 at Delta Downs, Louisiana

I think I would avoid the August 9, 2006 picture, because the track was muddy and he might be that way as well (although he was in front all the way, with nobody kicking mud on him). Just opt for the others first if you get one.

Lets see if we can get a response for the other person, who ordered the photo from the Los Alamitos photographer.

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Good timing on that horse from Montana:

First of all, let me make the wild guess that it is from "Great Falls, Montana", home of a long-time track.

Perhaps "Gt Falls" as written on your photo.

Indeed Portageandmain was a colt whose pedigree matched that of his full brother

"Fort Garry", listed here:

Lifetime record for Portageandmain b. 1945

14 wins

12 second

11 third

98 races

earnings: $10,275

His full-brother, Fort Garry, won the Ascot Derby in the Vancouver, Canada area, as well as the Alberta Derby, in Calgary, in 1946. Fort Garry's record is as follows:

41 wins

27 second

18 third

173 lifetime races

earnings $50,052

For clarity: Your picture is that of an 11-year-old Thoroughbred.

I guess I will suggest that IF there are other questions, you'll have to make them more obvious so I can see if some clever detective work can find further answers.

For now, have fun tracing that pedigree back to the 1600's...

(now if only your mom could do that for your Great-Great Uncle )

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Thats amazing! What great timing!

Thanks so much!

My grandmother was really into genealogy, and shes had this picture stashed away in all of her stuff. She passed away last July, and my mom is still working on getting through everything. I do believe I will be holding onto this picture, its in GREAT shape for being 53 years old. I'll get a scan and post it this weekend.

Hes in pretty darn good shape for being an 11 year old!

Thanks a TON soicanhelp!

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