So. Cal Earthquake 5.8 Today

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Thanks for thing of the SoCal bunch

So far so good - Its rocked and rolled pretty good but not much report of damage so far.

CalTech had it at 5.8 last time we checked.

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Got this article off of YAHOO! They changed it from a 5.8 to a 5.4 even on my recent EQ website I refer to.

I am fine here, just scared to death and freaked now....what's new, lol. I just live in the wrong state!

LOS ANGELES - Scattered minor damage and a few minor injuries have been reported in the aftermath of an earthquake that was strongly felt across Southern California.

The magnitude-5.4 jolt struck at 11:42 a.m. Tuesday and was felt from Los Angeles south to San Diego, and as far east as Las Vegas. The quake ? considered moderate ? was centered 29 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles near the city of Chino Hills.

The state Office of Emergency Services in Sacramento reports scattered minor infrastructure damage, including broken water mains and gas lines. Freeway traffic appears normal.

Acting mayor Wendy Greuel says minor structural damage has been reported throughout Los Angeles, along with five minor injuries and people stuck in elevators.

ETA: This informative link from CNN


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Gald everyone is all right.

Did you see the news also about Judge Judy and The Big Brother show being filmed when the quake happened. I have seen Judge Judy, but not the Big Brother yet. That was very interesting when Judge Judy ducked down under her desk and the others went running except the plantiff or the defendent and he just stood there like what do I do. There was another news clip shown and it made the national news, but I cannot remember what it was. It was a meeting, I remember that.

Hope you do not have anymore. I have read that there has been several after shocks.

Have a GREAT week.

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I was on the phone with my sons teacher in Santa Ana CA when the quake hit. I could hear things falling off the walls and people screaming. She got on the phone and asked if I was ok. I told her I was in Michigan and she laughed at me. She said it was a very long earthquake.

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