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You know .... everybody has tack preferences. I've seen a couple of times in this thread where people have condemned the usage of certain tools.

I say if swinging a dead chicken gets you the results you're looking for ... kill the chicken.

Thousands of ways to skin a cat ... and work a horse.

It's not his toys .... it's his philosophy and execution that I dismiss.

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I agree Quarterflash. I think a good horseman could get his point across with just about any piece of tack he had available to him if need be. It's the method, feel, and timing that a good horseman has at his disposal that make him effective, not what head gear he's using. People get comfortable with different things and use them because that's what works for them.

I use a rope halter quite a bit for ground work. I have a couple of training sticks, but find myself twirling the end of my lead rope just as often (if not more) than using the stick. I've tried the dead chicken thing... didn't work for me, but that's not to say it wouldn't for somebody else with better timing and feeling than I had while holding a dead chicken.

Thought I better point out that the chicken thing was a joke (don't want to offend anybody). I don't think I could bring myself to twirl a dead chicken.

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On what I believe might be his best worst show ever was the trailer loading of the big grey horse where he said something to the effect "some people use sticks and they use these harsh rope halters that just cause pain, I prefer to use the web halter and a lariat through it over the nose (????????) or a bit in their mouth for control." Does this seem nonsense to anyone else?

Yes, I agree with you reinnin4fun:

The rope halter's commuication quicken the signial, which makes it clear and this halter reduces the confusion about the handler's request.

For anyone to say, the rope halters causes pain, would give the impression of talking with or to someone that have never understood how to use this valveable equipment properly and I can't see where he, Ryan could have a leg to stand on or issue with this tool.

That horse pulled away from him several times (on the aired version, who knows how many times before the editing) and don't get me started on the way the horse was constantly nibbling and crowding the owner. And he never corrected that behavior. AND the owner? Missing a few circuits there.

I saw the same show and I would say it was aviodance on Ryan behave where he fail to correct the horse, leaving the owner in an ignoramus state.

This part of the show/demo came across as him, Ryan displaying some fear, being afraid of this horse.

But lets not forget the episode in which the two women where trying to saddle a small horse, it was like a Laurel and Hardy show (sorry, that really dates me but it fits) he said he had to take that horse for an extended lesson..........

Beware of those that have cure all method, techniques.

For some time now, I have been having problems with these types of horse media.

Horse TV shows, DVDs, books & attending clinics.

Some people watch, read or do both etc and feel they can now train horses.

The purpose of those media trainings,they are supose to teach, instruct and to give the consumer an image & an understanding to pattern themselves by... but it's all edited & cleaned up.

The instructional tools fails to give the whole picture or further educate of what could happen and what to do if things don't go as it did in the viewing or in the desired direction.

Human mistakes could sometimes cause the horse to become aggravated and aggressive and the TV showings, DVDs, books etc, tells you to only keep doing what you're surpose to do and this is like pouring gasline into a fire when things have gone bad.

This kind of instructional training has got some people into serious trouble with their horses.

No one should judge a book about it's cover, but the prove is in the puddling or the results.

I hope this insight helps.

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I thought I'd give you all an update on my request for "help" from Ryan.

As you know, I filled out his online "behavior zone" form and described a problem with my western pleasure gelding. I got a reply on his web site saying Ryan was confident I could solve the problem myself with the help of his video. I didn't buy it. Later that day, I got an email response saying they understood about folks being short of money in these economic times and offering a discount on purchases... including the video. The letter also asked if there were any further questions I might have.

I sent this response on March 13th...

A client of mine (I manage a feed and tack store) mentioned your show on RFDTV to me. I must admit that I haven't ever watched your show as I just don't watch much tv at all and don't get RFDTV.

I did visit your web site and read over all the available materials there and watched the sample video. Of course, I filled out the behavior form on my gelding and got a very "stock" reply that doesn't seem to apply to my situation at all. In fact, no matter which of the "problems" listed I clicked on I got the same response.... I could solve the problem myself if I purchased your video.

I was a little put off by the fact that I can't even get an idea of what your program is about and whether or not it will help me without spending my hard earned money. From what I can see, your entire program revolves around stop and go, and while I agree these are very important things to have complete control over, they are not the answer to every problem.

As I said in my description, my issue is that my horse spooks or shies occassionally. This behavior started about two and a half years ago after he was gelded. He is a finished western pleasure horse and I have done essentially all of the work on him myself. He is a 10 year old Arabian who I have owned since before he was weaned. Nothing in his routine was changed after he was gelded, but he gradually became more aware of his surroundings... it's like he didn't have "other things" on his mind anymore so little things that he never paid attention to before bothered him. He never comes out of his feet, but he might briefly drop in place and or raise his head up and get tight for a few seconds.

If you can offer any advice, or have specific techniques on video to help me with this problem pleae let me know.

Thank you in advance,


I have not received any additional response so far.

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But LH, if you just buy his dvd set, you'll be able to FIX your horse yourself!!!!

FWIW, I have watched him several times on RFD and have yet to really "get" what his program is.

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I know..I know I complained about him before. I just happened to run across yet another of his show's on RFDtv last night. WHY DOES THIS GUY HAVE HIS OWN SHOW??????

This guy has awful timing, the methods he is using are going to get him or someone else killed.

For example: The rearing Warmblood in last night's episode. The horse rears straight up and strikes. By looking at her, you can tell she doesn't have any respect and she's a busy minded type horse. She needs to learn where she belongs on the ladder and you have to get in her face a bit.

Back that girl up and MOVE her feet.

He uses WEB halters and trys to push 1200 lbs of horse around. Sometimes he uses his little stick and sometimes he pushes the back.

Let's take a 1200 lb unrespectful horse and place her between ourself and a fence thus confining her. Now I will ask this busy minded horse with a quirk bump between her eyes to take 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

I am pulling my hair out folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Duh] :confused0024: [bang Head]

I totally understand what you are saying HIgh five!!!I just want to smack some sense into him


My husband isn't a huge horse person but he is a psych Major and the whole Behaviorist thing drives him CRAZY. I hate that he uses web halters for the training of some of these horses.

I was watching one episode and he was doing trailer loading ugh..... so bad

I haven't seen the episode you are talking about but I don't think I want to now.

my husband wants to type something his name is Jeri

"Just my opinion, but all he did was give a different name to a type of training that already existed. If the training works, who cares what you call it, but from the few of his shows I saw, he didn't appear to be consistent. Maybe it's just my psych background, but consistency is key."

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