Pics Of My Girls.. And The Colt!

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Well, turns out the person who had clearly stated she wanted to buy both Firefly and Romy at the beginning of this month never got around to calling me or stopping by to talk details on that. So... I still have those girls, which means I have 2+ more horses than I want to have right now with the two new rescues. Ugh.. Never getting into this situation again! Thought it was a done deal, but I learned my lesson the hard way.

Anyway, all of this has made me think about which horses I want to keep and which I want to sell or re-home. As you all know, I could NEVER sell Goldie or Remedy.. They are way too special to me! Remedy is almost 5 months now! Still a suckling, but she will be weaned in November. I also do not want to sell Serenity (Remedy's dam) because I love her and have not gotten to use her to her full potential thus far. I know she will make me very happy once I start riding her more! She has proven to be a great mom and a great friend for Goldie, too. I am planning to send Serenity to a boarding stable during weaning time and am considering having her in training while she is there to get back in shape and get me more motivated and excited to ride her during and after weaning time!

I have had a hard time thinking about selling Firefly, too, and finally decided today that she is NOT for sale. No way, no how! She stole my heart the day I got her in July. And I still have a fantasy about her being MY son or daughter's pony when I actually have kids years from now.. Haha! Firefly gets along great with both mares and Remedy, too! And she is just SO easy to handle. Our hard work with her really has paid off!

I think I am going to end up selling or re-homing (thinking about giving away a couple of them) River, Ruger, and Romy. River and Ruger are the rescues we got two weeks ago and they are proving harder to socialize than I originally thought. River got an eye injury recently and we have tried and tried and TRIED to catch her for the vet, but no luck. :( Ruger is coming around faster than River, and I think I will keep him until he is well-socialized and halter/lead broke, UTD on vaccines, etc. He is going to be NICE! Romy is SO much better than she was when we got her! But I am having a very hard time getting her to look the ideal weight. I think the big horses are stealing a lot of her grain.. She is aggressive about eating and eats plenty of hay and grass, but something is missing in her diet, and I can't figure out what she is lacking. She needs to go to someone who can separate her from the bigger horses and make sure she gets the exact ration she is supposed to get. But her leg injury healed wonderfully and she is acting healthy as can be. Just skinnier than I want her to be.

Sorry for the mega-long update, but anyway.. Here are PICS!

L-R: Goldie (goof!), Firefly, Romy, & Serenity


Romy is getting the fuzziest winter coat! Won't need to blanket her this winter.. Just kidding!


Head shot of Miss Romy (you can see how friendly and curious she has gotten!)


Remedy Ann! (lol, look at that expression)


I LOVE this picture!


River (standing up) and Ruger (laying down)


Rug (I have a soft spot for him..)


I really want to get those burrs out of his forelock, but he is not letting me touch him easily yet


More pics coming in a second

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Miss Firefly!



Sorry for the unpleasant manure in the bkgd.. Ruger




I love that girl!


Ruger walking


River walking


Ruger & River


That's all. Thanks for looking!

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[Jump] They are all so pretty! Sorry the person that was supposed to get the two backed out on you. [Huggy] Hope you can find homes for the ones you want to.

I think Firefly and Remedy are adorable. Romy looks so cute and Ruger and River are going to be really nice when they are grown.

Thanks for the updat.

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Thank you! They have all found places in my heart whether I am keeping them or not.

I will feel so relieved once I am living at a better horse property with more land and hopefully a barn, desirable fencing, etc.

While I am irritated at the person who was supposed to buy Firefly and Romy, I am glad I found out BEFORE they went to that home that those people could not commit. Plus, it helped me make the decision I really had made the day I brought them home.. I'm keeping Firefly! Lol.

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WOW! [shocked] Things have sure changed at your place, eh?! You've gotten more rescues!! What a cute bunch of young ones you've got on your hands!!

So sorry that the lady who was going to take two of them backed out on you. I wish you all the best in trying to win over the ones that are being fearful yet.

I KNOW you can do it, though. Look at how you won over the first two... you can win over the newer ones, too! Just remember... TIME is the answer. Go slowly, and before you know it... they'll be following you around like a puppy!

Cute pictures... it was so fun to see all your 'new' ones! Good luck!! [Huggy]

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Thanks so much, CB! Sometimes I need words of encouragement, because it kills me when horses will not let me so much as touch them! I have always had horses who are obsessed with people and have to be around you all of the time. It does help knowing that even ROMY overcame her fear of people when given time and patience. Ruger and River do not *run* away from me or seem all that fearful, but they do move away and do their own thing once you get within a certain distance from them. Goofballs! Ruger has come over to sniff me a couple times, though. And he lets me get really close to him and will eat out of a grain bucket I am holding. As soon as they are caught, I am taking my vet's advice and am putting halters AND lead ropes on them so we can catch them easier and can get the vet out asap.

It would be cool to take some videos of how they are acting toward people now and then take new videos as they progress. I should also get some videos of how friendly Romy and Firefly are now! It's amazing..

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Awww, looks like they are doing well. Remedy is getting so big since I saw pics of her last!

Ruger, man, I wish he was registered and you were closer! I like him. My friend had a blue heeler named Ruger, lol. They name all their dogs with gun/hunting themes.

They have had dogs named:

Ruger - blue heeler male

Gauge - red heeler female

Colt 45 - they call him Colt and Colt 45, depending if he is in trouble, lol. - blue heeler male

Remy - Its short for Remington. chocolate lab female

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Ivette, not sure on the exact age of the new foals. If I had been able to catch them for the vet, she would have given me a good estimate, but no luck yet. My guess is 6-8 months old.

Candi, thank you! I wish you lived closer.. I'm sure Ruger would love living with you and your crew! I bet he and River are purebred QHs from at least one registered parent with their looks... They were probably just sold without papers.

Ha, I love the names of your friend's dogs!

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Thanks Jacque! They are all special in their own ways. :happy0203: No one lacks a personality, that's for sure. I don't know who I should be more worried about growing up.. Remedy or Firefly! They are so hilarious. I think I will end up training Firefly myself when she is training age and Remedy will go to a pro trainer.

I PMed you back, by the way!

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