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Saddle Worth?

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After riding in padded school saddles only Ive decided it might be time, maybe, to part with my old hard crosby hunterdon. And after changing the gullet in my collegiate covertable from the narrow that fit the horse we bought it for to a medium I realized it isn't doing anything for my position.

I bought the crosby used and beautiful for 600 about 5 years ago. Amazing condition for such an old saddle, or even a newer one. I love this saddle still but probably will no longer ride in it.

The Collegiate is just broken in and soft and has been sitting in my heated, air conditioned room unused the past 2 years.

So, how much are they worth, probably?

No where near selling here, and will probably take me at least a year to part with either even if I do decide to sell, so no NOT SELLING ANYTHING HERE! Just looking for estimates, please don't delete this post.

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