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Dogs And Lipomas And Apple Cider Vinegar

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Last May, at 5YO, my dog had an unusual onset of seizure activity. We did a gazillion tests and ruled out everything we could think of except a brain tumor or idiopathic epilepsy (I did not do the MRI, but did do a CSF in case of meningitis/encephalitis and visited a doggy neurologist). He was put on Phenobarb and hasn't had a seizure since we got them under control last June. Dog is at a good weight, is active, and has had no other serious health issues.


In December, I took my dog in for some of his vaccinations and to check liver enzymes. All was fine. In the last year though, he had developed a skin tag type tumor on his lower eyelid and in November I noticed a lump on his shoulder. Had it biopsied just in case, but it was indeed a lipoma.

Today, I took him in for the rest of his vaccs and to check his blood ph'brb levels. The tumor on the eye has not grown but a second has begun, the tumor on the shoulder has not grown but a new lipoma has appeared on his ribcage caudal to his leg. Did an FNA and again, a lipoma.

Of course, he is nearly 6 and he's a we're approaching what's considered "geriatric" age where such things could plausibly just occur per nature's course.

BUT....I asked my vet about any ideas she might have on reducing new tumors popping up.

She said that she had read an article about apple cider vinegar supposedly helping "detoxify/flush" the liver. And that the liver may be responsible for creating these fatty deposits in the form of lipomas.


Given my dog's recent history of seizures, the fact that he's on a drug known to affect the liver negatively (though none of our tests have indicated a liver problem), it might make sense that there IS a bit of liver trouble and that MAY be the reason these lipomas are all of a sudden popping up.

So...I'd like to look into this apple cider vinegar thing. Looking for info or any other suggestions. My vet and I are both open minded to holistic things in conjunction with good Western medicine...but are not the types to use holistic in lieu of good Western medicine or where it has dangerous side effects. But apple cider vinegar is pretty harmless and I'd be happy to try it.

We're also planning to start weaning him back off the ph'brb after 1 year free of seizures....

Any thoughts?

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I don't think that the vinegar will hurt him in any way, and it has therapeutic uses in people. Just make sure when you buy it that you get apple cider vinegar and not apple cider flavored vinegar. The flavored stuff does not have the same properties.

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To detox the liver you might try Milk thistle seed extract instead. It does come in liquid form. I used it on a horse with sore kidneys, and use it in my Boston Terrier's food regularly.

ACV definetly will NOT hurt him, ditto to PepNAnn, make sure it is real ACV, not the flavored stuff.

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For some reason my response didn't show up so I'm posting it again, if it's a repeat I'm sorry! Plus I added a few more things.

I've heard great things from people that have used ACV, from controlling fleas, helping arthritic dogs, to helping kidney function and aiding in liver function. I'd also suggest Coconut oil! It can reduce the risk of cancer, improves cholesterol levels, etc.. All of the typical human benefits also apply to our dogs in this case. Start off slow with the coconut oil and eventually to one tablespoon per 30 lbs. per day. If you give too much your dog will have loose stools :( if you see this just try a smaller ammount the next day. Just be sure you get the organic (also called virgin) coconut oil since it's not as refined and has fewer additives and avoid hydrgenated coconut oil too since it has trans fats. Applied to the skin I've read it can clear up moles, warts and precancerous lesions but I have no personl experience with that to have an opinion, it's only what I've read.

What about CoQ10? It supposed to have some really nice antioxident affects which may be beneficial too.

Valerian root could also be a potential aide in controling seizures, however, just as in humans, it can have a drowsy effect if you use too much. I've used this myself after a long day just to relax a bit but it was in tea form.

Also, bupeurum root is rumored to have liver healing properties as well as helping to controll seizures. I'm not at all familiar with the different types of seizures but perhaps this information would be of use anyway. :)

Please keep in mind that I'm not a vet and before you make any change please ask your own vet since he/she knows your dogs health and is more familiar with his/her needs. I'm only offering suggestions based on my own experiences and the experiences of people I know(or what I've read). ...there...i think that should cover it lol....;) *sighs* oh heck I'm not a lawyer either LOL.

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I had a cocker I used ACV on due to her tendency toward kidney stones.

It helps acidify the body and keeps the ph where it should be.

I give it to the horses in their feed regularly.

It can't hurt so worth a try even if it doesn't cure the problem.

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This states horses, but it helps with dogs as well. Sometimes cats will even drink water with ACV in it. I used ACV for years before it became as popular as it is now. I'll even take a teaspoon of it. That is if I remember. Need to start it up again. Someone I know here at work used the tablets and he said that he didn't have ticks or mosquitos bother him when he hunted or went fishing.


Vinegar is a water purifier. No known pathogens can survive in raw apple vinegar. Add one cup of apple vinegar to a watering tank daily to purify the water source and sustain your horses good health.

Water is very important, if you can, try to use a chlorine free source. I add apple vinegar to the water source to help reduce the content of possible toxins as well as to provide clean, pure and adequate water source. It also helps with insect problems. Even gnat and bot problems are reduced with the addition of apple vinegar to the water. One of the easiest ways to provide apple vinegar is through the water source.

If your water tank automatically fills, use this formula:

Add 1 cup of vinegar per 6 gallons of water contained in the tank. Then, add an additional 2 ounces of apple vinegar per horse per day.

A normal, healthy horse, with the addition of 2 ounces of vinegar per day, will noticeably resist insect and parasite problems, grow shinier and more easily managed hair and increase endurance and energy levels.

Add 2 oz. of apple vinegar to feed.

Adding apple vinegar to feed is equally as effective as the addition in water. It can be added to a serving of grain, hay or any other feed. Usually, your horse will let you know the taste is different the first few times you do this, after that - they seems to crave the taste!

Many people are currently using apple vinegar to relieve arthritis and/or control weight. It works the same way for horses! Older horses often have problems with arthritis and other types of joint conditions. Often, they acquire digestive difficulties and other dietary concerns. The addition of apple vinegar to the diet of an older horse will make a substantial difference in a matter of only a couple of weeks. Continued use will substantially reduce and sometimes totally eliminate these problems without making any other changes in your horses program.

Apple Vinegar is a natural antibiotic.

The addition of apple vinegar to the diet of a horse with kidney or other internal infections usually eliminates the problem! If your horse is already consuming 2 oz per day and somehow develops an internal infection, increase the amount to 4 oz per day by adding an additional 2 oz at the second feeding. Then, increase the amount by 1 oz at a time to each feeding gradually over the next few days to a MAXIMUM of 6 oz per day. Maintain this amount until the infection disappears. Always consult with your veterinarian when you have problems with your horses' health.

If an infection already exists, start with the 2 oz per day and increase gradually from there as your horse becomes accustomed to the taste. Apple Vinegar will enhance the reaction of other antibiotics as well. There is no need to be concerned about adding apple vinegar to a horses diet while they are currently receiving other antibiotic treatments.

Sometimes, when adding apple vinegar to the diet of a horse that is not in a state of optimal health you may notice a change in the color of the urine. This is due to the cleansing effect the vinegar has on a horses internal system.

I challenge you to use a source of raw, natural apple vinegar added to your horse's diet and track the difference in health. Hopefully, you already have kept careful records of vet consults, etc. Add apple vinegar and continue to keep these records. You will be pleased with the difference you see!

To Control Pests and Parasites

Mix equal amounts of Apple Vinegar, Avon's Skin So Soft and water; add 1/2 the amount of baby shampoo (or other liquid soap product); mix it up and put in in a spray bottle.

This mixture is more natural than most of the fly repellents you will find available, it will work better, last longer and add shine to your horse's coat. It eliminates those nasty looking gnat lines on the chest and underneath the jaw/chin area in a matter of a couple of days. The horses won't resist application because it won't sting or burn.

Some of us believe that the addition of apple vinegar to a horses feed is very helpful in the elimination of most common equine intestinal parasites including Bots. During the year 2000 I have used this formula in the spray form and have faithfully supplied my horses with 2 ounces of vinegar each day. For the first time, WE HAVE HAD NO BOTS!

As a Detoxifier

The addition of apple vinegar to a horses' diet will naturally cleans your horses internal system. This has been known to increase the efficiency of the horses' entire pulmonary system as well as reduce side effects of drugs such as lasix. By cleansing your horses' internal systems you will provide your horse with its maximum natural ability to:

eliminate the need for antibiotics

Build muscle

Strengthen bones

Improve Coat and Color

Improve overall health

Reduce weather stress

Avoid Diseases

Reduce insect and parasite problems

Spray vinegar on your horses feet:

When applied to the soul and frog of your horse on a regular basis you will eliminate or greatly reduce your problems with thrush and other foot fungus, and speed up the healing of any abscesses, bruises or other trauma problems.

Applied to the hoof wall 2-3 times a week during the riding season and reduce cracks, improve the quality of the hoof wall and avoid the need to use other types of hoof conditioning produces.

"If your horses eat off the ground (most horses) I would add two tablespoons of phsyllium (metamucil) to bran to help pick up more sand. There is some evidence that a cup of apple cider vinegar on the feed daily may prevent entrolyths in susceptible horses. Colic is not uncommon, is very serious and in horses is an emergency." quoted from NetPets: Thomas D Morrow D.V.M.

"Kidneys function largely due to a balance of what are called the Sodium and Potassium Pumps. What happens is that compounds like salt (Sodium Chloride) assist the cells in the Kidneys to draw fluid into themselves for processing. Potassium compounds work to draw fluid out of the cells and form the basis of most Diuretic medicines. Certain feed substances have naturally high levels of potassium and you can feed bananas or a little extra Cider Vinegar if you are worried that your horse needs extra help." Robert McDowell, Herbalist, January 1999.

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