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The Shang Ru La Murder Mystery Settings Please Read

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Alright it appears that the Shang Ru La Murder Mystery won the new RPG poll, but for this RPG to work it will have to be run slightly different.

Ok over the course of the next two days I will be accepting applications for the murder right? To do so I would like for you to send the stats below to me in a PM and a PM only with the stats of her character, can be male or female, mob member, mob boss, singer, dancer, bartender, or just a frequent to the club does not matter.

After I have reviewed all of the applications I will choose who I want to be the murder and I will send them a seceret PM telling them that they have been chosen and it the PM will entail specific details and clues as to what the RPG will need for them to be the murder, and no one will know who the murder is save for me and that specific person till someone actually figures it out, or we have to reval it ourselves alright?

Once the Murder has been chosen and been informed we will start the RPG by setting up the plot and creating characters to begin the RPG ok?

Alright, if you have any questions or don't understand please PM me

If you are applying for the murder please PM me with the following stats, and please tell no one you have applied....







Occupation: (Bartender, singer, mob member ect...)

Reason for cometting murder: (You will have murdered the detective Jhonny Travers, but it cane be for any motive, love, betrayal, sluthing in your acts, ect... be creative)



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