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I can do anything, remove things from pictures, cut things out and put them on a new background, enhance photos ect.

What you have to do:

-Provide the picture in a link or format

-As much detail as you can give as to what you want me to do

-Have patience as I do have a life outside my computer and it needs attention as well, I will work on these as much as possible.

I can also:

-Make banners

-Make avatars

-Make Desktop backgrounds

-and more if you provide detail as to what you want :)


My only rule is that you put pictures into links :) saves space and is much easier for me. Thank you!, i'll have examples up asap

Please note: My copyright WILL be on all CREATIONS so credit is given to me for my work. It will be small and hardly noticeable, if you don't like the placement I can move it around. Thanks

Also, if you don't want my logo on it, you may PM me and we can discuss purchasing the image.


Look through this for examples or Ask, my style changes often.

Edit [06.21.10]

Here's a couple examples just cause







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gahhhh i'm jealous i wish i could make stuff like that

wat do u use..?/how do u do it hahaaaaa

haha its actually simple. I use Adobe photoshop CS2.

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Hi, Can you make me a collage please?

If its possible I would like you to make the horses going in order leading up to the one I have now. You can play around with placement. id like them not to look like single pictures but more meshed together as one. I would like my current horse as the main focus of the collage bigger then the others, in the center with the pictures surrounding or how ever you see would work best. Here are the pictures I would like you to use. if you can add their names as well that would be great. and under the picture of my current horse I would like it to say "My Forever Girl" Thanks cant wait to see what you come up with!

Pistol Packin Maggie APHA (make sure you take the kid out of this one please [bat Eyelashes]


IB C'in Shadows NFQHA


Restless Rocket OTTB


Badgers Valentine APHA


Chiefs Red Banner APHA


Sassy's Rascal Jac AQHA (My current filly)


"My Forever Girl"

Thanks in advance! I still love the banners you made me!!

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workin on it! i have been busy the past few days and un able to complete it. Should be out and done tomorrow night. I just got new brushs so it will be my practice for making things more spiffy and fancy :)

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here are a few which ever one works best for you is fine with me hopefully one of these will work cause I dont have any more pics haha unless I email the lady who bought her from me and get some lol








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o0o0oh I like it alot, but I have another picture I think would look better in the middle so try these ones....




Oh and could you make me a new banner with these?

Background: I love this picture!


Font: try these;

Bradly Hand ITC

AGarmond Titling

Bank Gothic MD BT





Big text: "Sassy's Rascal Jac"

small text:" She's my rock, my shoulder to cry on, my best friend"

I'd like both these pics in it, kinda like shes running at herself but at each end of the beach. Hopefully her tail isnt too difficult to crop.



Thanks a bunch!! :smileywavey: you are great! :notworthy:

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Hi!! I wondering if you could take the neck rope out these picture's for me ? And could change the horse in my banner Spook and add one of these pic ? Oh in the first pic can you take out the white buildings and anthing else you see that does not belong?



Thank you !!

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Hi there! I would loooove it if you could make me a banner! I kept seeing ones with your signature on them & wondered how people were getting them, and tada- I found you! lol You can use either one of these pictures, whichever you think or would be easier for you...




If you could include her new "Cheyenne" and the quote "Kissed by sunlight, embraced by open fields. The horse is the center of all beautiful things." not sure if that's too long if it is, then "Horses lend us the wings we lack." As far the background, I'd really love a sunset with pinks, blues, or something like that. :) Here's a couple I like... I'll let you use your creative license with it.




Thank you sooo much!! :)

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