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Nikki Livermore

Read The Forum Rules Before Posting

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Rules and Guidelines for Critiques

These apply to ANY post on the entire HorseCity bulletin board. Not just here in Conformation. We ask that you try and keep all critiques on this forum.

1. Federal copyright laws are in full force here. You cannot under any circumstances post a photo you do not own or have rights to.

2. You may not post a photo of a horse you do not currently own. We do not allow critiques of a horse without the owner's written consent provided to HorseCity Admin. Questionable content may be removed by HorseCity Admin or Moderators at any time, without notice to member.

3. Only ONE horse per thread.

4. Do your best to take a proper conformation photo in good lighting conditions. This will enable other members to give you a fair critique.

5. Allow a reasonable amount of time for people to comment. If there are a lot of threads yours might not be commented on right away.

6. Include the horse's age, breed, discipline and bloodlines (pedigree). Breed standards and discipline standards vary.

7. Pictures can be deceptive. Do your best to produce a quality photograph. A poor photo is not the fault of the person doing the critique.

8. Be diplomatic and respectful in all critiques. Instead of saying "that horse is ugly" it is more productive to say "his head is not very refined and he appears to be camped out in back, but he has a good shoulder".

9. If you post a horse for a critique, that is what you will get. You might not hear what you "want" to hear.

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