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Alyssa Damidiva

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Grade: Senior

Personality: She is usually very sweet and casual around her normal group of friends, but around a large group of people, or with someone she does not know, she is very shy and nervous, but throuw her out on stage with a mic and she is totally fine. She is slightly competative and loves a challenge, and she also has a slightly temper if you push her.

History: She grew up in a small town just outside of Moscow, Russia. When she reached the age of 7 her parents moved here to the United States. Her mother use to be an Opera singer in Moscow and her father was nothing more than a simple sales clerk. When she moved to the States she began to form a strong passion for music much like her mother, and they discovered that Alyssa had tons of talent in singing as well as the Tenor Saxaphone, so they sent her here.

Major: Vocal and instrumental Proformance

Appearance: See link below

Other: Her accent is very very slightly, ans she loves to sing soul, country, and a little bit of jazz

Alyssa Damadiva

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A small and fragile girl of only eighteen and just finsihed her enrollment sheets and passed them across the desk to the rather pale, and slightly large woman who sat on the other side.

The woman peered at Alyssa through thick-rimmed glasses, a smile broadly streched across her plain features."Well Dearie, here ya go, your new schedule for this semester. Right now you should be in your Vocal Preformance class down the staris and it's the third room on your right." Stated the woman in a shrill, yet gentel tone as she passed a small pice of paper with hall of her classes printed down in a neat row.

Alyssa replied with nothing more than a soft, yet nervous smile as she took the paper and shoved it into the back pocket of her jeans. Just as Alyssa had placed her hand on the door to leave the woman began to speak once more."Oh, oh wait, I almost forgot."She stated before flinging open her desk drower and rummaging through it in search of something.Fially she pulled out a pen and a small stack of notes."Here, give this to your teacher to explain who you are and why you are late alright?"Was the last words that passed her pale lips as she extended out her chubby hand toward Alyssa with the hand-written note stuck to her index finger.

"Yes Ma'm" ALyssa replied with another smile before snatching the note and walking out of the office.

Alyssa found the classroom with no real difficulty, it was just where the woman had said it would be. She placed her nimble fingers on the knob and took a deep breath before opening the door with ease. She walked in and found all of the other students seated in rows of chairs, save for one girl standing before them all, and another older person who was obviosuly the teacher.

Alyssa felt like a deer cought in the headlights as all eyes were averted to her for that single moment. She quiclky paced over to the teacher and handed him the note before finding a vacant seat and quicly taking a seat, praying not to be noticed too much....

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