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The Search For Pandora's Box

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Pandora's Box.

Held by Pandora, ordered by Zeus as punishment to mankind for the theft of fire. Pandora was given gifts by many of the gods, especially curiosity. Prometheus warned his brother not to to marry Pandora, but his brother didn't listen. After their marriage Zeus gave Pandora a box containing all the evils of mankind and warned her to never open the box. Pandora's curiosity was strong and one day could no longer resist, she opened the box. From the box flew disease, despair, hunger, poverty, war, sickness, death, old age, greed, violence and others. Realizing what had happened Pandora quickly shut the box, leaving only one thing left in the box.


You are an archeologist searching for this treasure that has been lost in the sands of time. You and your team have been searching for years and have finally gotten a tip that the box maybe located in a small cave near the site. A group of specialist has been chosen to go and investigate the cave, but upon entering their is a strange earthquake and the cave entrance is sealed shut. Mr. Lynch, the boss of the project, yells from the outside that they will begin digging as soon as possible. Now is the choice, wait to be rescued or go through the small cave with a strange light at the end and make the biggest discovery of mankind.


~100 word minimum, it just makes these better

~Try to update as often as you can, and if you run out of muse just tell us so we know where you went.

~You should all know the rest :winking:

~We been where the team is being chosen


Name: in bold please

Age: 25-35

Gender: please attempt to keep it even



Years: How many years has your charry been a archeologist.

Picture/Description: either or doesn't matter. Do both if you feel like it.

Other: :grin:

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Name: Cassandra Nicholes

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Personality: Cassandra is a very shy and quiet person that would rather keep to herself and finding hidden objects. Even with her looks, which some find gorgeous Cassandra hates the attention and isn't a fan of nick names. She will joke around a bit, but normally everyone is amazed when she talks.

History: Cassandra's father was an archeologist and took her to dig sites when she was little, during high school she went with her father on a dig and witnessed his death, a horrible accident that no one could have been able to stop. He was just at the wrong place and the wrong time. After that Cassandra talked and joked less, obviously traumatized, but never showed to many signs.

Years: 6

Picture/Description: Cassandra

Other: :grin:

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Ryker Wolfe

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Personality: He is always laughing or smiling. He likes to look for the deeper meaning of things and sometimes it gets him in trouble.

History: After his days of looking for things in his sand box he gave up the silly games and started to live a normal life filled with fast cars and police chasing him. When he grew tired of that he remembered how much fun he had digging for things and finding a deeper meaning to everything. He started to read up on ancient stories and decided to become an Archeologist

Years: 10

Picture/Description: Ryker

Other: :grin:

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