Yup, I'm Getting A New Horse With Pictures

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Yup, i'm getting another horse. These aren't very good pictures, but will give you an idea what he looks like. He's a 4 year old paint, unregistered. Was broke as a 2 year old, then sold to a girl that rode him 2 years in a row in a halloween parade. He's been on quite a few trail rides to Fair Hill and did great. The original owner bought him back from the girl, and is reselling him. He's 14.3, real sweetheart. He needs a little more work, so the trainer I bought him from is going to put 30 days on him, included in the original asking price. I plan on using him for trails. Found him only a few miles from my house thru a friend. His name is Sparky. We might have to change that. LOL





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He's gorgeous, love the Black and white Paints!!!

I just love that "hairy eyeball" he's giving you in the last shot, looks like he's alot of personality [bat Eyelashes]


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