Dangerous Horse?

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Well, there ceratinly is 'young and dumb' with a sense of invicibilty added.

I should know. When I was about 14 my step dad (a non horse person ) , who just used draft horses as a tool in the tobacco fields, bought me a spoiled anglo arabian stallion

I had begged to have a saddle horse so I no longer had to ride one of the Percherons with the other kids.

Step dad being pracitcal, bought a stud , as the work horses were mares (nothing like a little breeding program on the side to justify the kid's dream!)

This horse reared and went over backwards. He ran me against fences or any other obstacle. He would bolt for home. (yes being young and stupid I rode this stallion down the road )

My mother suffered as only a mother can, watching this horse go over backwards with me, and I would just climb right back on. Luck or some higher power was certainly watching over me, and my spinal cord was never crushed!)

I wou;ld never get on such a horse today, and ceratinly, by the time I got a little horse smart and had young children of my own, would never, never let them ride such a horse.

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When I was a child......I rode a friend's welsh pony for years. Once he bolted because something scared him, I took a dive....tried to roll, but unfortunately didn't make it and he ran over me. Another incident happend when we where riding the horses to another town to the Blacksmith. Middle of the road he started bucking, but I managed to stay on.

Poco came into my life when I first came to the states, bought him at an auction for cheap as his owners where selling him because he had trown them quite a few times! The only incident I ever had with him was when a car with deer reflectors drove by, he reared and I fell. Sent me to the hospital with a concussion! Keep in mind that this was a horse that I was riding along busy highways, on trails.....daylight or night and he didn't even mind the police sirens and lights.

Skippen came along many years later. I made the mistake of buying a cheap saddle when I first got her (that one ended up in the trash!) and then tried about three more before finding one that would fit. Each and every time when I put one of the saddles on her that didn't, she let me know one way or another!

She also reared up once because of fourwheelers coming down the gravel road, now she doesn't mind anymore, as she is used to them now.

None of them where doing it because they wanted to hurt or get their rider off, but it just shows that with every horse you will have an incident sooner or later.

Then there was..........well, a horse that I bought sight unseen! Supposedly had no bad habits.......but soon after his arrival, I found out that he didn't take lightly to not being spoiled or to training, and after rearing on the ground, coming at you and continuing this through attempts of breaking the habit..........I VERY soon said good bye!

If I couldn't controll him on ground, there was no way I would ever be able to ride him!

I guess what it comes down to is.........if you don't feel safe on the horse or feel like you ever will, sell him to a more experienced person (with full disclosure of course), or if you don't feel like that is an option.......I would agree with euthanizing him or keeping him as a pasture pet (if you can afford to!)

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Hate to say this....but I am going have to agree with most all of ya'll here....

This is not the horse for you anymore. If you have the money to invest in the research it will take both medically and with a trainer to find the problem and see if it can be corrected and Mom is willing....great. But somebody else better be paid well for riding this horse during the sessions with a trainer....someone who ( and I hate this word) breaks horses or at least rides broncos...so they can take the battle....someone who is trained for it.

If you don't have the money and don't have the time and dont know where to find someone who will buck out this horse...and not sue you if they get hurt.....it is time to move on. I am tossing the idea around now of selling a horse I have.....he's got a go-go trigger and loves to pull it on me when I least expect it...but....he is flexible and I can gather him up quick and he is not dangerous so far.....he just messes up what we are doing at that moment..... but....I am going to dedicate this entire school year while kids are in school to retrain him down on the ground and on up and try different gear and whatnot. If I can't get him back to where I had him.....we are going to have to sell him....and...like I said....he's not dangerous...yet....but he's not always working with me

and I need horses that are going to do their work as well as to LOVE and PLAY.

The fact that your Mom is non chalant about you getting broken up by this horse FLOORS ME!!!

The first horse that hurts one of my kids is going on a long trip. I don't mean when my kids do something dumb like run up behind them and spook them and they get stepped on....that's MY FAULT...I am supposed to keep them saavy around them...it is not the horse's fault.

But, bucking with no warning and no obvious back pain and all....forget it.....he would be gone.

I love my animals but not over my kids.....

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