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Derby was slightly unsound for the past three weeks for reasons beyond my control as someone who doesn't own him. In any case, he is much better now. Hopefully I can get him back to where he was earlier in the summer before I have to head back to school. Although he seemed to enjoy the vacation :winking: .

Prior to Derby's problem, I began riding one of a friend of mine's horses in addition to Derb. He's a good guy, but a bit of a weird ride over fences. He gets really heavy, and I'm not strong enough yet to get him up where he needs to be all the time. I took a nosedive yesterday because of our combined issues. I did manage to get a few photos from my lesson, however. You can critique if you wish. I know that I tend to hold a lot of tension in my shoulders, and I'm working on it, but I feel like overall the rest of my position improved while I was at school. I still have crazy, flapping ankles, but they're getting there, lol. Oh, and looking at the horse is much more productive than watching where one is going. So, here are those photos, and I have another question at the bottom.


Sitting trot, and I think the shirt is making my back look a little more rounded than it actually is



Why I feel the need to be way up by the pommel is beyond me


Half seat


Looking a little defensive after falling off


And a Derb picture because I can't leave him out


If anyone is at all interested in PMing me or receiving a PM, I'm having thoughts about where I am right now in regards to my riding versus where I would like to be and would really appreciate some advice or suggestions. I just don't feel comfortable discussing some of it on a public board. I also know I'm not that active on here, so if no one cares I completely understand.

At any rate, thanks for looking!

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First off we do care, or at least I do, so please send me a PM! It is great to hear from you Sara and I agree, your riding has seriously improved at school! Good job. I too hold a lot of tension in my shoulders, even when I'm not feeling tense, or even if I'm being an idiot and riding all slumped over. I swear, I can't figure it out.

The grey is a handsome (and big boned) little bugger. I think you rode him quite well, really. You seem well-suited to him.

I'm sorry about Derby's lameness although I'm sure he is enjoying his vacation. I thought his owners were considering letting you take him to college last year? Is that deal still available?

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Feel free to PM me. Or facebook me if you'd like. My FB is the same as my handle on here.

You look lovely on the grey horse. And Derby looks lovely and happy too.

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You can PM if you would like. I'm around a lot but I don't always post a tone.

That grey is really cute. I know a few things that may help you get him off of the forhand if you would like. I didn't know if you would want that kind of help or not.

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