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Writing The Ad

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Hey Guys! I can't believe It's been almost 6 years that Ive spent with Riper and unfortunately that time has finally come for me to sell him and go to College. I have not sold a horse before and am just looking for some input on writing up a good sale ad. I do not want to falsely advertise but I don't want to under-advertise him either, and to be honest I haven't even decided on what would be a fair price to list him at. For those of you who don't know the horse and his history, here's some breif information.

Name: Rolin on the River ('Riper')

Age: 12

Breed: Thoroughbred

Height: 16 Hands

Color: Bay

Riper has successfully competed at the Novice level for 3 seasons (6 Sanctioned Novice events total)and completed 2 Training level CT's. He has also placed and won at numerous local jumper shows through 3'6", including Grand Champion at Lakeside Arena in 08' at 3'3". He consistently scores in the low 30's in dressage, scoring a 34 at his first Training level and scoring as well as a 26 at the Novice Level. He has easily schooled Preliminary cross country questions with plenty of scope for more, and has also easily schooled stadium fences up to 4'3".

His records include a win at the IEA Leg Up Horse Trials, July of 2008 (Open Novice) and a 3rd place finish at Flying Cross Horse Trials, September of 2008 (Open Novice, In the lead after dressage and stadium, time faults on XC). He finished 9th in his first Training Level CT (Octoberfest, Kentucky Horse Park) in 2008 with a 34 in dressage and a single rail in stadium, and 7th in his second Training Level CT in March of 2009. He finished 8th in the Midsouth P.C. Horse Trials in June of 2009 (Standing 4th after dressage and XC, Single rail in stadium otherwise would have finished 2nd) at the Open Novice level, and 6th in the Open Novice Mini-Trial at Flying Cross Farm in June of 09' (In which he jumped most of the Training Level cross country obstacles with ease and a double clear stadium round).

I know it's pretty jumbled right now but I need to know what I should include in the Ad and what else I may need to stick in there. Any help would be appreciated.

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Just some things to think about.

Keep the add short and sweet. If it gets to long then people get board, and your just supplying reading material to the little kids that prowl on horse classifieds.

I think the 1st paragraph sounds pretty good.

If someone is interested in knowing his record they can look it up on USEA.

Is he a packer? Or is he a complicated ride? Somewhere in the middle?

Is he the type of horse a beginner can ride? Or does he need a more advance rider?

For the picture(s) make sure they are professional looking. I hate seeing ad's where the person looks sloppy. Include a confo. pic if you can. As well as his best gait, and a jumping photo (if you can post multiple pictures)

If he's a packer, include jumping pictures of him jumping "bigger" jumps.

Do some research. Look at other ad's. What are horses priced that have similar qualities?

I've seen ad's for horses in Ky that are going BN or Novice, even sometimes training, w/ potential for more priced at 6,000 and at 18,000.

How fast do you need to sell him? Right away or do you have until next fall.

Do you haveto put him for sale now or can you wait until the spring? Because typically, in the fall horses go for cheaper than they would in late winter or spring.

If you can put a video of him on youtube, include that in the add.

I would say something like:

Riper would make a great horse for ...... (Ammy, JR, Expieranced rider etc,) I would also mention here, if he's a packer, anyone can ride him etc (if that is true) . He has competed at Novice Level Eventing for 3 seasons, consistently scoring in the low 30's. Also has been shown in the 3'6 jumpers and has done 2 Training CT. Schooling (level) Dressage. Shows potential for more. Selling die to owner going to college.

link to youtube video's

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Thanks! I have no intention of making his ad long like this post haha, I figure if people want a detiled description they'll email or call and ask for it. He has proven himself to be a Novice packer for riders with some experience. He has also competed in 2'6" to 2'9" jumpers with my sister who is mentally disabled. He's not complicated to ride but is not for a beginner.

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