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Proctor And Gamble...let's Look At An Old Conspiracy That's Still Around

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Proctor and Gamble's CEO is a satanist.

"Those who accept the rumor as revealed truth point to the "man in the moon" logo as proof of the company's ties to evil. They see the curlicues of the moon man's beard as an array of 6's and believe that by playing "connect the dots" with the thirteen dots in the logo, three 6's can be made to appear."

Talk about streeeeeeeeeeeeeeetching to make a conspiracy work!


I have a hard time understanding people who swallow such garbage completely without ever looking it up anywhere to see if it's true. Obviously, if their pastor (or mother, or father, or whatever) said it, it's true. Absolutely nothing about the original accusation (that the CEO of P&G gave part of his profits to the Satanist church while on the Phil Donahue show) is true. Nothing. And yet...people believe it.


I actually know someone who believes this and won't buy P&G products. Anyone else?


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I know two people who won't buy P&G items... one because she thinks they are satanists and the other because she thinks they are Moonies. The one who says she will not support them because they are "Moonies" is my own mother. *sigh*

For those who don't know what "Moonies" are:

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LOL! Too funny - after seeing all the virulent (and often less-than-accurate) political e-mails floating around lately, I was just thinking about the P&G Satanism thing yesterday -

Many years ago, when I was in high school, I used to babysit the kids of a Lutheran pastor and his wife. I saw a letter about the "evil" P&G company and a list of prohibited items manufactured by P&G posted on their refrigerator. They actually believed the letter and were very careful never to buy the products. I read the (really hysterically funny) letter and thought they were nuts. Nice nuts, but nuts.

Of course, these were the same people who were quite concerned about a friend of mine. Once, when I was unable to babysit, I had suggested the friend. She babysat and it went well . . . mostly. She said that they asked her where she was going to college and she said, Provo, Utah. The wife kindly expressed her worry about my friend going to school with all those *Mormons*. (I don't think my friend mentioned that she was one of those Mormons, or it would have been the end of the babysitting job. Maybe for both of us. [ROTFL] )

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is this the same thing that was being told 25 years ago? I think I heard this a long time ago, because of the logo on the label. Interesting that it could last that long, I'd totally forgotten about it.

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Yeah, that's been going on for quite some time. This looks like the one I saw in the mid 80s.

Transcription. Chain letter petition. Proctor and Gamble boycott. Satanism libel. US, 1986. Link to image below.




The president of Proctor and Gamble Co. recently appeared on the Phil Donahue T.V. Show and the subject of which he spoke was his company's support of the Church of SATAN.

He stated that a large portion of Proctor and Gamble's profit goes to the Church of SATAN also known as the Devil's Church.

When asked by Phil Donahue if he felt that stating this on television might hurt his business, the President replied: THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH CHRISTIANS IN THE U.S. TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

After being contacted by the president of the Church of Satan, Proctor and Gamble's President was notified that if he was going to support the Chruch of SATAN, the company would have to place the emblem/symbol of the church organization on the labels of each Proctor and Gamble product. It is noted that since that time, the symbol of the Church of SATAN has been placed on all their labels.

ALSO . . . recently on the Merv Griffin show, a group of cultists were featured, among them the OWNER of Proctor and Gamble Corporation. He said that as long as the gays and other cults were coming out of the closet, he was doing the same. He said that he had told SATAN that if he (SATAN) would help him to prosper, then he would give his heart and soul to him when he dies. He gave SATAN all the credit for his riches.


CAKE Mix: Duncan Hines products Do NOT buy any of the items

Cleaning: Biz, Bold, Bounce, Cascade, Cheer, Comet, Dash, Dawn, Downey, Era,

Gain, Joy, Mr. Clean, Owydol, Spic n Span, Tide, Top job, and Ivory Snow.

Coffee: Folgers, High Point

Cooking oil: Crisco, Fluffo, Puritan Mouthwash: Scope

Deodorants: Secret Sure Peanut butter: Jiffy

Diapers: Pampers, Luvs Lotion: Wondra

Hair Care: Lilt Shampoos: Head and shoulders, Pert, Prell

Soaps: Camay, Coast, Ivory, Safeguard, Test Toilet Paper: Charmin

Tooth Paste: Crest, Gleam Cold Remedies: Head and chest, Pepto-bismo

Napkins: Always


When in doubt, watch for the SATANIC SYMBOL to be found on the front and/or back [^ top or bottom] of all their products. The actual size is shown at right with enlarged drawing below. It is a tiny rams horn with three sets of stars placed in such way that if the stars of each set are joined together they form the number 666, the Devils number.

Christians should always remember that if they buy any products with this symbol, they are unknowingly supporting the Church of SATAN., and DEVIL worship. We suggest that you use what you have on hand, but do not buy any more.

Please feel free to make copies of this and pass them out to

anyone you feel should be informed, so that as little

business as possible will go to Proctor and Gamble. Then

this will easily prove that there are more than enough

Christians and others who believe in GOD to put a very

large dent into his profits.

ENTERED [Proctor & Gamble logo

FEB 30 1986 drawn here, stars

connected to form "666"]

Note: If number can not be found SYMBOL OF

[? text truncated] [?]

Photocopy (late gen., some text lost at margins) of typed original . Some reformatting here. Italics were hand printed. Collected by VanArsdale on Sept. 10, 1986 in Oxnard, CA. Was 86-09'.


Image page at: pe1986-09_proctor_image

The Paper Chain Letter Archive - information. Chain Letter Evolution.

Click below & you can even find where P&G have won lawsuits over this.

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