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So I Usually Lurk, But I Am On Top Of The World Right Now...

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...because I got first in my division at the CT I went to today. I did Beginner Novice and the whole day, everything went perfectly. This show was the first show, in my year or two of competing eventing eventing, where I placed (and it was first to boot!!) Normally, we would get eliminated for too many refusals or for me falling.

Up till now, I have been too nervous to ride effectively and give the ride that my horse needs. I went to a recognized event at the end of the month in August and got eliminated in stadium because I shut down and Thump was like "I'm outta here" ha ha.

So we(my trainer and I) worked on desensitizing him to things and putting me in situations where I have to ride to get Thump over the fence and it worked wonders!

The dressage this morning was perfect! (As close to it as possible anyways ha ha.) He was soft, obedient, and focused entirely on me. Was second after that.

Then I go to warm up for XC and he's excellent. Listening to me, which has been a problem in the past. I think it may also be because I was using a different bit and he seemed to really like it.

Normally, when I go to the start box, the nerves hit me so bad I want to throw up, but today I was like, "I can do this. No biggie."

It was so much fun! Ahh that is what cross-country is supposed to feel like! We were flying along, he didn't look at anything, and I was sooo happy!

Just thinking about today has me dancing with excitement lol.

Pictures should be posted in a couple of days but other than that, just though I would share my cloud 9 experience today.


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So I'm re-reading my post and I think it gives off the wrong vibe. Maybe too much mentioning of first place ha ha.

I don't really care about the placing because I was so stoked to actually finish the xc course the first time with no penalties. Everything finally clicked at this show and I am really happy that all the effort I've put into preparing my horse and myself has paid off, if that makes sense.

So yeah, didn't want to sound like a ribbon-chaser, especially since I could buy them myself ha ha.


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Thats awesome you're feeling more confident! It's always nice to go round XC feeling good and not like you're going to puke off the side of your horse ;) Now the next time you go out you can think back to this event and how calm you felt going into the arena/start box. Can't wait to see photos!

I just came back from an event- went Training, had the best dressage test so far this year, then had stadium where my horse pulled a really really random stop- so fast and hard I didn't have time to react and ended up flipping off her landing on my feet. I have some awesome photos of that one :D However it is really strange for my horse to stop like that with no real reason for it and I was a little concerned how she might be XC- so I asked the organizers and got permission to run XC at Novice instead. It was going to be our second time training and I figured that I'd rather give my horse a good confident round XC at a lower level then push her at Training (it was a fairly challenging Championship course) So I'm disappointed about the fall, but very happy to end it on a good note for the season. I'll just start training level at the beginning of the season when the courses are a bit more forgiving and move up after.

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event ryder: I hope your next run is much more successful! Good luck at your next competition!

fieldstonefarm: I am about to go check the photographer's website to see if they are up. Thank you!

aeris: Thank you! I have worked so hard on getting confidence for the cross-country phase that it's amazing that I actually went double clear. :)


Only xc at the moment though. I really need to work on my endurance more because I was getting really sloppy near the end and it showed in both my and Thumper's form near the end. I have been working on my physical fitness but it's a process...

He looks so eager!

Cutest profile pic of Thump ever. :)



So there are the cross-country pix. The dressage pictures should be up soon so I will post them later. :)


: )

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