Nikki Livermore

Natural Obstacle Jumping Clinic With Diane Carney - Dvd Series

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I thought I would offer this on the Eventing board since a lot of folks do cross-over work with their critters. This clinic really helped me with techniques for my greenie event beast. Diane gives very detailed course layout ideas and tips for a tricky ride.

Preview our Diane Carney Hunter Derby clinic here:

Subscribe to the clinic here:

Offering you more than 4 hours of training and advice provided in a clinic and horse show setting. The education is exciting, informative, and enlightening. Covering everything about the Hunter Derby including: preparation, advanced jumping, soundness jog, course walk and handy hunter rounds from a recent $25,000 Hunter Derby.

This Hunter Derby DVD series is a must have for the serious competitor as well as those with a desire to improve their riding skills and horsemanship. Complete webcast of 3 levels of preparation and jumping, jump-setting and excercises, interviews, Derby soundness jog, Derby course walk and handy hunter rounds from a Chicago Hunter Derby.

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