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First Time Schooling Over Cross Country Type Jumps!

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So this is Freddy (Doc Bar Son) & I on our first time schooling over cross-country type fences, and a couple of other pictures of schooling moments. I've owned him for about 2 months now, he is my competition replacement for my wonderful Teddybear who can no longer compete due to Navicular.

Anyway, we're a little rusty together, he doesn't quite have the confidence Teddy did and it's hard to remember I'm not riding Teddy but here are a couple of pictures. Constructive critique is always appreciated.





Sorry that last one is blurry.

This is a picture of my wonderful Teddy back in his competition career at a local schooling show. I believe this was the 3'3-3'6 class and he stands at 14.2 on his tippy-toes. He has such great heart!


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