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So just an fyi, this will be long and rambling but the pictures are from the photographer's website.

So last weekend, my barn had a little schooling show.

I signed up as ring announcer so I got to sit by the judge for the first half of the day and boy was that an awesome experience. I'm an eventer, so the basics of hunterland have kind of...not been important to me lol. It was really cool though listening to the judge explain why she placed so-and-so first etc.

It eventually comes time for me to get Thump and start warming up. Our warm up was pretty much excellent. He was very gentleman like about horses around him and the entire lot of4 trailers ha ha.

I hopped him over a crossbar, a small vertical and then an oxer and he feels pretty much just right so I go up and wait for my turn.

Now in the past, he has been very looky at jumps which made my job so much harder (sit still, keep him balanced but stay out of his way). Normally he would go all wiggly on me and if I managed to keep him pointed to the jump, he would jump very spastic-like.

Well at the show, he didn't look at anything!!! :D

I was so proud of the progress we made. It was the 2'3"-2'6" hunter division and he has finally got to the point where he is bored with this height so the rounds were much more relaxed than previous shows. I go through the hunter division with a 1st in eq on the flat, 2nd in hus, and 2nd in all of the over fences class. I was pretty pumped!

I had also signed up for the 2'3" jumper at the advice of my trainer because I haven't really done jumper courses so the lower height was just to make it easy on the both of us.

Well, we go through the 2'3" jumper and my trainer is like "You need to do the 2'6" class." We do excellent in that and I'm ready to call it quits because I am tired!

So I hop off and I'm walking up to the barn and my trainer is talking with the judge and she yells at me from across the arena to hop back on, I'm doing another class.

So I hop back on because Thump still feels pretty good and do the next class, which is the 2'9"-3' jumper class, which cracks me up because my trainer, in my previous lesson was saying I should stick with the lower height because I was new to the jumpers but I ended up doing the 2'9"-3' jumpers.

Now to the first of two things that made my weekend:

First and foremost, when I went into the last jumper class, Thumper was a little tired but was still giving 110% even though at 2'9", we're getting close to his max jumping scope-he's not going to be much more than a 3'-3'3" horse. Probably only 3'3" when he is in top physical condition.

Anyway, he was giving me his best and I've found out, since we have been jumping bigger fences lately, when he really puts an effort over a fence, he does this little high-pitched grunt that just makes me laugh.

Over most of those jumps, he did that little grunting thing and really tried his hardest even though he was tired.

The second thing that made my weekend was the judge came up to me after the end of the show and said that I was one of the best riders she had seen that day and that I had a lot of potential to be a professional in the future.

But she also said that I seemed to be struggling with my weight and that my weight puts me at a disadvantage because I am limited on what I can ride.

I agree with her completely. I have been trying to lose weight and I know that it puts me at a disadvantage. I just wish I could see results faster ha ha. I've been eating healthier and excersising on a much more regular basis. I just wish it went faster. :\

ANYWAYS, onto the pictures ha ha.

My absolute favorite!

Another favorite of mine.

Got here on a half stride, can you tell by the expression on my face?

Another good one :)


A little careless with the knees...

Little looksy at the photographer ha ha.

And here's the album:

So, I only picked the good ones ha ha.

Critiques are alrighty with me.

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