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Yup, She Broke Arm That Is

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My newest mare has decided throughout her life that kicking is the answer for any confrontation.

Im standing in her paddock with her yesterday, just petting, loving, etc. She has been really gentle with me, not showing any agression, etc.

For those who don't know, this is a bone thin 3 year old appy. I brought her home on Saturday. She was "somewhat halter broke" but her past was shady.. The general story was that she was born and raised in a pasture with very little done with her.

Anyhow, Miss Peppy rushed the fence and reached over and bit her in her shoulder as she was turning away from the fence. Right at that moment, I was turning and walking away as well, off to the side a little. If she had not spun like she did, she would have missed me, but as my luck would have it, she managed to kick me. I saw her spinning and knew it was coming, and brought up my arm just in time to catch her hoof before she hit me in the ribs.

I figured it was broken, but went and had an X-ray done today, and got it confirmed. I thankfully don't have to cast it, just be careful with it and wrap/ice if it swells too much.

The good news is that she is gaining weight already. I have her blanketed and she is shedding out her nasty coat. I took her for a walk yesterday down the road and she went through puddles, over the train tracks, cars and trucks dont bother her, even swinging/banging real-estate signs are no big deal.

I wonder about her past as she is super responsive in the halter, although backing up she is a bit lazy. She does pick up all fours, although she doesnt want to keep her kinds up for too long. With the little bit of training she has had, she seems to be really willing and responsive.

She had a cribbing collar on so tight that it was cutting into the base of her ears. The story was that she would rather crib than eat and that her cribbing was why she was so thin. Since I have brought her home she has not worn a collar at all, and she has not been seen or heard cribbing once, by me or the property owners (who work at home and are with the horses almost all day)

Amazing what food can do huh?

A couple pics..

Headshot... Shes gotta cute face for an appy :)


Look at what I found on her left side, I have to call her the "happy appy" now :)


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