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Here are my current main horses

This is Mavrick my baby (currently showing him in halter at apha and pinto shows)


Next is Pj "Miss Reliable" my ridding horse when my back lets me


Gizzmo my pasture puff and babysitter


Melody- broodmare and my mom's halter mare


Honey-broodmare and my sweety to love on


Post yours and tell a bit about your babies. Come on you know you want to show them off.


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Lovely horses MMN!!!!

Here are my 3 boys

First is Dakota hes an 18 year old paint my newest rescue I knew he was under weight when i said id take him in but i couldnt believe how he looked after he steped off the trailer... Thankfully hes putting on weight and has turned into an awesome horse that hubby likes!!!


The second one here is Leo hes my favorite riding partner I hate to retire him hes 32 this year... he hates to just sit arround and goes off his feed when not in use.... This is a picture from our last show in august he LOVES to show lol he still can strut his stuff!!!


The last one here is my 1 year old mini gelding hes going to be my new show horse im still learning about minis... Hes also going to be my daughters riding pony when they both get alot older... Hes also going to be doing nursing home visits soon hes such a great pony i couldnt have asked for a better one nothing bothers him even when we dressed him up and took him trick or treating!!!!


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This is Jackie, she is a 2 year old mustang filly. I have been sacking her out and doing some groundwork with her in between college and stuff. She is going to training late next spring while I am gone at an internship, so hopefully she will learn some cool new ranch stuff.



And this is Ote. He is a 7 year old Quarter Horse gelding. I bought him as a 2 year old as my first futurity type horse for reining or cowhorse, whatever he became more suited for. A month before his first show he was involved in a freak accident which nearly killed him and left him with slow healing neurological symptoms and blind. It is 4 years later and he has partial vision back and all the neurological symptoms are gone. I am planning on attempting to get him going under saddle again next summer and maybe see if he wants to be a trail horse. If not he will continue to be an expensive pasture puff. :D

As a 2 year old:



And Chili who is our resident happy pony. He gives pony rides to neices and nephews and he showed Ote around the pastures while he was still blind. I learned to drive with him and we were state equestrian champions for in hand trail and driving!



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Here are the most recent pictures of my two. Rosie, and Jedi (the pony). I've been trying to get decent pictures of them, but it's hard. As soon as I put the camera away from my face, Rosie's ears come up. As soon as I am about to take the picture, she puts on her doofus face!



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This is Biscuit. He's a 4 yr old APHA breeding stock. Super sweet and laid back. Anyone can ride him.



This is Dottie, 8 yr old APHA (obviously :grin: ) She is western pleasure trained even though we use her for trail riding only. Anyone can ride her also. She's 16.1 and loves to be with people.



This is my horse Gracie, AQHA blue roan. She is 3 and a brat at times but I love her. We butt heads ALOT...




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I have 3 horses and 2 donkeys

Bandit is my son's 4H, drill team, and trail horse. He's a wonderful horse, plenty of zip when he's asked, but quiet enough to just walk down the trail all day too.



My son's 4H pony from 2009 (we sold her in August, but she's still special!)

This is Junie B, she was 2009 Grand Champion pony too!


My babies, Dusty and Banjo


My mare, Lucy


And, my husband's gelding, Doc


I don't have much for portrait shots, we mainly trail ride so most pictures are from the trail!

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yes I have 4 mini's, 2 shetlands, and 3 other full sized horses too. Here I will put up more pictures but I don't 100% consider them mine.

Here is Petey being shaved this last summer he loves it can't you tell, lol


Here he is in his winter wollies


Here is peaches, his partner in crime, a horse we rescued


Here are Lacy and Moose


Here is a shot of Tino my mom's gelding


Here is Cricket, a ex-barrel mare we rescued


Boo boo, another horse we rescued. We got him when he was 3 months old and covered in rainrot and he was just pitiful. Now coming 5 and doing great.


And Nellie the most amazing lesson horse ever


and her little Devil child son


Corina now look what you did! You made me remember how many mouths I have to feed, bad bad girl. Heck I even have one more a mare I have for sale. Annie

Ugh I have too many horses



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I love that pic of those donkeys! so cute!

And everyone has really nice looking horses!

Here are my two boys:

Dusty. 16.3hh, 20yo Tb gelding. He is such a superstar! Been there, done that kind of horse. So gentle and kind anyone can ride him, though we still love to gallop and jump anything from trot poles to picnic tables! Semi retired, only ridden once or twice a week.

This summer


Last October at a schooling show


And so you can see his sweet face


Trucker. 16hh, 15yo Tb gelding. Trucker is a rescue project I got November 1, so I've not had him very long but I'm very excited about him. He's very goofy and seems to have a great mind. And he's putting weight on nicely, hope to be riding him by January.

First day I got him


day 25 (i am biting a carrot into a smaller piece for him, he has a weird mouth issue)


He is such a beautiful boy!


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MMN, I agree. You have too many horses. Send Boo Boo to me! LOL!

ETA: I'm trying to find some decent photos of mine. My filing skills at photobucket suck. LOL If I can't find any, I'll try to get some new ones, but they aren't being very cooperative lately. They move just as I take the photo. Have gotten lots of blurry photos.

The one in my siggy will just have to do for now, although that one is over a year old. LOL

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ILUVSPOTS come get him he's looking for a new home anyway

Here is what the poor baby looked like after a MONTH with me. I don't have any pictures of when I first brought the poor baby home.


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jackie, I just love Gracie's color! And trails4me, those donkeys are just adorable!

Thanks [smiley Wavey] Everyone has beautiful horses!

Love them mini's!!

I really need to get an updated "cute" photo of Dusty And Banjo, I've posted it here before!

It's hard to get a good picture of them, as soon as they see you coming, they head right for you!

They LOVE to pick up things and carry them around together (like in pic), we have a 4ft piece of heavy duty hose out in their pen for them to play with.

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Oh, I'd LOVE to come get him... only problem is my DH won't agree to it, I'm sure. He seems to think one horse each is enough. [Duh]

Now if Boo Boo should happen to show up overnight in my pasture... and my whereabouts are accounted for so I can't be blamed... how could he refuse? Shall I send you directions? LMAO!

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I'll start with my newest additions:

Judy, 14 year old Percheron Draft mare. Broke to drive. Has pulled carriages, sleighs , and done some logging. I've had her for 5 months. She was about 450 lbs underweight wehn we got her and her team mate, but hopefully over Christmas break we plan on hitching them up and having them drag a few trees out of the woods for us. I might sell the team if I can find the right buyer for them. Yup, fool here...I buy underweight horses that need to find GOOD OWNERS!


Judy was beaten with a lunge whip and was struck in the eye by her previous caretaker....She is now blind in her left eye.

Buck who is 11 years old gelding and has been with Judy since he was two.


Both of these came up from Michigan two years ago.

Rocket Man, 11 year old quarter horse gelding. Supposed to be Leo breeding. I think he looks like a mule and he is a bit Pigeon chested. Sweet boy and moves out nice. Supposed to know barrels and poles but I haven't ridden him yet. We have only had him for 5 months as well. He was underweight and came with the Percherons. I plan on selling him or sponsoring a 4 H kid without a horse. With the economy and the price of hay up here, people are selling the kids horses. He is a perfect kids horse and really likes them...I need to call our local 4 H and see if they have anyone on the list that needs a horse to ride. He was bred and raised in Homer Alaska.


TJ, 10 year old registerd AQHA mare. Originally from Michigan. I've had her for 5 months and plan on keeping her. I bred her for a 2010 foal. She has worked cows, and been out in the arena team penning. I bought her as my first ride to replace Airee , my ancient Arab. She is level headed and very willing. I like her a lot.


This is Twinkie a 5 year old registered APHA mare. Originally from Arkansas. She was bought at the London Auction and brought up here. I bred her for a 2010 foal which is presold. She has pretty much been on trail rides but I plan on taking her to the arena as a back up for TJ so she can learn the ropes as well. She is very level headed and sweet and I'm pretty sure she will do good at just about anything I point to at. I've had her for one year now.


This is Airee, My old trusty ride. She is said to be in her mid 30's. Retired from 4 H, she has done barrels, poles, chased cows, and has even been used for packing meat out of the woods. She is a steady eddy with a princess attitude. I've retired her from hauling my big butt around about two years ago. She still has her teeth so she can eat hay. The equine dentist had to file off about a half an ich off her fronts so her mollars could match up again, but I stilll have to feed her Stategy for its fat, and a basic hay pellet daily with a vitamin supplement to keep her healthy. I've had her for 6 years.


This is our first baby we ever had made. This is Angel our 4 year old Belgian draft x APHA mare. She is out of our Belgian Mare Deborah.

Still working on her training. So many horses so little time. I think she is getting shipped out for training this spring so she can catch up.


This Is Deborah AKA "BabyGirl" She is going on 10 this December. We have had BAbie for 7 and a half years. She is saddle broke and I want to hitch her to Buck (her and Judy have dominance issues) to get her harness trained. She by MAX, a Canadian Halter Champion,out of Sarrie K Farcuer by Colonel K. Farceur another halter Champion.


Wakina is a Shire X TWH gelding. We have had him for 4 years. He's about 18 years old and getting arthritic. He is broke to ride and drive. Semi retired due to his health issues...


Last but not least is my prankster. Zephyr is a 15 year old Morgan x APHA gelding. Hes a smart alec and a blast to ride. He seems to do better if the rider carries a riding crop to correct his behavior. He'll move out all day with a very fast walking/trot. He was such a jerk when I first got him, but once we came to an understanding, he is a sweety. He is very mouthy and creative with anything that is in the corral with him. He has jolly balls, volley balls, black bowls which he loves to use to beat over the head of any horse that is sleeping to get them to play with him. My husband rides him now since Wakina has issues and Since Deb grew out of any saddle we own now.


I think thats all.....Its all I can afford right now!


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Ok, here in Red Rock Cyn

with the riding club. ( I'm kind of small in this)


at Morro Bay on the beach!


In the back Yard with our trainer Carolyn


OOOOOHHH I have lots more but not to bore the folks!! LOL LOL [surrender] [ROTFL]

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This is Josie after about a month of getting her, she was thin and had never been touched.

She is 1 1/2 here. She is a QH.


This is about 3 months later,


This is her now, she is almost 2 in a couple of months. I have had her for 6 months now.


This is Shelby a 9 year old Mustang.



This is Traveler, my 21year old Standardbred. This is him shedding his winter hair.


This is him in the summer.


This is him now.


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Great pictures, everyone! I especially love the donkies, and the mini laying down to be clipped. Too cute!!

It's hard to narrow it down to a favorite picture of my ponies, so I'll narrow it down to my favorite few!

This is my 2 yr old QH gelding, Indy, at our first show together. He was reserve high point open halter for the year in our local association, and he also earned his first half point in Novice Amateur showmanship at an AQHA introductory show! I'm so happy with him, and I'm so glad I took the chance when I bought him (I bought him off of a pretty awful video, and had him shipped up here from Indiana)


His ears aren't up, but I think this is one of my favorite pictures of him.


In halter at our provincial exhibition


And this is my old girl, Belle. She is an 18 yr old Appy/QH mare.


At a show a few years ago




Getting acquainted back in July when I brought Indy home from the boarding barn. I think it's safe to say that he's going to be bigger than Belle, he's only 2 and is already taller than she is!


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Okay. I'll play! hehehe!

This is Spiffy my 8 year old Breeding stock APHA mare, Spiffy's Jag is her registered name. I bought her as a 3 yr old 5 years ago and have never regreted it. She had not been ridden, to our knowledge, and she broke out great. No buck or anything! We had some complications with foaling with her first 2 foals, 1st at 4 yrs old and 2nd at 6 yrs old, but we tried one more time and got a live one this year (he's later in the post).

This was her after she lost her 1st baby at 4 yrs old.


And this was her in October of this year.


Then we have Drifter my 2 year old APHA stallion, registered name of Tuff Drifter Music. I bought him in 2008 at 10 months old. He hadn't had his feet done, but they weren't terrible. He'd been handled since birth so he was and still is a gem!

This is him at a year old


And then just this November at around 2 1/2 yrs old.


Next is my little guy Dude. He is my miracle baby that I've been waiting for! He was born on March 14th 2009 at around 3:30 in the morning! It was cold so I gave him my zip up hoodie until he was dry. I got him gelded Nov. 2nd so I could register him with the PtHA (hopefully I get that turned in early this next month) and I'm praying they choose my 1st choice for a name, Kings AllStar Note!

This is him at 2 days old with Spiffy (his momma).


And at about 8 1/2 months old in November.


Just so she don't feel left out, here is my dad's mare Tawnie. He bought her about 3 or 4 years ago from a friend of mine. Tawnie is grade, but I know what breeds she is. She's a Saddlebred/Quarter/Arabian/Morgan and we just call her 'Super Mutt'! hehe!

Here is is this October.


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Trendy- 9 yr old REG AQHA gelding. He does pretty much whatever you want him to; Gaming, cow work, wp, + trail, but we do mainly gaming.



Dude- 8 yr old REG APHA/PtHA. He does gaming, cowy stuff :P, and trailriding.


/\ making sure he gets every last bit of his grub! :P


/\ Showin off his booty, even though the rest of his body looks all distorted! :P

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Awww... everyone has such pretty horses and ponies and donkies!!

This is Lucky Lady Gretchen, aka Kelly. 16 year old AQHA mare, used for trail riding, parades, and civil war reenactments. She is 15.2 and started out as my husbands horse then became mine through default.



Kelly being ridden by a friend at a reenactment.


Spiced Just Right, aka Ginger. 30 year old, 14.3, AIH mare, used for trial riding and parades.... Ginger is my mare that's been passed down to my daughter. She's been used for lessons, in the past and is getting ready to be semi-reitred.



And this is Chief Wrangler, 8 year old, 16.2 pinto gelding... he's used only for trails and is still green. He's my husband's horse... this makes the second time we've owned him. The first time, Josh ended up trading him for a horse trailer, since he never rode him anyway. Then he started regretting it and so we just recently bought him back.



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2004 morgan gelding. Mark.


this is my horse. 2002 morgan gelding. Louie.


my sisters morgan. i don't remember what year he is.. i think he's around 13yo though.. Bucky.


my old horse. 2001 morgan gelding. Ollie.


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I love having a chance to show off my kids.

First is Texas, she is now a pasture ornament. She was my barrel horse and I still love her more than anything. The little kids can ride her and she gets shown in halter at local shows. She injured herself and no one knows how, and it can't be fixed. But she is happy and loves her life.




Next is Flash, he had to step up the game when Texas injured herself. He's my main barrel horse now. He's goofy, but I love him dearly.


Then comes Sixy, she's my problem child. She is a barrel horse who has a lot of issues, but I'm trying to work through them. I took a chance on her and I'm hoping she will come through. Sixy.jpg

Finally comes Faith, she's my yearling. I'm hoping she will make a nice riding horse at least if she doesn't make a barrel horse. I bought her at the beginning of October and I really like her personality. DSCN0972.jpg

BTW, You all have some nice looking horses.

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Saddle bum-- your Morgans are gorgeous!

Wild Rose, if Jedi comes up missing, he's NOT at my barn! (so cute!)

Trails4me--your donkeys are the cutest!!

This is my 13 hand, Welsh pony gelding, Gimli. I teach beginner lessons on him, and we work on dressage together.

with one of my students:


At a play day last February in all his winter fuzzy glory :)




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Oooh I wanna play!! And BTW MMN: I WANT BOO-BOO!!! I'm in Oklahoma, too *wink, wink*.

Here's Sky getting ready for a ride, with Tuff (as a baby) wondering what the heck he's doing:


Sky telling me what he thinks about the dreaded D-WORD..... "Dewormer":


Tuff in his "Winter Woolies" taken a couple days ago:


Sky and Tuff out to pasture:


And, of course....... Donkey:


And just for grins and giggles, here's a couple of the puppies that were born here Thanksgiving morning (3AM or so) by the skinny, abandoned, pitiful-looking stray dog I picked up off a dirt road a couple weeks ago only to find out she was pregnant. We brought her home and fed/cared for her and she turned around and had NINE puppies. In hind-sight I'm really, really glad I picked her up or else who knows what would have become of these pups :) Gotta luv 'em... ANYBODY WANT A PUPPY???? LOL!



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took this last weekend my girls got to vistit from there respective STATES!Denton Texas & Greensboro N.Carolina, Honey had a great time,with all the extra Love'n from my big girls! Oh and Iphones are tasty!!! [shocked] hold on tight!!

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