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Cheri Wolfe

Re-schooling Gate Spoiled Barrel Horses!

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Ok, Thanks Bumper. [Huggy] Since I know nothing about barrel racers and how they train etc, I was wondering how they managed their horses behaviors at the in gate.

So, is this behavior at least partly a result of too much high intensive training at home? Meaning they run the horse at high speeds too much in practice? Or is this more a result of the horse getting itself hyped up in anticipation of the job ahead and getting to the finish line so it can go eat, or whatever? Or, a horse that is burning out?

Because every horse is an individual, they must be trained as such. Some horses need schooling at home between runs (especially young or green horses), some get worse with too much of that. I think a majority of the pro horses probably see very little arena or barrel time between runs but a lot of conditioning. A seasoned pro just needs conditioning and relaxing between runs. Flash or CCJ could answer that better, as they've ridden pro while i haven't. I've rodeoed, but not recently and just jackpots.

I know that Panama needs very little in the way of training during the week but some time working the pattern slow doesn't hurt him. He's one of those horses who will walk/trot the pattern or do a half speed workout but he HATES loping it. He'll get all kinds of ignorant if i try to just slow lope it, even to the point of laying his ears back. Hates it. So i never make him, we go slow, we work a 3/4 speed or we do something completely different.


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