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Read them. Follow them. Don't claim you "didn't know".

1. The board is private. To get this access you have to private message Tuckaway your full name, mailing and email addresses and phone number. For your protection no one will have access to this information except Tuck and Admin of HC. Do not give the password out. If you do you will be banned from HC.

2. Members MUST have at least 1,000 posts and must be at least 18 years old to participate.

3. HC is not responsible for trades gone bad. TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

4. Members of this forum are subject to having their access privileges revoked without notice and/or being banned from the entire board upon breaking or showing disregard for posted rules. You will be Blacklisted if you do not follow through on your trades.

5. Trades ONLY! No Selling. No Bartering. No exchange of money whatsoever. Don't even suggest it. Bartering for a custom item is not allowed... this is for "even steven" trades.

6. You are not allowed to post trades for anyone else.

7. All communication MUST be made on the Trade Board. Do not use PMs to make deals. Do not use PMs to share photos. Agree to trades HERE and then use your PMs to share address or phone information.

8. Pictures of the item are REQUIRED. Do not post information about the item unless there is a picture. Do not say "I will come back in a few days to post pictures". Post all information at the same time in the same thread. Catalog pictures are NOT allowed. It must be a pic of the real item that you have IN YOUR POSSESSION. Not an item that is "at your parents" or "at barn" two states away.

9. Be mindful of how many things you post at once. It can be very confusing to keep up with communication if you have 10 trades going at once. The cost of shipping can add up very quickly too. No excuses of running out of money or time ... you are responsible.

10. Communicate with your fellow traders! Answer questions promptly and treat others as you would like to be treated. Answer your PMs promptly and do not start a pity party if you are irresponsible. Get confirmation numbers for ALL shipments. Tell the trader when your package has arrived.

11. Ship as soon as you have agreed on the trade. Not days or weeks later. No "I don't get paid for weeks" excuses. Don't make a trade thread if you are not going to follow through.

12. If someone is not following the rules or seems sketchy... DON'T TRADE WITH THEM! Likewise, don't act like a fruitbat and expect to be treated well. This is a two-way street and it must be fair for both traders.

13. Leave feedback! The pinned topic at the top of the board is for feedback on traders that have been around for a while. Use it to your advantage. If you have a good trade, slow trade or a bad trade, it's VERY important that you leave feedback. Be honest and truthful so that others can make wise decisions. If someone was a bad trader that is their fault, not your own!

14. All of the general rules of the HC bulletin boards still apply here. Disrespect toward members, Mods or Admin will get you booted.

If you have questions direct them to Tuckaway or Nikki. We are in charge of the boards but YOU are responsible for your actions. We are not kidding about #4.

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