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Another Batch Of Possibilities

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I agree with -X-, nothing will happen and things will just continue to get worse if we do nothing but sit around and talk about how we miss RPGing. So I am setting up a poll for you to vote on.

Now I know all of these are old and have been done, but they are my ALL-TIME-FAVORITE RPGs and I would love to play one or two.

Alright, the two with the highest votes I will make.

PS- I will have full Intros when I create the RPG, these are just samples so you get the idea.


You are on your way to Wickford Castle in northern Colorado for a weekend get away or ski trip.

But once you reach the castle an awful blizzard blows it's way through and traps you all inside the castle. You are fourty miles away from the closest town and no cars or anything can make it up or down the mountain till the storm clears out, plus the temperatures outside are well below freezing.

Also, the castle is rumored to have built during the 16th century back in Germany and once held the most powerful German Monchary of the Medieval Era, the Hapsburgs family. During their reign the castle was invaded by Moores and the family was violently murdered within the walls.

The castle was then purchased by a rich tycoon who brought it here to the states and turned it into a Lodge and Ski Resort. After he died it was then bought and is now currently ran by a German family, Mr. and Mrs. Rothsteinberg and their daughter Alyssa.

You are free to roam the castle and enjoy all of it's royal charm, but are you the only people who are within these stone walls or are there others? Have the murdered souls of the Hapsburg family been laid to rest, or do you walk among the undead?

~Southern Comfort~

You are a member of Corinth, Mississippi. A major Railroad and Shipping Dock of the South. It is the year 1860, one year before the Civil War breaks out. The talk of Secession is very heavy among the elders and Politicians. Will you be forced to watch the men you love leave home with the assumption that they might never return? Watch your home be burned to the ground? Or will you be allowed to continue to live in your lap of luxery, grand balls, and fancy living, untouched by an impossible war?

~Lone Star Ranch~

The Lone Star Ranch is one of the larges in southern Montana, and home to some of the most popular Rodeo stars of the age. Here, at the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, you have come to be trained in the art of the Old Western Rodeos to become the best.

~The Old West~

You are a member of a small town called Clovis, New Mexico during the 1880s.

~Castles in the Sky~ (Fantasy RPG)

The Queen Mother is in the last days of her life, and reign over the Kingdom of Larenthia and her daughter, Princess Julieanna is the next in line. The only problem is that Julieanna is a wild and untamed spirit who does not wish to be forced into an Aranged Marriage to the Duke of Barlow, nor does she even wish to take the Throne.

The Queen Mother has allowed her daughter three months to find a man to help her rule the Kingdom, or she will be forced into the Marriage to the Duke of Barlow. For if she does not take the throne it will fall into Julieanna's evil cousin (Name choosen by person who plays her/him), and the Kingdom of Larenthia would fall into darkness.

~The Medieval Age~

This is just the traditional Medieval Era RPG

~Oklahoma State University~ (Yup gotta represent my new school lol)

You are a student at OSU, Home of the Cowboys! This is primarly an Ag and Vet school, but it does offer host to all majors.

~Phantom of the Opera~

In this RPG you are either a singer, dancer, musician, Dance Instructor, Vocal Instructor, or Orchestra Director in the famous Opera house in southern France.

~Whispering Pines Racing Stables~

Whispering Pines Racing Stable was built in 1928 by Gary Williams, and he brought it to become one of the best Racing Stables in Kentucky with his prize mare Snow's Winter Wonderland.

But in 1945, the stable mysteriously cought on fire and many of the staff, and horses died. Including Gary Williams and Winter Wonderland.

Now, the stable has been rebulit by a local family in hopes of restoring it to it's legendery status, but since the anniversary date in 2008, strange things have begun to happen. Stable boys have stated to have seen the ghost horse Winder Wonderland running through the pastures, and others have reported being locked in stalls, or rooms, and even some of the Jockeys have been pushed off their horse while training.

So is the stable really haunted by the staff and Ghost Horse that died in the fire?

Alright thats all of them!

Just post the name of the RPG you wish to have made and I will tally up the votes and report the two winners in exactly one week from today. THANKS SO MUCH

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Oklahoma state

Whispering Pines


I think we could have more fun with the whispering pines one though, so much more to add to a plot and foreshadowing and that funstuff I actually have ideas haha

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I like OSU and Trapt.

I remember wanting to join trapt and then not thinking I could because I got busy, but by the time I realized I wasn't busy it had died already, I reallyyy wanted to do it haha.

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Goodness, I'm not sure if anyone here will remember me - I have a terrible habit of disappearing and reappearing sporadically a couple times a year :P But I've been doing it for about 5 years with a few different usernames, so why stop now? Hahah.

Anyways, I've been itching to come back for a while, so here I am :)

I honestly would love to join ANY rpg that would stay active. Remember the good old days when we could keep a wild horse one going for months and months? Gah, I miss that. *sigh*

So, I'm rambling. I like OSU and Whispering Pines.

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Hey, first off I just want to thank you all for voting!

And the winners are.......*Drum Roll*................... OSU, Whispering Pines, and..Trapt! Yea, I'm so bored I think I just might make all three to provide something for everyone.. so get ready for them because they should be up soon.

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