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Oklahoma State University

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Oklahoma State University is a major University placed in the beautiful town of Stillwater, Oklahoma. Here, elite students are offered the oppertunity to study and master their choosen profession, and have the amazing college experience they have been dying for.

OSU is primarly an Agriculture based college, but does provide the oppertunity to dip your toes in other areas such as Engineering, Education, and all areas of the Arts. Not to mention we have an outstanding football team and one of the top golf and equesterian teams in the nation!

So in summary, your experience here at OSU will diffently better you and provide you with excellence in your choosen profession and allow you the ultimate college experience! GO COWOBOYS!













Marching Band

Concert Band

Coral (Standing Chior)

Show Chior (Dancing Chior)

Radio Broadcast







Agraculture Science

Farm And Ranch

Vet Med

Health Science

Animal Science

Dental Hygene

Dental Assistance

Emergency Med

Health Care Admin.

Medical/Surgery Assistance


Physical Therapy


Art/Music Therapy







Year: (Freshmen, Sophmore, Junoir Senior)

Athletics: (If any)

Music: (If any)

Arts: (If any)

Major: (Possible to have double Majors)



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Name: Micah Hendrix

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Apperance: Micah has a strong, angular jaw and his skin has a faint tan to it. He stands at a slight 5'11, and his body is well muscled. His hair is a dark chestnut which he keeps short, but not buzzed. His green eyes darken and lighten with his mood, normally they are the color of fresh pine needles and are intense. Micah is beautiful and dark, not many people know that much about him.

Personality: He is, in a word, intense. While Micah might not be the most expressive person, when he does feel something he feels every fiber of it, and most people can tell. Normaly getting him to speak more than a few words is an accomplishment, not because he doesn't have anything to say, but because he doesn't care to share. Micah, is an interesting character, funny even.

Year: Junior

Athletics: None

Music: None

Arts: Drawing and painting

Major: Art/Music Therapy

Other: Just transferred from Duke. No reason known, he just did.

Pic: None

Name: Blake Holden

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Apperance: Blake is the golden girl, bronze, warm skin that is incredibly smooth. She has pale blue eyes that are icy in color but are filled with warmth and energy. Her full lips and perfect nose are envious. She stands at 5'6 with a slender, yet curvy frame. Blake has hair that is the color of a freshly peeled banana that is just past her chest and is slightly wavy.

Personality: Ever the chatterbox, Blake is warm and bubbly. She is incredibly friendly and sweet. Her selflessness is known around campus and her loving nature means that she falls for people fast, and hard. Blake adores people and is fiercely loyal to her friends and family. She also doesn't think that anyone can ever influence her, but she is malleable, she sways under pressure easily.

Year: Sophomore

Athletics: Equestrian and Tennis

Music: None

Arts: Photography

Major: Vet Med and Animal Science

Other: None

Pic: None

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Name: Angelique Pearson

Age: 20

Gender: girl

Apperance: Angelique is small by most people's standards, measuring a mere 5'1 with a petite body frame. Her dark brown, almost black hair is cropped short, usually gelled in some form of an organized mess. Deep blue eyes stand out against her pale face. Her features are soft, yet still well-defined.

Personality: Angelique has always had a large temper to make up for her small size. It was never purposeful, and many times she's tried to control it without success. She is also very committed, and anyone who has hurt her, or her friends is out of her life for good. Most of the time, though, she's friendly and outgoing, and loves being with people.

Year: Sophomore

Athletics: Soccer

Music: none

Arts: drama

Major: Nursing

Other: none

pic: Angelique (rounder face, darker hair.)

[may make another charrie later.]]

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Name: Cecilia Gray

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Apperance: She stands at about 5?5? and has a slender build with subtle curves in all the right places. Dark brown hair falls nearly down to her elbows in tousled waves and her light green eyes stand out against fair skin.

Personality: Cecilia is a nice girl with a seemingly uncharacteristic quick-witted sense of humor. She's quiet most of the time, but she?s easy to talk to after you get to know her. Cecilia is naturally curious and charming, so she can usually talk her way out of pretty much anything. A very passionate girl, once Cecilia gets interested in something, she tends to throw her entire life into whatever it is. These interests are often fleeting, but some have stuck around since she discovered them (such as horses and photography).

Year: Sophomore

Athletics: Equestrian

Music: None

Arts: Photography

Major: Physical Therapy

Other: Nah.

Pic: Cecilia Gray

Name: Lily

Age: 6

Gender: Mare

Breed: Trakehner

Pic: Lily


Name: Benjamin Woods

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Apperance: Ben stands at almost 6'3" with an athletic, muscular body. His skin is tanned from being out in the sun all the time for swimming and he has chin-length golden brown hair that pretty much goes wherever it wants, but it works for him. His chocolate brown eyes are warm and friendly, bringing his handsome face to life.

Personality: He's outgoing and can bring a smile to nearly anyone's face. Ben is very charismatic and loves spending time with a variety of different people, so he's universally well-liked around campus. When it comes to girls, he is surprisingly sweet and will completely devote himself to her happiness. This has led many girls to dump him out of boredom, but he figures that eventually he'll find someone that appreciates him. Until then, he just wants to have fun and be happy.

Year: Junior

Athletics: Swimming

Music: None

Arts: None

Major: Dental Hygeine

Other: Nada.

Pic: Benjamin Woods

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These were takin inside the village dorm.




Dorm laundry room



Inside a dorm room




Let me see if I have any of the building outside.

Maybe these will help with setting your ideas.

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Dorm mother.


sitting at a dorm table


Some of the building in the background.






My son was there for 2 weeks this last summer at the age of 16.

He had been accepted into their aerospace program.

I have more but you are welcome to use these. And i have many others also.

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OOC:Oh my gosh Tuck wow that is so great! I will actually be living in the villiage when I move in next week. My gelding Cherokee will be staying just across the street in the boarding stable for free too! I am so excited! And thank you for the pics!

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Name: Alyssa Williams

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Apperance: Slender, stands aruond 5'5", fair skin tone, blue eyes, brown hair

Personality: She is very charming and easy to make friends with. She is very passionate about her career choice and works very hard to attain it.

Year: Freshmen

Athletics: Equestrain team

Music: Vocal Music preformance

Arts: None

Major: Pre-Vet Med

Other: Specalizing in Equine Science

Pic: Alyssa Williams


Name: Phantom

Age: 7

Gender: Gelding

Breed: Paint

Pic: Phantom

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Name: Zuri Wrubel

Age: 21

Gender: female

Apperance: Zuri is 5'7" with a slender, willowy build. Her hair, the color of chocolate, falls to her shoulders in soft waves. She has a round face and smooth cafe au lait skin. Her big brown eyes with long lashes that make her look fairly exotic.

Personality: Zuri is a kind, friendly girl. Very sweet she's always looking to help others. She's the sort of girl who always she's the best in people. Patient and forgiving, Zuri is very loyal. She hates scary/ violent movies. She lacks confidence and hates public speaking. A lot.

Year: Junior

Athletics: Tennis

Music: None

Arts: None

Major: Nursing

Other: None

Name: Will McKeane

Age: 23

Gender: male

Apperance: Will has curly copper colored hair and gray eyes. His skin is fair with a smattering of freckles across the bridge of his nose. He stands at 5'11" with an athletic build. Will has a lean face and a crooked smile.

Personality: Will is a good guy with an impressive sense of humor. Positive and outgoing, he's always up for an adventure or a good time. He is surprisingly intelligent though he does his best to hide it. He is very entrepreneurial and always looking for ways to make money.

Year: senior

Athletics: none

Arts: none

Major: pharmacology

Other: Will's primary business involves buying and selling assignments/ essays. He will also do all the work with an online class- of course this is all for the right price.

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[[i'm sooo ready to start! Haha. So, I'm going to post, and we can just go from there, yeah? And if I shouldn't post, then I'll delete it :)]]

Micah woke slowly to the sound of his room-mate playing WOW, or something inane like that. He chucked a pillow at the other guy and rolled over in an attempt to get back to sleep. This was an impossible task though, as he realized that not only did he need to pee, but he was starving. Groaning somewhat, he slipped off of his bed and made his way to the bathroom, still half-asleep.

After he had showered, brushed his teeth, and done all the other morning necessities, he headed down the hall and across the campus towards the dining hall. He'd been on the OSU campus for two weeks and wasn't really acquainted with anyone aside from his roommate, and well, that was a relationship disaster. Micah filled his plate with some eggs, pancakes, and bacon before grabbing apple juice and heading towards an empty table.

He began eating slowly, carefully chewing every bite. Micah ran a hand through his chestnut hair, a sure sign that he was bored, or anxious about something. He wasn't sure which at this point. It was time that he tried to make friends, but he wasn't exactly sure how to; he preferred being a 'lone wolf' as some would call him.


Blake wasn't sure what time she had gone to bed, or if she had gone to bed, as her alarm went off quietly beside her. The vibrations woke her up every morning at five so that she could go for a run around campus and through nearby paths without having to see anyone she knew. Before seven she was not herself, it was then that she became herself.

She changed silently into a neon green sports bra and a pair of spandex shorts, making her tanned, toned skin look even more appealing than it normally did. Blake tied her shoes before setting off down the hall and out the dorm. She picked up a spirited jog, deciding that a five mile loop would best suit her current mood. The previous night had been a party, as every night seemed to be, but after the alcohol, and chatter, and general good time, she had had to sober up and study for a biology exam that she was sure to fail Her grade in the class was a respectable 'B', but it wasn't what she wanted. She wanted an 'A'. She wanted to be the best.

The mere thought of 'failure' made her push her body faster, harder. Blake soaked in the strain that built in her muscles midway through the fourth mile. It soothed her stress and made her focus on other things. Returning to her dorm fifty minutes from departure, she felt refreshed and ready for the day at hand.

Around nine, she made her way across campus, greeting people she knew warmly and pausing to converse with numerous people. This caused what should have been a five minute walk to the dining hall to turn into twenty minutes. When she entered, she noticed that it was fairly full, but not with people that she was necessarily familiar with. Her eyes caught sight of Micah, he was in her drawing class and lived in the same dorm as she did, but she'd never actually spoken to him. Grabbing some food, she set off towards him with resolve; she loved meeting new people.

"Is this taken?" she asked, amused by the surprise that bounced into his green eyes

"No, go ahead," he said, oddly formal.

Blake thanked him as she sat and picked at her food. She made, or attempted to make, small chat with him, but he made it difficult, responding with only a word or two. Her clear eyes studied him, a comfortable looking black shirt and a pair of jeans. It didn't scream fashionable, but at least he, unlike some boys was matching. She on the other hand, was in a pair of dark wash shorts, that exposed too much of her tanned legs, and a white, eyelet tank with a dangerous neckline. Her beachy waves hung loose over her shoulders and while she was wearing make-up, it was intentionally natural looking.

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Cecilia immediately regretted the decision to wake up at 6:00 in the morning when her cell phone's alarm pulled her from a deep sleep. Although she wouldn't exactly consider herself a morning person, the promise of getting some good shots in the woods around campus in the early morning light was enough to pull her out of bed. Cecilia stretched and yawned before quietly slipping from her dorm room and out into the hallway to head towards the bathroom.

After brushing her teeth, washing her face, and making herself presentable for public viewing, Cecilia returned to her room to finish getting ready. She pulled on a pair of ripped-up greyish blue jeans and a simple black tank top; the clothes clung to her body in a way that showcased her graceful curves without being distasteful. Although it took about ten minutes for Cecilia to find her black ballet flats in her messy closet, it was still only 6:30 when she grabbed her camera and slipped out of her dorm.

It was obvious to see that the students here definitely weren't morning people, as there were only a couple of students out at this hour for seemingly athletic purposes. Cecilia walked slowly across campus, taking shots of random things as she walked towards the woods: a bench resting underneath a tree; a few tiny purple flowers nestled in the grass, glistening with morning dew; a couple that was walking hand-in-hand as they took a break from jogging. A calm smile had settled across Cecilia's pretty face and she practically glowed from the happiness that photography brought her.

After spending an undocumented amount of time in the woods and the area around it, Cecilia had gone through three rolls of film and was optimistic about what she would have once she was through developing the pictures. She left the cool hammock of trees and felt the warm morning sun on her skin as she crossed the campus, heading for the Arts Complex.


Rolling over lazily in bed, Ben furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as he realized that it was extremely bright in the room; This never happened, as he was always awake by 6:30 am so that he could go for his morning swim before the sun came up. Ben jerked upright in bed and grabbed his cell phone from the bedside table, only to see that it was 9:00 which brought the realization that he had overslept. This meant that his roommate, a good friend that was also on the swim team, had turned off Ben's alarm as a joke...again. Muttering a string of curses under his breath, Ben ran a hand through his bronze hair before hopping out of bed and heading for the bathroom to take a shower.

As Ben pulled on his clothes, which consisted of a pair of khaki shorts and a brown O'Neill t-shirt, he figured that since he had already missed his swim, he'd might as well just relax and enjoy the rest of the day. His stomach had been growling since he had gotten out of bed, so he left the dorm building and made his way across campus to the dining hall.

Ben walked into the dining hall about twenty minutes later after stopping to talk to numerous friends, teachers, and other acquaintances. He looked around the room and surprisingly didn't see too many familiar faces. Shrugging inwardly as he grabbed a huge plateful of food, he just assumed that there were lots of new students that had come this year. He noticed a girl that he'd met a couple of times before - he remembered that her name was Blake, but she didn't know if she remembered him (if this is okay with you, CC!). Ben slowly made his way over to where she was sitting with a guy that he didn't recognize.

"Good morning, Blake," he said as he sat down next to her, a friendly smile spreading across his face. Never one to be rude, he turned to the guy and introduced himself. "Hey, I'm Ben," he said, holding his hand out towards the guy for a handshake.

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Blake was aware that the conversation between she and Micah was forced, but she kept thinking that the next question would break down whatever wall he had built up against her. She crossed her tanned legs over one another as she picked at the fruit salad in front of her. Eating breakfast food wasn't her favorite thing, in fact she hated all breakfast food except for the occasional bit of bacon or some fresh blueberry pancakes.

She turned her frame towards Ben when he sat down beside her and smiled somewhat at him. They tended to be friends with the same people, but they hadn't ever actually out without some mutual friends there. Blake smiled a warm, entergetic smile at him.

"Good morning, Ben. How are you doing?" she asked before taking a bite of the freshly chopped bananas and strawberries.

Her pale eyes flicked from Ben to Micah when Ben extended his hand, curious as to how the other guy would respond.


Micah took Ben's hand after a moments hesitation, his grip firm but friendly. He didn't even both smiling, just tipped his head gently in the typical male fashion. Micah finished his mouthful of bacon in order to speak without food in his mouth.

"Micah," he said, once again coolly formal. He stood after a few more moments, his plate only half empty. There were too many people for him to be comfortable, he longed for the silence that the art wing would bring to him. "I have to go, it was nice meeting you."

His loping gate carried him quickly away from the table. He dumped his food in the trash before exiting the cafeteria. Micah crossed the campus slowly, taking in the different colors and shadows that crossed the campus in the mid-morning light. He didn't notice the whsipers that followed him, or the glances he received from the girls, and guys for that matter. Micah knew he was attractive, but he was also tempermental and moody and most girls didn't put up with him for long.

He entered the art wing without hesitation, it more his home than the dorm. Micah entered the studio and sat down at his easel. He plugged his earphones in and began playing Travis, before picking up the charcoal and sketching.

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Ben watched as the guy hesitated for just a moment, then met his grip with a firm shake of his hand. Ben gave him a small nod in return when he introduced himself as Micah and then turned to answer Blake's question. Just as he opened his mouth to speak, Micah stood up and kind of announced that he was leaving. Ben felt a twinge of guilt for interrupting he and Blake's previous conversation, but there wasn't anything he could do about it now. "Yeah, you too," he replied just as Micah was leaving the table. Finally, he turned his dark eyes onto Blake for a moment as he spoke.

"I missed my morning swim today, thanks to my roommate...But I'm starting to think that might not be such a bad thing," Ben said with a small chuckle. There were plenty of reasons that it wasn't a bad thing and he was aware that his vagueness might confuse her, but he assumed that she would ask if she wanted him to elaborate for whatever reason. Right now, he just had to get something in his stomach. He was starving and had gotten a plate piled with eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and whatever else he could find that was edible. After wolfing down a sausage link in mere seconds, he turned his gaze back on Blake. "And how are you doing today?"

His charming smile usually made girls melt, but he honestly didn't do it on purpose...That's just how he was, always wanting to make people feel good and happy. He figured that since Blake was so gorgeous herself that he wouldn't have that affect on her, which made him feel a bit more comfortable.


The cool blast of air conditioning felt amazing on Cecilia's skin as she walked through the doors of the art wing. She walked into the ladies' room nearby and splashed some cool water on her face, which brought a pretty glow to her skin. Her dark hair had been up in a messy bun while she took pictures, but as she removed the hairtie it fell down around her shoulders in disarrayed waves. After another quick glance in the mirror, she left the restroom and made her way down the hallway towards the photo lab.

As she walked by the art studio, she peered in the doorway to see if anyone was in there. The room was lined with large windows that overlooked the campus grounds and the trees that bordered them, and there were benches that rested in front of each window. Whenever Cecilia developed her pictures, she always went to the art studio to sit on one of the benches while she waited for the pictures to finish developing. The studio was almost always empty at this time of the day, so she was surprised when she looked in to see a guy sketching at one of the easels. After a moment or two she retreated from the door and continued down the hallway until she reached the photo lab, kind hoping that he would be gone when she came back, but at the same time hoping he would still be there.

Cecilia walked into one of the small darkrooms and gathered all of her supplies on a table before shutting off the lights. It took her experienced hands only a couple of minutes to remove each roll of film from their containers, load them onto reels, and place them in separate developing tanks. A mere five minutes later, Cecilia emerged from the darkroom and made her way back towards the art studio. When she pushed through the doors and into the studio, she saw that the guy was still there, which made her uneasy for some unknown reason. She attributed the feeling to not being used to having someone else in the room and forbade herself to ponder it any further.

Thankful that she had decided to leave her weathered copy of Pride and Prejudice on a shelf in the corner of the room, Cecilia retrieved the book and curled up on one of the benches underneath the windows. She hoped for a moment that she wasn't disturbing the guy while he worked, and then shrugged softly as she began to read from where she had previously left off.

((BTW, that is totally not how you develop film. I'm just making it more rpg-friendly, hahah :D))

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Blake finished off her medium sized fruit salad and took a couple sips from the tall glass of ice water. She grinned somewhat at his comment, though she was somewhat jealous; she would love to skip tennis practice every now and then. Eating at school, in the cafeteria wasn't easy for her. She had been a vegetarian since she was twelve and a vegan for the past three years. The fact that Ben was eating meat was something she hardly noticed, she had come to terms with the fact that not everyone minded eating a living animal.

"Well, I'm glad that seeing me made skipping practice okay," she said with a playful grin. Conceited was not a word to describe Blake, but she was confident enough in herself to make coy jokes with pretty much everyone.

How was she? Tired. Stressed. Slightly hung over. But those weren't the kind of answers that he would want to hear, they weren't the kind of answers that anyone wanted. Especially not from her. She was known for being a ray of sunshine, always willing to laugh or make someone else laugh. So, she allowed a smile to cross her face before responding.

"I'm great. I ran a couple of the back paths this morning, which are always exciting."


Micah's concentration hadn't moved from the canvas for the past twenty minutes. He had lost himself in the charcoal, his fingers already smudged and nearly black. The grey, gummy eraser sat on the edge of the easel though he hadn't picked it up. Normally, Micah just worked his mistakes into his work, it made it more interesting and unique.

He glanced up when he heard the door open, somewhat amused when the girl dropped into a chair to read. Did she realize that she wasn't in the library? Micah studied her as she began reading, the weathered spine read Pride and Prejudice; too feminine for his taste in classics, but it wasn't the worst thing he'd ever read. His green eyes slipped from her pretty face, to the slender slope of her shoulder all the way down and then slowly trailed them back up. She appeared more mellow than the girl that had spoken to him that morning, which, for him, was a good thing.

Micah allowed his gaze to linger a moment longer before his gaze back to his canvas. He was more than pleased with the project. It was the first one he would be turning in at OSU. He had spent the better part of the past two weeks on it, perfecting every detail. The drawing looked more like a black and white photograph than anything. The woman was stunning, almost too pretty to be real, her smile was wide and warm. The only sign of age appeared around her eyes and in the lighter streaks through her hair.

[[Meh, those were boring/short, sorry =/]]

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By the time Ben noticed that Blake had finished her breakfast, he had eaten over half of the food on his plate. Strangely enough, he felt full enough to stop eating; He guessed that since he had missed his morning swim that his body didn't need any extra fuel at the moment. Ben gulped down the last bit of orange juice in his cup and then placed it on his tray.

"Now what makes you think I was talking about you?" Ben said, cocking his head to the side with a playful little smirk. Playful banter was his thing. Some girls were uptight and took what he said way too seriously, but he could tell that Blake was fun enough to roll with it. "You know, that new guy had alot of interesting things to say that really made it worthwile."

Anyone with half a brain could tell that he was playing around; Ben would never seriously make fun of someone that he had just met, but using him as a fun topic of conversation was definitely fair game.

"Hey, at least you run the back paths," Ben replied, taking his eyes off Blake to let them roam around the room at everyone else while he spoke. "Lots of girls here just put on the least amount of clothes they can and jog around the sidewalks on campus." It really was true, but it was somewhat refreshing to know that there was at least one girl that didn't just use running as an excuse to put on skimpy clothes and bounce around in front of everyone for attention.


Cecilia had once again lost track of time after re-immersing herself in the story of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Being quite a fast reader, she had read twenty or so pages before deciding to give her eyes a rest. She closed the book around her finger where she held her page and set it on her lap as she leaned her head back against the wall, slowly closing her eyes. Her mind danced with thoughts of intense romance and pretty Victorian dresses and horse-drawn carriages, only to find herself a bit sad that none of that really existed anymore.

With a small sigh, Cecilia turned her face from the ceiling and opened her eyes, which happened to land on the guy that was still sketching away. She watched as his hand expertly glided across the canvas and it was somewhat entrancing to watch. Her eyes continued up his toned arms until they met his broad shoulders and back, which were hugged very nicely by the black shirt he was wearing. She allowed her light eyes to stay on him for a few more moments, then flicked them up towards the clock which informed her that her pictures were almost done developing.

She stood up and stretched her arms above her head before crossing the room to place the book back on the shelf. As Cecilia went to leave she couldn't help but look over the guy's shoulder at his sketch out of pure curiosity, but she didn't expect it to stop her in her tracks. She was standing a couple of feet behind and beside the guy, just staring at the intricate portrait on the canvas. She knew that she was probably embarassing herself, but she couldn't help it...It really was hard to look away from. The amount of detail in the sketch was so amazing that it looked like an actual photograph; however, when she looked a bit closer, she could see the smudges and small imperfections that made it such a personal work of art. In short, it was literally stunning.

((Psht, yours are actually interesting. I have the amazing talent of writing posts that are nearly impossible to respond in point, this second one. Hahah.))

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Blake laughed lightly at Ben's comment. She knew that he wasn't saying anything negative about the guy, at least not on purpose, but rather just making light of the fact that he hadn't said anything except his name and that he was leaving. In some ways, it was intriguing, but for her, it was way too quiet.

"He did until you came along and scared him off," she said with a small sigh as though she were upset about this, though the smile that glanced off her light eyes told a different story entirely. Blake could care less that he had left, she had just been trying to be friendly when she sat down with him.

When Ben spoke again, this time about her running endeavors. What he said was true. Many of the girls just slapped on next to nothing in order to be looked at in next to nothing. She slapped on next to nothing for not only that reason, but also because it allowed her to stay cooler and more comfortable while her body worked.

"As a guy, I wouldn't think that you mind that," she said lightly, this time the smile splashed across her features.

It was an interesting thing for him to notice, or at least point out. Most guys preferred the girls he was talking about because, well, they were there to ogle after.


Micah watched the girl move across the room and put her book away, curious as to what she was going to do next. When she began moving towards him, he directed his gaze back to his portrait, charcoal poised in case he needed to look like he was doing something. When she stopped only a few feet from him, he tensed somewhat, uncomfortable about sharing his work with someone he barely knew.

As he turned to face her, he tugged the earbuds out allowing them to fall over his shoulders. He didn't know what to say, or how to begin a conversation; hello seemed too dull for his liking. Instead, he looked at her, closer up this time. Now, he was able to see the model-like beauty that she possessed and her grey eyes were as unusual as his dark green ones. Up close, he was able to see that he was five or six inches taller than she and that her slender frame was lightlly toned.

His first instinct, after studying her, was to draw her. But that seemed inappropriate as well. He could, and probably would, draw her later on, when it wouldn't be quite as awkward or strange. His smudged fingers prevented him from running his hand through his short hair, a sure sign that he was anxious and definitely at a loss for what to do.

"Hi," he said, his voice smooth and, although not intentional, somewhat enchanting. That hadn't been the way that he had wanted to greet her, but it felt the most natural.

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Ben chuckled softly as Blake continued on with their funny conversation. Although she made her statement seem serious, he could see the playful glint in her eyes that showed she was merely joking.

"I bet he's just waiting around the corner for me to leave..." Ben said, leaning over in his chair and looking towards the entrance with his eyebrows furrowed in mock suspicion. He was having a hard time staying composed throughout this, and the corner of his mouth tilted up in a lopsided grin.

When Blake replied gave her thoughts about his comment on girls and running, he couldn't help but laugh. He should have expected as much, considering that the majority of guys were ogres that loved to openly gawk at the girls running around on the sidewalks. Girls like that never really got Ben's attention, strange as it may have seemed.

"I wouldn't mind so much if those girls looked as good as you," he replied. When most guys said something like that it was because they were trying to get into a girl's pants, but Ben wasn't like that. He actually meant it; Blake had a toned, athletic body that was certainly easy on the eyes, but not as much could be said for most of the girls that pranced around without enough clothes on...Maybe there was a reason for their exercise after all. "Anyways, I like it when something is left to the imagination."


Cecilia allowed herself to study the portrait for a few more moments before turning to look at the guy who had actually sketched it. He had taken the earbuds from his ears and rested them over his shoulders, which automatically made her wonder what he had been listening to. Her pale eyes looked over his face as he looked at her; it felt strangely intimate as they studied each other, even though it lasted for just a few moments.

As she looked up at him, the first thing she noticed was how deep and intense his dark green eyes were. Her gaze slowly went down his face and noted his strong jaw, which made him instantly more attractive. The combination of his dark hair and green eyes made for an interesting contrast with his lightly tanned skin. All in all, he was dangerously handsome.

When he greeted her, his voice was quite alluring, something Cecilia hadn't really been prepared for. She wondered briefly if she had invaded his space when she had looked at his newly-finished artwork; She knew that it was kind of weird when someone looked at her pictures, as if she was afraid that they wouldn't understand why she took pictures of certain things.

"Hi," Cecilia replied in turn, her voice as smooth as silk. Her eyes darted back and forth between his face and his sketch as she decided how to word what she was going to say. "Sorry if I was intrusive, but this is just...beautiful."

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Blake laughed warmly at Ben as he pretended to look for Micah. That poor guy, if she hadn't sat here then they wouldn't be having this conversation at all. Not that she felt guility or malicious about it, but still, it was time to move away from the kid that neither of them seemed to know, so she allowed her laughter to be the only response to his comment.

His comment made her flush with pleasure, her body was something that she put time and effort into and it was nice to be appreciated for it. Although, she didn't take it too much to heart, she had long since learned what guys really wanted, and it was something that she wasn't quite ready to give away, to anyone. She licked her full lips quickly as they chapped against the drying air conditioning before smiling coyly and responding.

"Well, if most girls looked as good as I did, then I wouldn't be quite so much fun to look at."

It was true, Blake liked that everyone had a unique physique, it made for an interesting world. She appreciated almost every type of body, except for those that were absurdly heavy, but that was their choice too. Her approach on weight and other people was to just be zen about it and to realize that their personality didn't always reflect the way that they took care of themselves.

The comment about leaving things to the imagination made her incredibly aware of what she was wearing. It left some, but not a lot to the imagination. The loose tank, with its deep V-neck, covered the necessities, but if she turned in the right way, she was aware that her baby blue bra would be visible and her shorts, once again only covered the bare necessities.


Micah followed her eyes as they swept over him, but he didn't feel self-concious; partly because he had been doing the same thing to her and partly because he knew that there weren't many flaws for her to see, at least, not physical ones. When she directed her gaze to his work, his protective instincts instantly sprang up, but her soft words, spilling from lush lips, made him soften somewhat. The darkness of eyes seemed to turn in on themselves, lightening slowly.

He knew immediately that she was an artist of some sort by her apology. She knew how it felt to have someone critique something that one had poured a piece of their soul into. The question was, what kind? And, more importantly, was she any good?

"Thank you," he said, moving his gaze from her back to the portrait in front of him.

The familiar shape of her eyes almost made him want to scribble over it and throw it away. He could do something else, something that didn't make him feel quite so raw, but then again, wasn't that the point of art? To leave the artist raw and vulnerable? Vulnerable enough to, for example, cut ones ear off? Bad example, but still, he sighed quietly before turning his gaze back to her.

"My mother was a beautiful woman."

Micah revealed more in that sentence to her than he had to anyone in the past few months. Which was strange, considering the fact that he didn't know this girl's name, or anything about her. Heck, he didn't even know if she cared that much. But, in that sentence, he had told her that she was and in doing so, revealed that she was no longer.

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Thankfully, after a few awkward years in high school where he had a tendency of going on and on about one thing, Ben had finally learned that moderation was key when joking around, especially when a person was involved. He exhaled a little as he straightened back up in his seat, a small grin forming on his face in response to the sound of Blake's laughter; That was his desire, after make people happy. He knew that just because someone was laughing didn't necessarily mean that they were happy, but it was a step in the right direction.

When Blake licked her lips, Ben couldn't stop his eyes from quickly glancing over her body, taking in her golden skin and her summery outfit. Although he could keep his thoughts at an appropriate level with minimal effort, he was amazed at how such a small thing could drive him crazy. It probably didn't help that girls with nice lips and a pretty smile were the ones that usually caught Ben's eye, but he was well aware that a girl licking her lips was a turn-on for almost any guy. He just wondered if Blake knew how much of an affect that a seemingly unconscious maneuver could have on people.

"That's very true," Ben replied to Blake's comment with a small chuckle. He looked down at their table for a few moments; He'd never thought about it that way before. Honestly, what guy wouldn't want the world to be made up of beautiful women? But if all women were perfect and beautiful, then the women would never get any individual appreciation for being beautiful. And it would make things pretty boring, too. Still looking down at the table, Ben added onto his previous statement in an appreciative voice. "You really have a point there."

Ben felt a bit foolish for being serious about something they had been previously joking about, so he was ready to go back to being casual again. He lifted his eyes back up to Blake, a pleasant smile on his face.

"So, have any exciting plans for today?" He asked purely out of curiosity but quickly realized that it could be construed differently, as it had been so many times before. He sighed inwardly after realizing how some of the things he had said to Blake in their short conversation could come off totally the wrong way, but there was nothing he could do about it now except try to stop thinking so much and just enjoy himself.


Cecilia slightly lifted the corners of her mouth into a small smile in reply to his thanks, because her mind was very preoccupied at the moment. When she first saw his portrait, she had automatically assumed that it was just a woman that he had dreamed up in his head...After all, weren't internal reflections and visions the subject of most artists' work? But after seeing him up close, she couldn't help but notice the resemblance between him and the woman in the portrait. Their eyes were so similar that he could have looked into a mirror and sketched his own pair into the portrait in place of hers.

Just as she had began to suspect that it was his mother, he confirmed that fact for her...And the fact that she was no longer living. Some people wouldn't have noticed the careful wording of his sentence, but Cecilia had always been a good listener.

As this new knowledge sank in, she could feel a combination of different emotions rising within her towards someone that she really didn't know at all. A small rush of air escaped from her slightly parted lips and she was left absolutely speechless. Although she had always been very sensitive to other people's emotions, Cecilia was surprised that this was affecting her in such a way, especially when she didn't know what it felt like to lose a loved one.

"She really was," she said, meaning each word. The woman was almost too beautiful to have existed, but Cecilia could now see the distinct rememblance in her son. She had absolutely no idea what to say to someone that had lost a loved one, so she just said exactly how she felt, as unarticulate as it may have been. "I am so sorry for your loss."

Cecilia slowly looked up at him, her eyes filled with a wistful sadness. She took a small step towards him, as if it somehow would make her sentiment more plausible if she were standing closer to him.

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Blake watched him, noting how concentrated he became after her comment. She smiled inwardly, amused by the fact that he hadn't really thought of something like that before. Then again, most guys never would. They all always wanted pretty, perfectly built girls, but in reality that was rarely what they got and they still appeared to be happy. Blake nodded in agreement but didn't pursue the subject any farther.

She was aware that his question could have some sort of innuendo behind it, but she chose to ignore it; pretty much for the same reason that she ignored the compliment of how she looked.

"Well, I don't know if they merit 'exciting', but I have a Biology class in a little over an hour and then this afternoon I have Equestrian practice. But after five, as of now, I have no plans; exciting or otherwise," she said with a small smile, "What about you?"

Blake was excited about going to the barn that afternoon. It had been a little over a week since she'd ridden last; uncommon for someone that was on the team, but since she did tennis too, her instructor allowed things to slide a little more. Plus, it had been the same amount of time since she'd since any of her team-mates and she was more than ready to hang out with the other girls.


Micah felt the corners of his lips tugging up into an unfamiliar shape as she agreed about his mother. But as she apologized and moved towards him, the smile vanished almost instantly and any tension that had eased from his shoulders immediately was there again. He knew that she was being sincere in the way she shifted towards him and by the wistful expression in her eyes, but it wasn't something that he wanted. He disliked when people apologized for things that they couldn't control.

Before they could talk about it any longer, he turned somewhat in order to put the piece of charcoal that he'd been holding into a cup that held numerous other pieces in different sizes and the tips had fallen into different shapes. He allowed his gaze to flicker over her again, taking in her genuinity once more, which made him soften somewhat; it wasn't her fault, she didn't know anything about it, so there was no sense in getting mad at her.

Micah slowly moved away from her to the sink, washing his hands to get rid of the charcoal. As he grabbed a few paper towels to dry his hands , he turned back to the girl, studying her with more curiousity than intrigue. He leaned against the sink, a few feet from where he had stood before.

"What kind of media do you do?" he asked, changing the subject seamlessly because that was what he did when things got too heavy for him.

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Ben listened as Blake talked about her classes and some sort of sports practice that she had later that day. He should have known what the word "equestrian" meant, considering that he went to a primarily agricultural school, but he couldn't remember for the life of him what it was.

"Equestrian practice?" Ben asked, a quizzical look on his face. He thought that it might have to do with horses, but he wasn't going to offer up that information if he was wrong.

"I've got swim practice around three, then Psychology right after that," he replied to her question in a very unenthused tone of voice. Ben wondered if his coach was going to be angry that he'd missed his morning swim; It wasn't mandatory for everyone on the team, but the coach insisted that the top swimmers invest some of their own time into extra practices. And having to drag himself to class after practice was killer. "Let's just say it wasn't the best scheduling plan I've ever come up with."

He laughed a little, then shook his head as he looked around the room. It seemed a bit less crowded than it had when he'd gotten there, probably because the people that had eaten breakfast had already left, and the ones that woke up this late didn't bother coming to eat breakfast at all.


Cecilia's smile returned ever so slightly as he seemed to soften towards her and smile a little bit himself. However, once that last sentence left her lips, his softness went away just as quickly as it had come. Her light eyes immediately flicked down to the ground in shame and embarassment, and she could have kicked herself for saying anything when she had no idea how he felt.

As he turned to put away his charcoal and wash his hands, Cecilia rested her back on the wall near his canvas and watched, simply because she didn't really know what else to do. When he leaned back against the sink a few feet away and asked about her art preference, it surprised her enough to distract her from what had happened just a minute ago. How had he known that she did any type of media? She cocked her head a little bit to the side, her eyes looking past him for a few moments as she thought about it.

"I guess you could say I'm a photographer," Cecilia said, refocusing her eyes back onto his face. She was always very modest about her work, although it really was quite good. The thing about photography was that many people believed that no talent was required...all you had to do is get an expensive camera and shoot, right? Being that it was such a misunderstood process, Cecilia was always very hesitant to show people her work because they never took it seriously. "I would kill to be able to do what you do, though."

And she meant it. Cecilia had spent lots of time in the art wing since she'd been at OSU, and she had seen some amazing works of art during her time there. Paintings, sketches, scupltures...The freedom with each one was astounding; You could create as much as you could imagine with each of those medias. Unfortunately, photography had it's couldn't exactly take a picture of something that didn't exist.

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Blake smiled lightly as Ben questioned one of her sports. It wasn't that she was laughing at him; but, since OSU revolved around agricultural stuff, she had assumed that he would know about that kind of stuff and it had simply surprised her. Actually, it was somewhat refreshing to not have someone jumping down her throat with different kinds of questions about her horse, her equipment, or her riding.

"Equestrian has to do with riding horses, I do jumpers, which is pretty much exactly how it sounds and a little bit of dressage, which is kind of like ballet on horse back," she explained simply, before continuing with a small smile, "Just trying to make up for the fact that I have too weak of ankles to dance I guess."

Her eyes followed his, surprised that they were some of the only people left in the building. She hadn't realized how late that it had gotten. Before responding to him, she pushed her chair away and stood, grabbing her tray of food at the same time that she pushed the chair back in.

"Psych always seemed like it would be interesting," she protested somewhat. Blake had wanted to take the course the following semester, but if it was lame than she wouldn't waste her time. She paused, not wanting to leave Ben just sitting there, "Will your coach be mad that you missed practice?"


Micah's gaze was intent on her, watching her face for the slightest twitch of emotion. He ignored the guilt that bubbled in his stomach when he found embarrassment in her features from his response, he was the one that should be embarrassed, not her. But, he couldn't bring himself to even feel that badly about what had taken place, when had this happened?

Her surprise at his next question amused him somewhat, but he didn't know what. He knew that she could have just been in the art wing for the heck of it, but there was something about her that screamed artist to him; he just wasn't sure what kind.

Photographer. That was interesting. He had never dabbled into that media, it took a different sort of eye than what he had. His drawings could be appreciated as portraits or things that were concrete, but a picture of the same thing would seem dull or cliched. The thing he liked about photography was that it was constantly changing. Unfortunately, with cameras becoming more user friendly, most people abused them and thought that taking a picture of a cloud made them a photographer, but he knew better.

As she indicated to his work again, he nodded in acceptance of what she said. Micah knew he took his talent for granted, he didn't see it as being hard or even a process really. It just came naturally, the only advice he could ever seem to give people was to pick up a piece of charcoal or a pencil or a paint brush and do it; to not think about it too much.

Before he could say any of this though, people began filing into the room, it was time for a class to begin. Micah hadn't realized how intimate their conversation had felt to him, like they were the only people at the school. It surprised him actually when he noticed the first person entering and he couldn't help but steal a glance at the girl to see if she'd felt remotely the same way. His brief glance quickly moved back to his canvas which he went to and pulled a drape over it, not comfortable enough to leave it completely exposed.

Micah turned to her, aware how close they had been standing before, how close they were standing now. His eyes held hers for a moment, wanting to get them right in his mind before he turned slowly and headed towards the back of the room, a relaxed ease in the way he moved. He slipped out of the door, the hall empty because it was only used in the early mornings when people didn't want to go in the front entrance. Micah didn't want to talk when a class was about to start, especially since he wasn't a part of the class; he only, sort of, hoped that she would follow him which attributed to his slow pace.

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Ben listened as Blake explained her horseback-riding endeavors, propping his elbow up on the table and resting his chin on his closed fist. He appreciated that she hadn't laughed at him for not knowing what she had meant; his hunch had been right after all, but he would have seemed totally clueless to anyone else. What she did actually seemed interesting, which surprised him. It sounded exciting and different, although he had never seen it in action before.

"You probably won't believe me, but that actually sounds cool," Ben replied with a small shrug of his shoulders. "And I bet ballet on horses is much more fun than actual ballet...well, the dancing know."

Ben laughed quietly at himself and flashed a charming smile before standing alongside Blake as she picked up her tray. He grabbed his own tray of food and pushed his chair in with his foot, listening as she said something about Psychology class and asked him a question about his swimming coach.

"Well, the class would be interesting if I wasn't exhausted every time I had to go to it," Ben said as he dumped the remaining food from his tray and placed it on top of the garbage can. He walked slowly towards the entrance, hanging back a bit while Blake took care of her own tray. "I actually really like those kinds of classes."

Although Ben was a dental major, he had always enjoyed classes that explained why people behaved the way they do...That was just one of the things that had always interested him. Ben had really wanted to enroll as a Psychology major, but everyone in his family was involved in medicine and he didn't want to disappoint his parents by choosing something else. Shaking the thoughts from his mind, he addressed her question about his coach.

"Nah, he just might make me swim a few extra laps, but that's it," he said. It was true, their coach rarely got angry at them for missing a practice here and there, especially if it was one that wasn't mandatory.


Cecilia kept her eyes on him as he reacted silently to the knowledge that she was a photographer. She wondered briefly what he thought about it and noted how he seemed to prefer to stay quiet, which came as a welcome change to Cecilia. She had become so used to people forcing small-talk upon her that it all just got annoying and tedious after a while. The people that she connected the most with were the ones that she could enjoy spending time with without feeling the need to say a word. She didn't allow herself to think too much about it, but she could already tell that they would be able to speak volumes to each other just with one look.

Just as she began to realize how intimate their brief conversation seemed to be, someone walked into the room. It had felt as though everyone else had ceased to exist, like they were the only ones around for miles and miles. But when the people started coming into the room for class, Cecilia was jerked back into the real world so quickly that she felt almost irritated that they had been interrupted. This feeling passed quickly when she realized that she was probably making it seem much more intimate than it really was, and she silently chided herself for allowing her mind to create something out of nothing.

Cecilia watched as he covered up his sketch and then glanced around the room as people chatted among their friends and scattered around the room. When she turned back towards him their eyes met once more, and she was suddenly aware of how close they were standing to one another. His eyes were filled with an unmistakable intensity, which led her to believe that maybe her feelings earlier had been correct after all. She held his gaze for a few moments, then watched as he left through the door in the back of the room.

After just a moment's hesitation, Cecilia followed his path out the door and into the hallway. As her eyes examined the new area, she noted the obvious fact that they were the only two around. She had never been through this hallway before and guessed that everyone else usually used the front door as well. Her footsteps inaudible on the bright linoleum floor, Cecilia slowly moved up next to him. She briefly wondered if he had a destination in mind, but his slow pace seemed to suggest otherwise.

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"You'll have to come and watch me ride sometime then to see it in action," she offered as they walked towards the trash can.

Blake allowed him to dump his stuff first before she dumped her own things into the correct bins. She fingered her silky waves, brushing the strands that had fallen into her face away so that she could see him clearly. Her offer was genuine, she didn't mind if he truly thought it would be interesting. She would much rather be on the horse, but sometimes she didn't mind watching.

Once she was through with her things, she listened as Ben spoke and walked alongside him as they exited the cafeteria and entered the college campus. Her eyes almost instantly squinted against the bright sun, but opened again once they had adjusted to the different lighting. She always associated her eyes with a camera lens; mainly because Cecila (I'm assuming they are fairly good friends since they're on the Equestrian team and whatnot =]) did photography and had tried to show her how a 'real' camera worked. Blake preferred the point and shoot ones though, since all she really took pictures of was herself, and other people.

"Behavior classes?" she prompted curiously, glancing over at him every few seconds to read his face and such.

She felt like they had bonded over breakfast and was more than thrilled to add another friend to her ever-growing list. Plus, he appeared to have the same sense of humor as she and he was attractive; two of her favorite qualities in people.

"I think a conversation with me is worth more than just a few laps," she said teasingly, nudging him gently with her arm.


Micah smiled to himself when he felt the other girl enter the hall; her energy was incredibly attractive to him and he didn't know why. But he could physically feel it when she stepped through the door and he was glad that she had decided to continue their conversation. He wasn't sure what to talk about next, preferring the quiet company of another, yet, she made him want to talk about things; things that he didn't even want to talk to himself about. This was ridiculous, he didn't even know her name yet.

As she caught up to him, he walked slowly beside her for a few moments, just enjoying the company. Micah found the set of stairs he had been looking for and he walked up them quietly. There were more private studios on the second floor, reserved mainly for grad students, but his father had been able to secure him one. Normally, it was where Micah worked which was probably why he had never seen the girl before, but he had moved the canvas to the main room to finish it because it was due.

He took the third right, unlocked the door and stepped into 'his' studio. The walls were filled with different works that he had done, portraits, both clothed and nude, landscapes, oils, charcoals, and animals; everything imaginable, and everything with such great detail that it would be easy to get lost in the paintings for days. Micah barely glanced at the walls, instead he plopped down on the comfortable looking, plush black couch. At least, it had started out black, paint had been dripped and splattered and numerous other things had been done to cause the couch some sort of harm. Aside from the couch, there were three windows on the far wall with blinds pulled over, filtering in some sort of light, five easels, each housing canvases at different stages of production, a small closet over-flowing with supplies, and washing-up sink and counter.

Micah appeared comfortable in the setting, relaxing his back against the couch before glancing curiously over at Cecilia. She was actually the first person at OSU to enter the room since he had taken it over, which said a lot. His eyes once again drifted over her limber body and her elegant features.

"Tell me more about your photography." Though the words could appear to be a command, it was more an invitation for her to sit, be comfortable and talk so that he didn't have to.

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"Sounds like a plan," Ben replied to Blake's offer about watching her ride sometime. He knew that the whole equestrian team thing was a pretty big deal at the school, so he figured that it would be fun to watch at least once. He wondered for a moment if her offer was genuine or just to be polite, but it seemed like she had meant what she said.

As he held a hand up to shade his eyes as they walked out into the bright sunlight, Ben wondered why he never remembered to bring his sunglasses anywhere with him. His eyes adjusted after a few moments, so he ran his hand through his hair quickly before returning it to his side. He glanced over at her when she prompted him to elaborate about his class preferences as they walked side-by-side to nowhere in particular.

"Yeah, pretty much. Psychology, Behavior Studies, classes like that," Ben replied, taking a look around the area before glancing back over to her. "I've always liked figuring out why people do the things they do."

At her next comment, Ben let out a warm laugh and looked to the ground, shaking his head softly with a grin on his face. He was glad they had gotten a chance to know each other a bit better today; They had lots of mutual friends, but had never really talked to each other before. They seemed to have the same fun sense of humor, so it made sense that they would get along well and enjoy each other's company.

"Oh, do you?" He asked playfully, looking at her with raised eyebrows. "How much is it worth, exactly? I'm not rich, you know."


Cecilia walked quietly beside him for a couple of minutes, subtly allowing him to lead wherever they went. She was happy to have found someone that didn't need to fill every waking moment with talking, and that was reason enough for her to go anywhere with him. She felt incredibly comfortable around him, as if they'd known each other for much longer than just five minutes, which she knew was completely ridiculous.

She slowly followed beside him as he went up a staircase and down another hallway, until he opened the doors to one of the private studios that lined either side of the hall. As he walked into the room, Cecilia paused at the doorway and peered into the room, resting her hand on the doorknob lightly. A small smile came across her face as her eyes went over the many different works that covered the walls and the used-and-abused black couch where he took a seat. This little place seemed like more of a home to him than anywhere else could, considering how relaxed and comfortable he seemed here. She took a couple of steps inside the room and allowed the door to fall shut behind her.

Her eyes flicked over to his face when he asked her to talk about her photography. Strangely enough, nobody had ever asked Cecilia to simply talk about it before; Normally, they just asked the typical questions about what she photographed most often, what type of camera she used, and those kinds of things. In a way, this type of inquiry was much more challenging to answer because there really was nothing to answer. She moved her gaze from him to a large black and white charcoal portrait as she thought about how to answer, looking but not really seeing what was in front of her.

"I've been doing it for as long as I can remember," Cecilia began. Her grandfather had given her a Polaroid camera when she was about six years old and she'd been hooked ever since. She hesitated for a moment before delving a bit deeper into the subject, running a hand slowly through her tousled hair before continuing on. "It's one of the only things I can get lost in. It's an expression of what I see around me and how it makes me feel...The best way I can convey that is through photography. There is no right or wrong way to do it, and no two photographers will take the same photo of the same thing. It's all about interpretation and feeling...That's what I love the most about it."

Cecilia hadn't moved her eyes from the portait in front of her while she had been speaking, so she took a glance at him before moving over to the couch where he was sitting. Taking a seat on the opposite end of the paint-splattered black sofa, she turned her body to face him and folded her legs in front of her so that she was sitting indian-style. She looked over his face once again and noted his strong jaw and handsome features before speaking again.

"What about your sketching?" she asked curiously, surveying the room briefly before returning her eyes to him. Although he didn't seem too interested in back-and-forth conversation, she hoped that he wouldn't make her do all the talking. "You've obviously had plenty of experience."

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Blake nodded when he confirmed her suspicions. Those were the types of classes that had always interested her, but she preferred animals to people in the long run; which was why she was doing Pre-Vet as opposed to being something pertaining to people. Although, she had briefly thought about being an anthropologist.

Out of the corner of her eye she watched him shake his head at her, which made her smile brighten somewhat. Blake felt that he had the same type of humor that she did and that he wouldn't take her comments like that too seriously.

His question and raised eyebrows made her chuckle lightly. She arched an eyebrow slightly, her smile turning more into a smirk than anything else. Blake shrugged her thin shoulders, pausing as they reached her dorm; she needed to get her books for class.

"Who said anything about money?" she questioned, slipping from his side smoothly, "I have to go get ready for class. Hopefully I'll see you around."

Blake smiled warmly at him one last time before walking into her dorm. She was still smiling to herself as she climbed up to the third floor. Her good mood dissolved almost instantly when she saw Clay standing there, pleading with her room-mate, Shelley, to tell him where she was. Blake slipped under the taller girl's protective stance and walked to her bed, trying to block out the pleads from Clay. The pair had never been anything 'official' but they had hung out a lot over the past four months or so and she had ended things after he had lied to her, about something fairly significant, two days ago and now he was trying his hardest to win her back.

Finally, Shelley pushed him out of the door frame, closed, and locked the door behind her. The sympathetic red head rolled her eyes in disgust before striking up conversation with Blake about what a fool he was and other things that Blake didn't want to talk about. She grabbed her Biology stuff and her Mac, deciding that she should do some homework at somepoint. She shoved everything into her weather beaten, teal Jansport backpack, said her farewell, and headed out of the dorm and to the library to wait for her class to begin, still somewhat disgruntled from the Clay encounter.


Micah allowed her time to gather her thoughts, knowing that the way he tended to pose questions was often difficult for the other person to answer; but he enjoyed challenging people and getting to know them more intimately, rather than on the surface...that stuff would come up eventually. His dark eyes watched her as she began to speak, noting the soft curves of her lips as they formed each syllable that she spoke. They scattered to her eyes, somewhat entranced by the sheer honesty he found in the sparkling grey of them.

Her words made him nod in some sort of understanding. He was estatic that she was so passionate about photography and by the way she spoke of it, she liked it for a fairly unique reason; not simply because it froze a moment in time or something cliched like that.

As she finished and took a seat on the opposite end of the couch, he rotated his body so that it would comfortably face her as they spoke. Her question tugged the corners of his lips up into what could be considered a half-smile. His sketching. That was something he could talk about for days, years even. Her comment made him follow her gaze around the room, nodding in some form of agreement. Not wanting to bore her, he decided to stick to the short version. As he spoke, gaze once again found hers, not wanting to look at anything else as he spoke.

"Sketching is different than painting, it's more intimate, more visceral. Each work takes a small piece of me with it, but it gives me so much more; it helps me grow, learn, and understand the way that things, the world especially work. When I sit down to sketch I don't plan anything else, I take something that I've either seen or want to see and bring it to life," he paused her, debating on whether or not to include more in his spiel; this was the most that he had talked in one sitting in months. Micah began speaking again after a moment, his voice warm and smooth, almost unreal, "Through all of my art I can express how I feel without having to put it into words, because the way I see it, there are only so many words, but every canvas will lead to a unique piece of work and by the thickness of line, the curves and shape of line in general, and sometimes the shape or color lend to an infinite way of letting people know exactly how I feel and what I mean."

He stopped her, feeling somewhat uninhibited aroud her. Micah was aware that he hadn't known this girl for an hour yet, but he was sure that they had been together in a previous life or something along those lines. Everything about her put his body under strain, in a good way, and he was sharing things with her that he hadn't with any before.

[[i'm sorry that this took so long and that they aren't amazing...]]

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As Ben watched with an amused smile as Blake reacted to his question, he hadn't even noticed that they were already right outside her dorm. He could hardly remember the walk there and was surprised to see that they had walked that far without him even realizing it. A confused look crossed his face for just a moment, but it was quickly replaced with an amused and slightly intruigued one as Blake responded and then said goodbye.

"Yeah, see you later," was the most articulate thing Ben could think of to say on such short notice. He returned her warm smile with one of his own before she turned to walk away, and he couldn't help but watch her walk up the sidewalk for a few moments; he was a guy, after all.

He shook his head lightly and chuckled at himself as he turned to walk towards his own dorm, which was only about a three-minute walk from where they had been. He took a glance at his watch and saw that he would have time for a quick run to get his muscles working before swim practice. He also had a bit of pent up energy from missing his swim that morning, so running sounded like an ideal plan.

Upon entering his dorm room, Ben saw that his roommate was there, which he had been hoping for. After some good-natured wrestling to get his friend back for turning off his alarm that morning, Ben was in an extremely good mood as he changed into his running clothes and left his dorm minutes later.

Ben remembered that Blake had said that she ran the back paths earlier that morning, which reminded him that he hadn't run them in a couple of weeks. Turning down the sidewalk that led to the running paths, he picked up a quick jog and let his mind go blank as he ran, like he always did.


Cecilia watched as he turned towards her after she sat down, their bodies just a couple of feet apart. Something about him made her want to get closer, but it wasn't just a physical attraction; It was kind of like they were interconnected somehow, as if they were being pulled together by something. She casually draped a slender arm over the back of the couch to keep her in place, just in case this urge to move towards him became stronger.

When the side of his mouth lifted into a half-smile, Cecilia's face seemed to mirror the expression. She was slightly amused for some reason, probably because he gave off an air of mystery that seemed to make everyday actions appear more interesting. Her eyes stayed on his face as he began to speak, shifting from his handsome features to his dark eyes that seemed to brighten as he talked about something he truly loved.

She held his gaze as he spoke, his voice smooth and almost bewitching. The small smile reappeared on her face as she realized just how much sketching was a part of him; Each and every portrait on the walls around them was an explanation of something inside him, an interpretation of his feelings and how he could show that to people by incorporating it into the subject matter of the portrait. She nodded in a sort of understanding, because although their explanations weren't verbatim, she could understand exactly where he was coming from.

Although Cecilia was very sure that they had never met before, she felt like she had known him for years, which was a strange feeling. It felt like all her nerves were on edge, as if the simplest move of his hand or shift of his body could affect her in an almost magnetic way. It almost felt unreal, like nothing she had ever felt before or even thought herself as capable of feeling.

Shifting her gaze from his eyes down to her lap for a moment, Cecilia pondered what she could say about this, if she should say anything at all. Deciding against turning onto a subject matter that was so unusal, she elected to ask a simple, yet stupid, question. She assumed that he wouldn't allude to their unusual feelings...It would have to come up in conversation sooner or later anyway, so it wasn't imperative that they acknowledge it right then and there. She was mostly just curious as to how he would answer her question.

"We haven't met before, have we?" Cecilia asked, her voice naturally soft and her light eyes looking up to his through dark lashes.

((It's okay. And trust me, there is no such thing as a post that's too least not to me. hahah.))

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