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Oklahoma State University

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Blake smiled and kind of shook her head as Ben mockingly greeted Iggy, though she laughed when Iggy snorted into his hand. When he agreed to help her she nodded happily, glad that he had agreed. Grooming Iggy alone was a huge endeavor and she was more than gald to have someone willing to work. Though when he picked up the hoof pick and sweat scraper she realized that his kind of help wouldn't be the sort of help that Cecilia would have provided.

The smile that flickered on her face was gentle and more than kind. She taught lessons twice a week to help counter the cost of showing Iggy on her own and to pay for gas and was therefore used to helping people who had no idea what was going on.

"Well," she said, lightly grabbing the hand holding the sweat scraper, "This, is called a sweat scraper, it's used to scrape off the excess water after bathing or the excess sweat after a workout so we probably aren't going to use it. But, this," she said indicating to the hoof pick, "Is a hoof pick, which is used to get dirt and stuff out from under their hooves, but we're going to use that towards the end."

Blake stepped to his side and grabbed the two curry combs, handing him one. She explained what it was used for and briefly showed him how to use it before they set off to work. Iggy was particularly muddy that day, which made him all the more fun to clean. Pausing momentarily, Blake set the curry comb onto Iggy's back and fingered her hair into a smooth pony tail, enjoying the breeze that immediately touched her bare neck and shoulders.

She glanced across towards Ben, her unwavering smile sparkling in her eyes, "Thinking about buying a horse?"


Micah walked out of the art studio after his stomach began making it impossible for him to focus on anything. He wiped the charcoal off his hands as best he could, though his pants had to pay the price for it. Slinging his back pack over his shoulder, he headed out of the building, squinting his eyes against the glaring sun.

He began walking around the campus, trying to figure out what sounded good to him, but nothing was really sticking out to him. Micah was pacing along the street that housed the majority of food and coffee shops near campus and it took two or three times before he noticed Cecilia sitting by the window in a coffee shop. He instantly felt a strange flicker inside at the sight of her and was pulled into the building.

Micah glanced around, noting that he'd never been inside the particular shop. It appeared to be fairly authentic, better than a Starbucks, but he usually stuck to the carts on campus. He went to the counter, carefully ignoring Cecilia's presence so that he could clearly decide what he wanted. Walking away with a large, black coffee and a blueberry muffin, he headed back in the direction where he'd seen Cecilia.

"Did you get enough sleep?" he asked, taking the empty seat beside her.

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