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Eventing Vs. Showjumping

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Im not sure if this is a good place to post this so feel free to move it.

Anyway. My neice is writing a composition for her college english class and was given a bunch of choices to choose from she chose "Explain why a certain sport is your favorite." since she shows in Showjumping she choose Showjumping as her fav. sport and Eventing as the sport to compare and contrast with.

She has to do it in the compare and contrasting format. She asked my my help but I know pretty much zip about eventing LOL So I ask you guys to compare and contrast the two....And let me know if its even do able? I would think Hunters and Jumpers would've been a better choice?

Anyway any help you can spare would be great!

Thanks so much guys! I posted this on the open debate forum and then I thought wait theres an eventing forum LOL

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Well, comparing Hunters and Jumpers would make more since... and probaly be easier. Or even comparing Jumpers to Fox Hunting could be fun

Eventing is made up of 3 sports. Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping.

Show Jumping is just Show Jumping.

Both sports are "won" on the penalty score.

Eventing includes show jumping in the sport.

Eventing is done outside the arena, and inside.

Dressage and show jumping are done in the arena.

Cross Country is done out and about, jumping natural obstacles that don't "fall" when hit.

The penalties in cross country are larger. 20 penaties for a stop or runout instead of 4 for a rail, stop, or runout.

You get eliminated in eventing if you fall off. I don't know if that's true for the jumpers or not.

Rider equipment is somewhat different. Mainly for XC. you need a safety vest.

There are tons and tons of differences.

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