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Please Tell Me What This Saddle Is Worth.

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I wanted to sell a large aquarium that I had so that I could buy a western saddle. In this economy, nobody was biting on the aquarium, so I took this one woman's offer. She offered to trade me this saddle and I took it in trade hoping to sell it and buy a western saddle. Problem is - I KNOW NOTHING about english saddles, so I have no idea what a fair asking price for this would be.

Here's the information she gave me about the saddle. Crosby Prix Des Nations Spring Seat 16.5". The rivets say Crosby England, there is a maker's mark plate that says "Crosby And Co. LTD, Olympic Works", and on the underside of the flaps it is stamped (although very faintly) Prix Des Nations Spring Seat with the Crosby stamped logo. The tree measures approximately 11 inches across from tree point to tree point, which would equal approximately 28.2 cms. She told me it has moderate 3/4" knee rolls - but after trying to do some research online I simply don't see where the knee rolls are! LOL! Can someone please verify that it even has any?

Includes matching Crosby stamped leathers, irons that say "Miller's made in england size large", and a nice thick matching leather girth. There are some letters that seem to make no sense at all (Model number perhaps) stamped into the metal stirrup rigging (where you run your leathers through). She told me that this saddle is very old but in good useable condition. There is however a scratch on the seat that does NOT go all the way through the leather, and there is a name plate that can be removed and replaced.

Please tell me how much you think it's worth so I would know how to proceed with marketing it. I'd also like to know if this saddle is a piece of junk, or if Crosby's are worth their weight in gold. Thank you!









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Not up on used values for Crosby saddles, but you could do some comparison pricing on Ebay and see what you find. I do believe (if memory serves) Crosby's are good saddles. Cleaned up, that one would be a nice-riding saddle from the looks of it. Wish I had the dough. Could use a good english saddle again. LOL.

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Crosbys are good saddles but IDK that you will get as much after christmas for it till riding season hits again and ppl start getting tax returns...

Look Here For comparison shopping on ebay currently

and for ones that actually sold....


Im thinking right now you might get 250ish to 500ish? One sold for 580 that was in real good shape with fitting it looks like but it was a 17 which is more common

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