Need Help Finding My Nieces Horse

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Ok my family is on a mission to find this horse.

Ginger Sorrel Grade Quarter Mare Approx 15 hands VERY stocky around 20 years old. My sister got divorced and her idiot husband got rid of my nieces horse around a year ago. All we know is that a man from Lake Orion took her and 2 geldings. He said she was going to a girl scout camp. If anyone has seen this horse please contact me ! We would have started this search sooner but the Ex would not give us any info. I guess guilt got the better of him . My sister did try calling the guy that picked her up but he was not home. He called my sister back and his name is jay dutton! He said he had them some lady called and wanted a palomino he said they came gave him cash and took ginger too the whole time he kept saying im not giving you a bunch of bs he said they went to Ohio

When he picked her up from the Exs house he took her along with her (son)Palamino Gelding and another Sorrel Gelding.


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" his name is jay dutton!"

Is this who you think has her and you are trying to find? Or did he sell her to someone else?

Good luck!

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Jay Dutton is the one that picked the horses up and then sold them.

Thanks elfin

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