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Bored.. Any Requests?

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Wanna make me a college? My show horse for the season was just put down and Im devastated. I would love a college of him :)

Aw, of course! I'm terribly sorry. [Angel] Just send me all of the pictures that you would like in it and how you would like it set up. Do you want it as a background collage for your computer... or just a collage?

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I love your work!

could you do one for me !

I like cheetah print hott pink and turquoise

i want it to say

"Wanna run with the big dogs???"

This is my filly "Petes Matatari"



and this is my filly "MRH Red Money"


and if you could i would also like this pic in there somewhere

just cut out him and the bull and use your own font but i do want it to say "my husband my hero" above it.


THANKS so much cant wait to see it !!

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Hello! You do a really good job! I would love to have one of my gelding, if you still have the time!

I would like it to say his name: Undun N Rowdee

I really like the color blue but do whatever you think!

And these pics:




Thank you!

Edited by Rowdee_Riderr

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hey... so you want to make me one?... i am open to anything.. ...

i would like "Misty" on there some where and if you have a good quote you could put that on there some where.. she is my best friend and number one horse so it can be anything. you can use all or one of the pictures dosen't matter to me!!!! (see i told you i was open!)



this one is not the best quailty cause of how dusty it was but anyways.......


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Could you make me one too???

and I just want one that has one picture per horse with their name above it, anything else is fine with me









either of these pictures are fine




thank you!!!

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Wow! You are really good!

Large text: Go Crystal Go (in red preferrably)

Small text: Livin' Life In the Fast Lane (doesn't matter what color)

Background type: I really am not sure what would look best with this picture. But maybe something that looks like arena dirt or something would be cool? Or just a dark background, like the first pic already has.

Round or square corners: round

Colors: Her color is red, but if you think anythin else would look nice, go for it :)

Other: Her name is Snap. You don't have to include it in there, but if you could put it in one of the corners or something, that'd be cool.

Here's 2 pics. Choose whichever one will work best for you :)

Although I would prefer the first one. (If you use the first one, you can just keep that background if it's easier for you)




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