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Yrly Update On City...myst Included

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Some of you may know that City is up for sale(just sold, pending pick up), so this may be the last update on him.

Myst will be heading to NY when the weather clears.

Here are some pics that my worker took of the horses and I today.

He has been a huge help with me out of commission due to my shoulder injury and surgery.

Anyway, City has the most white on his face. Myst is the wide load..LOL.

Im the grey haired lady.




For those that know of my injury, I am using my left, so all is good in our tug of war.

He wants his feed bucket..LOL




She gives good hugs




Im coming mom...shes getting ready to spin on her fronts to come see me.

Shes such a good girl. Needs a tummy tuck, but all is good..LOL


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I knew you had both horses for sale, that is unfortunate, that you have to part company with them, because of poor health. You are young yet by many standards, I know you have worked hard to get to get both horses. Some how I hope that life will still smile on you in the future. I do hope you can once again regain your health, & have a equine to enjoy. Sending you some good vibes & good thoughts. Best Wishes. PD [Huggy] [Angel] [Huggy]

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Aw thanks PD. It is a bittersweet time, but I am ok, most the time, with my decision. I will be back in shape, no worries there, I just need to let City have a job. Myst may come back to me, she is only out on lease for now. Time will tell weather I bring her back or not.

I just wanted to share my happy time with the horses this morning.

Hope you enjoyed the pics!!

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Aww Vicki - I just wish there were another solution for you regarding City. I know how much you adore him.

He looks great, and he's really blossomed in your care for the time that you've had him.

[Huggy] As always, we thank you for sharing him with us. When you won him, it was like we ALL won him!

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City and I had a good time for sure! Ive had my time with him and now it is time for him to move on. I found the perfect person for him and pending the weather this weekend, he will go home to her.

She could be our next Chris Cox, Clinton Anderson, ect.

She is that good and wants to go further!

I love you City Boy! You were my constant love and companion.

I know you wont let me down.

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Good to know you are handling all this with a positive attitude, & placing both horses in good homes. I wish you well going forward in life. Been past the sign going to Highlandville many times on 65, it seems we are either rushing to get to Arkansas or I'm in a hurry to get back home after being Arkansas to long. Again Best Wishes. PD [Huggy]

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