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Dressage Chit Chat #28

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Lucy has been out of work for a couple months now due to the heat, but she's sweating again at least. Of course we also have a ton of stuff to get done around here, with replacing all the deck railing that couple have been put up by a kindergartener.

And Mir has discovered the stretchy trot, but the canter has gotten worse. I got one of my saddles to fit him with some shimming under the panels. The de gouge has done a ton of good with the trotting. But the canter... I finally put him on the lunge and got him cantering, and he just cannot figure out how to canter without galloping. when he does it's nice, but he just cannot get it. He was bad on the lunge too, so at least I know it's HIM. I've not lunged him at the canter much because historically he just gallops off, rips the line out of my hands, and then takes off like an idiot and breaks things.

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