Before/after Rescue Pictures - 5 Years Later

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So every year I can't help but take the time to flip through old photos and just marvel the difference five years can make. February 21st, 2005 it seems like ages ago, but that was the day we brought home a small three year old gelding that change my life forever. He was skinny, barely halter broke, and terribly skittish. But on the other hand he was quiet, trusting, and a patient teacher.

Hope you enjoy the photos. :)

The week we brought him home.


Picture from our last show.


And pictures of our journey.






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Happy Anniversary to you, and Cloud. You make a wonderful pair and we hope you'll be sharing updates with us for many, many fantastic years to come!

[Huggy] [Huggy] [Huggy]

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Great Job!! My rescue was two years old when I got him. Now he is twenty! Gotta love those "happy ever after" moments when you can!! :huggy:

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