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I'm looking at a used Devocoux Chiberta saddle, and I think you are the big supporter of them? However I'd have to have it shipped in from a couple provinces away to try so had a few questions for you that maybe you can help me with before I spend big $ on shipping. How do they tend to fit the TB big withers? It's a 18" 3A flap- do you think that would be big enough for me at 6ft tall? I sat in an Antares 18" the other day and it was tiny for my length of leg- do they tend to be generous or small in the seat/flap? My stubben fits me alright, but they are a bit on the generous side so not sure if I'd be better with a 18.5"-19" saddle in another line.


This is me in an 18" stubben siegfried CS- I ride 1-2 holes shorter then this if I'm eventing higher if that helps.


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Ah, sorry, I just saw this!!

As far as fitting the horse, here's the deal with the Devoucoux's: if you are ordering one brand new, you essentially end up building the panels. There are several different panel sections, and you select the amount of padding there. So, you can have two of the same tree size, that will fit VASTLY differently. can also have the paneling in it changed, to better fit your horse. I lucked out and found one used that fit Marly, who's funky to fit. He has big ol' sharkfin withers and with a regular tree and a certain paneling combination it fits him quite well. I do use a halfpad, but I do with *most* saddles anyway.

As far as fit for you, I feel your pain. I'm 5'10" and mostly legs. I ride very comfortably in a 18" 2A...the difference between the 2 and the 3 is just length. The one thing I had to get used to was the difference between a monoflap saddle and a regular dual-flap saddle. With the chiberta, the knee block sits above your knee, and there is no roll...therefore, your knee can be even slightly past the front of the flap (like, half an inch) and it's not going to matter much because the block is above that.

Personally, I fell in love with the Chiberta as soon as I sat in it. I'd say it's worth the money to try.

ETA -- I don't have a picture I can post right now (I'm on one of the college laptops; mine is dying a horrible death...sadly...) but I can post one tomorrow. =)

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