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The lands of Iniel have never been touched by man. Has never seen his technology or felt his wars tear up its soil. It is virtually untouched by creature. Except for the equine that have found these lands to escape from humans. They traveled here in many different numbers. Some came in whole herds, others loners looking for a place to reside. The word of a haven had spread through the wild equine even those who served as slaves to humans knew of it. Though how to reach it was a mystery. It was a very hard to find place.

The equine that had found this safe hide away, lived in peace for a time. The mares all talked together, the foals were raised side by side, even the stallions kept truce. It was a very tranquil life. Until one day when two loners, one a mare, one a stallion, entered the lands. Both were covered with black pets. One was a kind hearted stead who called himself Raven. The other was a ruthless fae who claimed to be called Adelaide. Everything seemed fine at first until these two started fighting. It seemed petty at the time. Fighting over a single indifference, but they didn?t care. Their fight grew as they pulled other equine into their dispute.

Eventually they divided the whole lands of Iniel. Instead of living together peacefully they equine were divided into those who sided with either Raven or Adelaide. The kind hearted ones called themselves lights. Shortly after hearing thios those who had sided with Adelaide began calling themselves the darks. Wanting nothing to do with the lights. They wanted to be as opposite as possible. And so plays out the story of the lands of Iniel. Which side will you choose?

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