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Chellie the Equestrian

Broken Northern

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Welcome to Loving, Montana. This is horse territory. English and Western. Male and female. Everyone is a victim of the horse bug.

Bridwell River Equine Ranch was the home of all western riders in the area along with the famous horse King's Knight. King's Knight had been around the world showing at both English and Western. Everyone had their eye on him and it was the prize of the whole barn.

Golden Visa Equestrian Center knew about King's Knight too and they wanted him for themselves. Ethan Overlion, the owner of the English stables, would do anything for that horse even if it meant schmoozing up to the owner of the stables, Alexandra Roizen.

Soon Ethan had her wrapped around his finger. The two of them were "helping" each other's barns. She fell for him and he just used that to his advantage. Eventually he convinced her to give him King's Knight. Once he had the horse he completely dropped her and stopped talking to her unless necessary. She was heart broken but saw that he never liked her for who she was ? just for her horse.

It is nearly 25 years later, both of them have married other people and have children of their own. Of course the past is not forgotten and the two barns and families are rivals of the other. You better pick your side now because you don't want to be caught in the middle.

Welcome to Loving, though it is far from.

The two rivaling barns have been here in Loving, Montana for years and they still remain - Bridwell River Equine Ranch, a mainly western barn, and Golden Vista Equestrian Center, a strictly english barn. The conflict between the two different barns is dug way back to when Ethan Overlion and Alexandra Roizen had a "going out" over a horse.

Then the unbelievable happened.

Ethan Overlion was killed.

His body was found behind his barn, Golden Vista Equestrian Center, early in the morning. No one knows who did it though it was obvious it was the result of a human. The police didn't even attempt to solve the crime because of the low crime rate in Loving and the small population. Ethan Overlion did have a lot of enemies...

Now everyone is shaken. Golden Vista Equestrian Center has been taken over by a young stable hand, Paul Jackson, with the help of Ethan Overlion's wife and three girls. Will this awful death bring the two farms closer together or will more than one finger be pointed at each other? Will Alexandra take advantage of the other barn now that Ethan Overlion is gone? Will all of Loving erupt into chaos or will this be the thing they were all waiting for?

Loving has already been traumatized once this year - Ethan Overlion, the owner of Golden Vista Equestrian Center, was killed.

The Overlions had been struggling through as best they could until now. Ethan's older brother who has never liked horses has come back to Loving with some information about Ethan's will including land that now belongs to him and a child that had been a secret kept for 13 years.

The history between Alexandra Roizen, the head of the western Birdwell River Equine Ranch, and the now dead Ethan Overlion begins to surface in more than one way. How come in the will it says that Alexandra's ranch is on land that really belongs to Ethan, well now his brother? And how come Ethan mentions that his son should continue to live with his mother when he doesn't have a son?

Ethan's brother then announces that he is going to turn all the land he inherited, including both barns, into a circus rodeo. Not a rodeo that horse people might like to visit. A rodeo that will be filled with tourists. Tourists that would change Loving for ever.

Will the two barns be able to put their differences aside to stop this power hungry Overlion? Or will Loving be destroyed forever? This isn't a conflict that is going to just influence the two families. It's going to influence you.

Look at the picture for directions.
I'll be waiting for you.

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so, do we just post stats to a specific barn, as in the english or western, and stuff? I mean do I make a chara who was from one of the barns?

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