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Middle Tn/ky Flooding Resources

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Some of you may be aware but I thought I'd throw this out there just in case....

Large animals are the last to be rescued in a disaster. Most of the initial focus is put on people (of course) and then small animals and lastly large animals. While people and small pets may be rescued quickly, large animals will have to remain stranded for several more DAYS until they can be taken out to safety.

Most of the times the rescues for large animals are not well organized so the word isn't gotten out well. Most of the times they need help & not very many people know about it. What they often are in need of most is volunteers experienced with large animals, medical supplies, feed & Hay, halters & leads, and stalls or pasture to put the animals.

Just be mindful & on the lookout for an opportunity to help as the media doesn't mention this.

Also if you know of someone who needs to put a horse somewhere temporarily, Stephen & Kate Alyea have 22 acres to help out . They're located just outside of Lebanon. Contact me a & I'll get you in touch with them ASAP..

If anyone thinks we can help, please let me know.


Frances Thomas

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