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Is Anyone Here A Registered Nurse?

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I'm going back to school to become an RN. I'm having some 2nd thoughts about it , one reason ,because of my age. I'm old enough now that my kids are grown and I have a lot of free time and I like that. I can pretty much do what I want when I want.

A little history....

I started college 15 years ago to become an x-ray tech. At that time I could hardly decide between the x-ray program or nursing program but chose x-ray.

While I was in school I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had to have 3 surgeries because of this. Because of the time off from school, I lagged behind in the class so I dropped the class.

So now at 45 years old I've started back to school. This time I chose nursing.

My question to you that are nurses:

1. Are you happy that you chose this career?

2. Would yo do it over again?

3. What do you like best about your career?

4. What do you like least about it?

5. Do you feel you work ALL the time, or do you feel you have enough quality time to spend doing other things?

6. Are job positions as easy to find as I hear they are?

7. Do you or have you worked PRN ? Would you do it again?

Thank you for your input.

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Hey Lady! Just wanted to jump in here and say hello to you! And congrats on going back to school. I'm toying with the idea myself. I wish you well. You sure are missed around here!

[Huggy] [Huggy]

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I'm not an RN but my mom is, and she too went back after a hiatus from school. Not as long as you did, but she went to college right out of high school for a semester, got homesick, and quit. She married my dad and became a bank teller, which she did for about 8 years. When I was around 5 years old and she was 27, she decided to go back to school to become a nurse. She's now been working as a labor and delivery nurse for about 12 years. Here's how I guarantee she would answer your questions.

1.) She's VERY happy she chose this career. It's her niche. She gets rave reviews from patients about how wonderful she is. She loves her job and is good at it.

2.) Absolutely. The years she was in school were difficult for our family. She worked during the day at the bank and went to school at night. My dad was Mr. Mom for a while, but he had a job as well. Once she reached her last two years of nursing school and started doing clinicals and stuff she had to quit her job, so my dad was the sole breadwinner and we struggled a little financially. However the pay is so much better for her being a nurse than it was at the bank, so we are a lot better off than we would have been had she not chosen to pursue this path. Plus, she enjoys it and finds it very fufilling. Good pay, fabulous benefits, and paid vacation/paid on-call time. Usually at least time and a half for overtime.

3.) Working with the moms and their babies. It's very rewarding to her to bring new life into the world and help women become mothers. Nurses are very important to patients, because they often spend more time with them than do the doctors.

4.) The few bad eggs that come in the form of ungrateful or rude patients, bosses or coworkers that you just can't please, and doctors who think they're God. But then again, you'll have that in any profession.

5.) Not at all. My mom works nights and LOVES it. She works 3 12-hour shifts per week. She always has tons of time to be home and do things she likes to do. Plus, at the places she's worked, the nurses made their own schedule. Obviously there is some seniority and compromise involved but as long as all the shifts are covered nurses are pretty free to schedule themselves.

6.) Jobs are very easy to find. That's another perk of the job, is that no matter where my mom goes she'll always be able to find a job. Look in any newspaper classified section. A large portion of the help wanted ads are for nurses. They're always, always needed.

7.) My mom usually advises people to just go with an RN.

Hope that helped!

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Hi Kim!

How have you been?

I stop in here every once in awhile.

I've been good. And you?

I've got Indie in training - starting her groundwork to prepare her for the saddle next year when she turns 3. Tinker is getting a refresher course and is in training for desensitization so I can see if we can make the Sheriff's Posse. And Goldie is getting a good working with now that she's had a Chiro adjustment which she needed really badly.

Any new pups? How's the family?

Hope everything is wonderful for you and yours! [Huggy]

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I went back to school at 51 and it was hard. I wish I'd gone back at 45! Go for it.

Love my job.

Best part - patients and other nurses. Feeling like I make a difference for people in need. Knowing that if I need it - I can work extra hours most of the time. AND - the surprise I still feel when I get paid - quite the reward for doing something I love!

Worst part - patients and other nurses. Nights when i barely have time to chart and have to stay another hour or more to get that done.

Love my time off too. It does take a while to get used to nights, but it's worth it. The night shift is typically more teamwork oriented, less frantic and less political than the day shift. Having 3 days in a row off is a definate perk.

Getting a job here took a while because I live in a rural area and the small hospitals have limits on how many "new" nurses they can hire at a time. Once you have some experience - no problem.

I've never worked PRN. RN is enough.

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Mia's Mom... Do you work 8 hour shifts, 10, 12 ??? I'm assuming you work 4 nights and have 3 off by your statement???

Thanks so much for your input. It's good to hear from someone who went back to school at an older age like I'm doing.

Kim... so you'll be puting some time in the saddle on a young one next year! Always fun!

I have 8 dachshunds now, but no new puppies. I don't know if I'll continue to raise any puppies. That's one of the things that is making me have 2nd thoughts about school. I have time for my little dogs now. When I get into school more days and then working as a nurse I don't think I'll have time to raise puppies.

It's costly to raise them too. I make money from the puppies but the costs I have end out being more than I make on the 2 or 3 litters I raise per year.

When my husband lost his job last year it made me stop and think. If something were to ever happen to him, I wouldn't be able to support myself in the life style we live. It would be nice to have a degree/ career in something good so if I ever "had" to support myself totally, I could.

So, My plans are to place my dogs and I already have homes for them. I'm keeping one as my house pet. She's already been spayed.

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I work 12 hour shifts - 6:30pm to 6:30am - but usually I'm there until 7:30am. I usually work 2 days in a row and get 2 days off then 2 days and 3 days off, etc. Sometimes I work 3 in a row.

Trust me - you can do this. It is hard to go back to school older, but older students have more motivation to do well because it is totally their choice and decision to be there.

Be sure you check into all the grants you can get for school. Mine covered all my books and tuition!

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