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Hurricane Season Is Here!

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Anyone who has or knows of evacuation spots to go to with pets and horses for those who will probably have to evacuate some time this season from the Gulf South area (LA, MS, AL and FL).

It would seem North of these states and East side of Texas is the usual travel route.

Gotta be able to get there in one day's travel...and contra-flow usually eats up about four more travel hours than it usually would. Unless we leave in middle of night or days ahead of time.

Places that will board the horses do not have to board the owners/families. Just need motels/hotels with reasonable rates and maybe kitchenettes nearby.

Evacuation usually lasts for a week or two and we know from experience that FEMA will NOT pay for the food/travel /room costs (Hurr. help) so the kitchenettes will help save $$.

I am going to post this on our bulletin board and give it out at barn meeting.

Most travelers/evacuees bring only their studs b/c we have a no leaving your stud period policy.


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