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Zombie Horses And Mutangs

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I'm new to HC and still feeling my way around. But since zombie horses are among the things that got me banished from COTH, I want to make sure I'm posting in the right forum.

So, is a zombie horse horse-related? How about a mutang? Is the subject of "not riding" horse related? How about riding my sofa (the current home of my saddle).

Does this question even belong here, or should it go in the debate forum?

I don't want to get in trouble again.

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Zombie horses? [ROTFL] [ROTFL] [ROTFL]

If you want to debate whether or not Zombie horses exist; put them on the debate board.

If you want to discuss how to trim a Zombie horse.......hoof forum is your board.

If you need help training your Zombie horse, Training board

Is your Zombie horse gaited and you trail ride? Trail Riding or Gaited horses is your board.

Your saddle is a couch potatoe? General CC or Leatherworks board can help.


What on gawd's green earth is a Zombie horse and how do you saddle it??

[surrender] :happy0203:

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So, defining what a zombie horse is would belong here in general horse talk?

Well, GHT is one of the LESSER visited boards.


I would put it in GCC, as it's a light-hearted, thread and would attracted like-minded peeps.

BTW: Nobody kills you for posting on the wrong board. Generally, that's ignored. Sometimes it's moved to the right board but you will be notified and NOT reprimanded. It's not a crime on HC to mis-categorize a thread.

<Gee, I'm more and more glad I never became a member of Coth. I would not have lasted a week~!! :happy0203: >

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