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Aloan's First Event

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So took my youngster to his first event this past weekend. We rode in BN/Entry and he was absolutely brilliant. We had a decent dressage score (63.?%), which I was happy with as it was his first time in a dressage ring, and the arena was indoors, so you warmed up outside, then had to take them in for the test, so the dark arena was a bit unnerving for the young horses. He was a little tense, but towards the end he relaxed and really started to go well. At the end the judge asked me how old he was so I told her and then she just said that she thought he was unsure/unsteady, which I agreed with but then I went on how I was happy as we kept it really relaxed and enjoyable for him, and that there was lots of time to push for more in the future etc etc. I then thought it was nice that on my test she remarked I was a "thinking rider"

XC was great! He really went through with a twinkle in his eye and spring in his step- first few fences where I just let him go to the fences on his step were great, then I had two okay fences, where I tried to ride him on the ride my mare likes (she has a short stride vs his long one) trying to keep him on the 350mpm pace (for optimum time) so after when I just allowed him to move up to 375 the fences fit a lot better. Trotted through the water great and popped up the step like a pro. Went double clear, with ease :D

Stadium was quite good, some baby moments (where does all the landing gear go?!) but a clear round- the one fence out of a bending line I'm sure he jumped a good foot over the actual height of the fence, but at least he came back well for the 4 stride to finish!

Anyhow, overall came in 1st. Total shock, as I truly went just to doodle around and let him just get used to the whole thing. He certainly got oodles of carrots and pats, I was so thrilled that he was such a good boy, and what a start to his career.


I think he likes his job!


Nice little ramp up a hill after the water.


Proud momma for sure!

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