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Indestructible's Photoshop Shop 2 ! [request! :)]

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Hey Indy, you do such fantastic work as always! I want to thank you for my other one, sorry it has been so long since I was on here I didn't get a chance to thank you.

I have another request though. I would love a personal Charachter pic if you dont mind please!


Big text: Rune Magic (Could this be in Celtic or Old English text?)

Small text: You can't believe history is real so come with me to the rune lands (any time of old text)

New Background? yes. I want it to have like an old Celtic medieval feel with ancient irish runes ect

I want it overall to have an old, ancient dark feel to it with a lot of celtic or irish feeling please


I would love it if it could have one of his full confo shot as the main, and a head shot in the upper corner somewhere as faded. You use whatever you see fit, you always make it look fantastic!


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Other Photo:

Large Text: Centered in whatever matches. "Humid Hills" in matching text font

Smaller Text: Dwelling of Celtic River In smaller font below it

I would love if the other photo could go in the lower corner slightly fadded. And possibly place a light film of red dust across it to make it look mystic and natural across the background.

Thank you so much!

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oh my gosh they look amazingly FANTASTIC!!! But I have one thing I need to thange. I need Rune's pic to be like a character pic, you know like the ones we use to do on RPG.

Like this layout.


And I was thinking a more dark, ancient celtic castle style, like ruins of ancient cities. I am so sorry to be so picky, I am truly sorry

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Rapid: I'm still fiddling with yours so i'll have it up soon. Is there larger photos of the horse i can use? small ones just don't work for large pictures haha they turn out stretched and grainy and gross.

Note to everyone, I need practice at cutting out pictures! so if you want a banner with a new background, or a background with cut out pictures lemme know..i don't want to go to college and have choppy cut outs in my portfolio haha

Again thank you all for giving me practice :) You've all sent me on the path to making the big bucks haha and that pays off for all the hours and...guess how many banners i've made?







can you guess?


yup..thats right..i'm officially a grapic nerd haha, two years of doing this and i'm on my way to a 2 year tuition to get my multimedia diploma and if i want, i can carry on my education at the University of Calgary..which i think is huge.. :D

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Big text: The Times Phoenix

Small text: anything sentimental.

New Background?[eg: ocean, forest, field]: No

Round corners OR square? round

Drop shadow? no

Other: Signature Please

um I have tons of really good pictures on Facebook and they would not upload to photobucket for nothing so add me:

email is

and name is Haley Penton.

Edited by Gizzy

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Is it possible for you to make me a new one? :smilie:

Form: Banner

Big text: Stella Bella

Small text: "You are the best thing that's ever been mine..."

New Background? If you think one would look best, then yes. :smilie:


Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Feel free to use any of these. :smilie: Though if it works I think I would like the picture of just Stella best. :smilie:

Thank you in advance! :smilie:

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So..i got really bored and decided to play with some of your facebook pictures haha


Heres the one from requested photos


Then the ones from facebook



Haha, feel free to play around with my photos any time! :smilie:

And thank you so much, I love them! Now I'll have some choices to switch between. :smilie:

Edited by TexasRose

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Okay, I came to you a while ago wanting a banner and we decided to wait until my senior pics were available, however, it turns out I only have one of them on my computer. Lol. So I'll give you that one and a few others and you can just do whatever you think looks good. :tongue9:

Big text: God bless the broken road that led me straight to you. OR Baby, you showed me what living is for.

Small text:

New Background?[eg: ocean, forest, field]: Whatever you think looks good.

Round corners OR square? Round.

Drop shadow? Yes

Other: Really, I'm open to anything. Just play around and see what you like best :)


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