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Hmmm.....anyone Miss Me?

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THERE'S MY PEEPS!!! hee hee

I put up a few new pics - gotta definately take some good ones here soon!

I have been just fine!

And for any of my HC friends in AZ.....WATCH OUT!!!! I'm coming your way!!!

Moving to AZ Labor Day weekend. BIG MOVE......whew! I'm ready though!

Ugh...I want to include an image but I forgot how difficult it was LOL

I am rusty people!!!!

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MOODY! With Moody comes MISS BIRDIE! Hey hon, how ya been? [Huggy]

Give us the scoop on the big move....

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Welcome back.

In your photo album to the right of each picture you will see "bb code"

Copy and paste that in your post and viola, picture is there.

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MOODY - how are ya girl? How's the Chessie pups? We had to put Chelsea down about 3 weeks ago. :mecry: But she made it to 14! Don't forget pup pictures!!

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OMG so much has gone on in all this time! Had a big ol' divorce a couple years ago - had to move...had to find homes for my Chesapeakes (that was so incredibly awful) - gave my gelding to my friend Cris and her hubby and took the girls to her house for a spell while me and the kid spent a year in a heckuva deluxe shack in town (NOT) and then moved the girls (Keeper and Birdie ~ lovingly always referred to as my "girls") to a place to board closer to me. They got back in shape and I have continued to give lessons this whole time. Just had to go to my students' houses and use their horses and still use Keeper and Birdie with a teenager named fact tonight is their night for lessons.

Sooooo.....did indeed meet the love of my life...Nate. Finally a horse guy that has the same warped sense of humor as me and likes all the same things!

He is literally coming to get me and the girls September 3rd or so - driving out and then we both driving back pulling trailers full of precious cargo and then my crap LOL.

I am ready to start a new life that's for sure. And no more snow and ice will be a blessing too!

Nate bought me a new cool camera but darnit I gotta get some good pics of me and the girls together! I'll work on that!

For now here's some of the girls - students - the fam - the fun - just stuff LOL

Keeper (who just turned 13 on August 5th by the way!) and her friend Hailey




Birdie and Hailey


Birdie lovin' up on Nate LOL


Me and the Bird blazing trails



me and Keeper


the lovely ladies


me and the Bird


and I seriously just added a ton of pics only to find out I only get so many per post - which stupid me forgot LMAO....sooooo I'll come back and add some more later - I got lots as usual!

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Welcome back. I don't remember you, so maybe you left before I joined. Your girls are beautiful! Birdie was born the same year as my mare.

Congrats on your new life and upcoming move. I wish you happiness.

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Know - Thanks so much! I will try my best to keep up!


IluvSpots - Very nice to meet you and you cutie patootie spotted critter there! I am an avid dog lover too! And awesome on a mare born the same year as the Bird! It was quite the experience on here going thru Keeper's pregnancy and the foaling of Birdie! And then the infamous wound....ewwww not good! Birdie is a little behind in training because of the injury and the move but I am catching her up quickly! I plan on having her pretty well finished by the end of this year if at all possible. Well....finished in my opinion - I gotta give her props and realize she's done more than most but she does have her quirks LOL

OK so how 'bout more pics....start this day off right LOL

Me and Birdie


Keeper and my God Niece Brooklyn =)



Older Pic of the Bird


My Nate and Tex


My Nate =)


Ok...more later since I am limited LMAO!!

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Miss Birdie is all growed up! How's her leg? Doesn't look like it gives her any issue at all. And for as nasty a wound as it was, it looks great!

So glad you're happy, Moody. You can "hear" it in you posts.

[Huggy] Don't be such a stranger!

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Certainly have been wondering where you were.... Tried to find out awhile back.

Your girls are looking really good. Just love how Birdie and Keeper have that same blaze.

So glad you've found a compatible guy. Have a safe journey to AZ. Sam and I are going to Sedona that same weekend from the 4th staying until the 11th - though I may not want to come back!!! I wouldn't mind giving up the snow and ice.

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Hello Everyone! So nice to "see" you guys!

Now on Birdie's leg - it is just fine! Ya'll remember when I started her - well I haven't had a lick of problems and I've had her in some tough spots! It's still got some scar tissue and a little puffy in the ankle but seriously just this year it seems to be going down even more! You can't really tell unless I point it out. I'll try to take an updated pic of it soon. There's a scar but nothing that you would expect with how bad that injury was! All in all I am very pleased!

Have I mentioned she's a big ol' puppy dog that's also an adolescent horse? LMAO!!!

I am loving the way she has filled out and matured. She's got some muscle to get back - her and Keeper had a bad stay in KS and got in pretty bad shape. I was shocked by how badly they were. It has taken a year to get them back in descent condition. Now once I move and they are out my back door again then I will feel better about consistently keeping them where I want them =)




AZ visit


so ya know that's me LOL



OH and RA riding in Sedona is amazing! I am stoked about being able to ride all over AZ! And believe me...I will never ever miss the rain, snow, ice, and mud! I was born to be there LOL



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Look at you all happy and in love! I noticed Birdie's leg looks awesome! I am very happy for you! Good luck in Arizona and don't forget about us stuck here in Kansas! lol

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