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"and it starts, sometime around midnight, or at least that's when you lose yourself for a minute or two. as you stand, under the bar lights, and the band plays some song..."

Isak Toren

Age 19

Gender: Male

Hometown: Halmstad, Sweden

Personality: Isak is a polite guy, but he tends to be closed off and may come off as standoffish. Once he gets to know you he has a smile ready for you and he's full of random facts that are generally useless but unfailingly interesting. He tends to zone out and wander off, but usually discovers something neat and tends to get very excited about his discoveries.

History: Well, all Isak has really known is football. [American soccer.] He knew what a soccer ball was before he knew who his parents were by name and it's been his entire life. Up until last year, when he was involved in a car accident. Due to a complete knee and hip replacement on his left side, he can no longer play soccer as he once did. Quickly, the normally active Isak spiraled into a sedentary lifestyle, then a depression. Henneberg is his parents' last ditch to pull him out of it, before they take more drastic measures.

Appearance: Isak is very tall and lean, obviously muscular but as light and aerodynamic as possible. His facial features are striking, with high, almost feminine cheekbones and a strong jawline, brilliant green eyes and ruby red lips, thin but easily pulled into a wide grin. His forehead is a little large for his liking, but he lets his deep auburn hair fall neatly over his forehead and to the left side, his bangs naturally straight but the rest of his hair lightly wavy.

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Nadia's eyes widened, almost imperceptibly as they entered the room. The dust glittered around her and she made care not to touch anything. She knew that this was his spot, where he did all his painting, and she didn't want to accidentally brush against something and upset him in any manner. Her attention was drawn back to him when he began shuffling in the rocks. There was no way a book would be in there. There was no way he had found gold within the rocks hard and cold. No way.

As he pulled out a frayed book though, she felt her heart beat quicken. In excitement or fear she wasn't sure. But as he held it out of reach she rolled her eyes in frustration. He was being absurd in her opinion. He didn't even know if it was the book. And, if it was, they couldn't keep it; it was dangerous.

Nadia hesitated before agreeing, she needed to process, at least for a moment. Finally, her straight shoulders relaxed slightly and her eyes boldly met his and she nodded curtly, "I promise." Her slender fingers reached for the book, wanting to flick through the agin pages.

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Tristan took note of Nadia's eye roll as soon as it happened, but didn't let it bother him. He knew she could be skeptical about things which only made him want to prove it to her more. He kneeled, waiting patiently for her answer before making another move. He could be extremely stubborn and this situation was no different. This was important to him and he wasn't going to let anything happen haphazardly. His eyes watched her face as she stood there, seeing the thoughts run across her face. It wasn't until she spoke that he made a move to stand, brushing off one knee at a time. He watched her fingers stretch out and he held the book out towards her, letting her look at it first.

The pressure overwhelming him of the keeping the book safe lessened as she took it, knowing that he could trust her to keep it safe too. If he had been the only one to know he probably wouldn't know what to do, the anxiety of it all would have gotten to him, but to share it with Nadia made it better. He stepped closer, his eyes flickering between her face and the book. He was anxious to see what would be on this inside and if he was really right.

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The Killers - Romeo and Juliet

Nadia took the small, dusty book from him. The weight was comfortable in her fingers; it felt like any other book would. She didn't know what she had been expecting, some sort of warmth to run up her arm or something, but nothing happened. She had fallen for pretty strangers and the promises they held before, but if this was a trick she was going to be incredibly aggravated with Tristan. Her thoughts jumbled in her head, but when she glanced up, into his earnest, eager features she knew that he wasn't trying to pull something over on her or anything of that nature. He was simply curious as to what he had found.

Her slender fingers caressed the cover gently and she stepped closer to Tristan so that he was more or less glancing over her shoulder. If this was the book, what would they do with it? Share it? Give it to the headmaster? What kind of questions would she ask it? Her body buzzed with adrenaline as her fingers found the fasten on the cover. Nadia hesitated a moment longer, not even knowing how the suspense would be affecting Tristan. Finally, she opened the book, the dusty cover creaking open in one swift motion.

"Tristan," she murmured as her eyes slipped over the page, her tone both elated and pinched. She knew right then that the book that she wa holding would be more trouble than it was worth, but then, why was she so thrilled?

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Tristan could feel his heart beating faster and faster as the moment drew out, the excitement building within him. He watched Nadia's hands around the book anxiously, waiting for the moment when she lifted the cover gracefully open. Everything felt as if in a stand-still, a moment that would never be easily forgotten. Nothing moved around them and not a sound was made but the soft hum of their breathing and the rustle her fingers moving the clasp on the front. The gentle pop of the binding was the last sound hear before Nadia's voice spoke his name, sounding distant and a mere utterance. Nothing could remove his eyes from the page they first encountered. Written nearly on the line in the center was the scribble of a name. It read Bathilde Sagoes. Everyone knew that name. It was legendary. She was the first headmaster of Henneberg, the founding mother, and they had just found her book of all truths. Everyone at Henneberg spoke of the book, but no one believed it to be real. It was impossible, a book that could answer anyone's question and predict someone's fate. Yet the worn and musty page proved otherwise.

His eyes looked to hers, their faces so close that his eyes could barely focus. He said nothing for a moment, watching her reaction and gauging their next move. It would be best to just leave it and forget it happened all together, but a desire deep within kept him from letting that thought possess him for more that a mere fleeting moment.

"Should we test it?" he asked, his voice nearly above a faint whisper. His eyes skipped between the book and her face, eager to see what it held in store for them, but also held fast by the fear of such a device. It was wrong in every way to know anything of fate, but curiosity pushed him on.

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